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6 Best Websites to Download Whoosh Sound Effect (Easily)

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you looking for a cool sound effect for your action-packed video?

There are several video editing programs, but it often becomes difficult to decide the best and the most suitable one for the genre you are focusing on.

If you want to create an intense atmosphere, editing with the cinematic whoosh sound effect is the best way to do it.

The whoosh sound effect is the best one for the war or fighting sequences. In this article, you can learn the six best websites to download the whoosh sound effect for edits.

6 Best Websites for Whoosh Sound Effect

Here is a whoosh sound effect example. Check it out.

1. Whoosh - Free SFX

The brainchild of Alan McKinney, the Free SFX, has brought the sound and music companies and individuals together for contributing sounds from across the globe.

It is an excellent tool for production companies and music enthusiasts. You can find several sound effects with Free SFX, and one of the best is the whoosh.

There are various categories to choose your sound effect, and Whoosh is one among them. The cinematic whoosh sound effect includes – Arrow whoosh and impact, boomerang, bullwhip crack with a swish, double space, fast jet, fireworks, and more.

Free SFX Whoosh effect


FILM CRUX offers 22 free transition sound effects. If you are a blogger, travel filmmaker, or looking to enhance your already existing transition packs, the Whooshes from FilmCrux is the best way to do it.

The whoosh sound effect is high-quality, and you can download it in aif format. You may also just drag and drop it on your timeline.


3. Sound Snap

You may use the Soundsnap whoosh sound effects for editing your audio and video. There are 6189 whoosh sounds on Soundsnap under more than 50 categories.

You can filter and choose an effect from the most recent or the oldest and also select it based on the sound effect time duration.

There are less than 2 seconds to more than 1-minute time duration sound effects. You may listen to the effect, download, and share it. You may also register and login to buy the sounds.

Sound Snap whoosh sound effect

4. Fesliyan Studios

You can download free whoosh and swoosh sound effects easily from Fesliyan Studios.

For adding fighting and transition sound effects in high-quality HD to your video, download mp3 whoosh sound effects from the Fesliyan Studios.

You can download it for free and use it for the purpose of editing videos, plays, foley, YouTube, adobe premiere, video games, etc.

You don’t have to register or login to listen to the sound or download. Just visit the website and get the detail.

Fesliyan Studios

5. Sound Dogs

Sound Dogs is an archive only website, and there are 26 whoosh sound effects with low-resolution mp3 previews.

If you need the professional quality WAV files, you need to purchase the cinematic whoosh sound effects. It is available under the category Whoosh, and sub-category light in the old/retired Sounddogs website.

Sound Dogs

6. Zapslat

In the Zapslat site, you can find whoosh, swoosh, and swish sound effects whipped through the air to create the sound.

The whoosh sound effect is usually related to the speed as if something is being snatched or something passing quickly.

There are 110 sound effects created by using objects like bamboo cane, sticks, rods, cables, fishing ropes, and many more. You can listen and download the mp3 files for free, but the WAV files are only available to the gold members.



The whoosh sound effects enhance your video content especially if you need to add some fast-paced impacts of war, air, or fights to your video. Make it sound real with the cinematic whoosh sound effects added.

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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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