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Best Music Visualizers in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Music is one of the most viewed video categories on YouTube, as millions of people worldwide use this platform to find or discover music they like. Making music videos that really stand out in the sea of similar content is far from easy, but if you are not a professional filmmaker, and you would just like to make a video quickly you can try creating music videos you share on social networks with a music visualizer. Most of the music visualizers you can find online enable you to select an audio spectrum template, pick the style of the visualization or even add logos or links to your social media accounts. So, in this article we are going to take you through the five best music visualizers you can use to create music videos that are going to get a lot of likes and shares on social media in 2024. You will learn:

Part 1: What Is Music Visualization?

The conversion of sounds into imagery is often referred to as music visualization, and since the mid-1970 a number of different electronic and media player software visualizers have been used to generate animated images from a musical composition.

Part 2: How Does Music Visualization Work?

The techniques used to visualize sound can vary from very simple ones like a simulation of an oscilloscope display, to highly complex ones that involve a number of composite effects. Media players like Winamp or VLC have built-in sound visualization features that are based on the song’s frequency spectrum and loudness. Nearly all music visualizations take place in real-time, which is the reason why VJ artists often use music visualization software to create their artwork. However, over the course of the last couple of decades, music visualization has gotten so popular that in 2019 you can even visualize your favorite songs online, without the use of any additional software.

Part 3: Best Music Visualizers in 2024

If you already have the music you would like to visualize, then it is time for you to start browsing through some of the best music visualizers that are currently available on the markets. Nearly all of the music visualizers we featured in this article offer free trial versions that have a limited scope of visualization and exporting options, but enable you to see if the music visualizer meets all of your demands. Let’s have a look at the five best music visualizers of 2024.

Best 5 Music Visualizers Pricing Compatiblity Features
Renderforest Music Visualizer $9.99 per month Online Visualization templates
Videobolt Music Visualizer $7.99 per month Online Template customization
Magic Music Visuals $44,95 for a full version license Windows/macOS Generate 2D and 3D graphics
VSDC Free Video Editor Free Windows Audio Spectrum Visualizer
After Effects $20,99 per month Windows/macOS Audio Spectrum Effect
Media Free Online Audio Spectrum Visualizer

1. Renderforest Music Visualizer

Price: Free version available, subscription plans start at $9.99

Compatibility: Online

Renderforest is a platform that helps its users create visual content online, or even design an entire website. However, in order to start visualizing your music with Renderforest, you must first register and create your own account. Afterward, you just have to choose between visualization templates with text or photo holders, add the artist’s name and the title of the song and add the background photo or video. You can then proceed to pick the style of the visualization that matches the music perfectly, select its color and finally upload a song you would like to use in your video. When done, you should simply click on the Preview icon and the Renderforest will send you the email that contains the music visualization video. Keep in mind that all videos created with the free version of the platform are going to be watermarked and that their duration can’t exceed a one-minute limit.

2. Videobolt Music Visualizer

Price: Free trial available, Subscription plans start from $7.99 per month

Compatibility: Online

The collection of music visualization templates this website offers is truly impressive, as you can choose from a wide variety of templates during the process of creating a video. However, you must purchase one of the available subscription plans in order to be able to customize the template you’ve selected and export a watermark-free video. After you’ve selected a music visualization template you just have to click on the Edit button below it to start working on your project. You can either upload a song from your computer or use SoundCloud to import a song you would like to visualize into the project. Adding cover art or using a variation of the template you originally selected can improve the quality of your video. The only downside is that you won’t be able to customize videos produced by Videobolt Music Visualizer during the free trial period.

3. Magic Music Visuals

Price: Free demo available, $44,95 for a full version license

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

VJs and all other artists who like to mix sound and images during live sessions can use the Performer edition of this cross-platform music visualization software. The Studio edition offers all features that are necessary for the creation of real-time music visualizations or music videos. You can use both editions of Magic to generate 2D and 3D graphics that react to the music or mix together photos, 3D files or videos. Moreover, you can easily enter the full-screen mode and project your videos using LED displays or projectors. The Magic Music Visuals also enables its users to combine an unlimited number of audio inputs simultaneously, which means that you can mix two or more songs effortlessly. This music visualization software lets you export videos in mp4 and mov files, but the length of the rendering process depends on how long the video is and on the processing power of the computer you’re using.

4. VSDC Video Editor Free - Audio Spectrum Visualizer

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Visualizing music is just one out of countless video editing options VDSC Video Editor Free offers. Besides the creation of videos based on music, you can also use this video editing software product to stabilize videos recorded with action cameras, enhance the colors in the footage captured with a wide array of cameras and drones, create 3D charts or export videos in high resolution to your accounts on social media directly from the software. The editor’s audio visualizer contains five hundred presets you can use to create a captivating music video for your latest song. Besides the Spectrum feature that displays the sounds within a set color range, the VDSC Video Editor also offers the Audio Abstraction option that generates colorful abstract shapes based on the music you select. Even though visualizing sound with VDSC’s audio visualizer is a fun and simple process, video creators with no previous video editing experience may need a little time to get used to the software’s interface.

5. After Effects - The Audio Spectrum Effect

Price: $20,99 per month as a single app or $52,99 as a part of the All Apps subscription model

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

There isn’t virtually anything related to digital visual effects, motion graphics or compositing you can’t do in Adobe After Effects. That is why it is hardly surprising that you can also use the After Effects to visualize the music, but you must have at least basic knowledge of the software in order to be able to that. Before you can apply the Audio Spectrum effect you must first create a new composition, add the sound file to that composition and set its duration. If these tasks sound too complicated, you should take your time and slowly learn how to use the basic functionalities of Adobe After Effects. More experienced video editors can use The Audio Spectrum effect’s settings to try out different styles of music visualization and explore creative ways of making their videos more dynamic.

Part 4: Create Audio Spectrum Visualizer Video in Filmora Video Editor [Step by Step]

There is much software to add audio spectrum visualizer to video. But one of the best software we recommend is Filmora video editor because you can adjust all the audio effects in this platform with only one key. Filmora has an audio keyframing and built-in equalizer that can create unique audio effects and make audio recording more appealing when hearing it.

This section will give a guide on how to use Filmora to create an audio spectrum visualizer and create your first animation sound. Before getting started, we should get a music spectrum visualizer first. Previously, we have shared some of the best online audio waveform video generators, here I will show you a new online music visualizer tool called

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Step 1: Import audio to to Get Visualizer Video

Go to the website, and then you will find there are 3 popular music visualizer templates, circle spectrum, Polartone, and Monstercat Bar Visualizer. Here let’s take the last one for example, and then import audio from your computer.

musicvid visualization templates

Step 2: Editing the spectrum and exporting

Musicvid provides several options to customize the spectrum effect. You can edit the spectrum, particle, image, song text, artist text, and extra text to your desire and make it look cool.

musicvid settings

After editing, go to Export and click on startEncoding option to export the audio to your media library. From the library, you can import to Filmora video editor.

musicvid export visualizer video

Steps for Filmora Video Editor

Step 3: Import Video to Filmora video editor

Launch Filmora video editor and then go to a new project. Import the spectrum visualizer video made with to the Filmora timeline.

import  visualizer video to Filmora

Step 4: Adding Images to music visualizer file

You can add a new picture or video as the music background cover to Filmora, and then composite the pictures and the visualizer video. Double-click on the picture, go to Compositing and click on the Screen. You can click the Render Preview button to improve playback speed.

compositing   video in Filmora

Filmora also provides other editing features, you can do all necessary edits like text effects transitions, etc., to have a nice look and feel.

Step 5: Preview and Export

Click the Playback button in the Preview window, and when you feel good about the results, click on Export to download the video and your library, and successfully share it on different social media platforms.

We hope you found the above information is helpful in learning how to create an Audio Spectrum visualizer with Filmora video editor. An audio spectrum visualizer allows you to add cool effects to your music and help you create and animate the beat of your sound. Making an audio spectrum might not seem time-consuming, but the results may take your breath away. Filmora video editor also provides some elements for music visualizer, you can search music visualizer on the Elements tab and have a try.

music visualizer elements in Filmora

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Social media content creators, musicians, and VJs can produce stunning videos, with any of the music visualizers we featured in this article. Which music visualizer do you like to use the most to create videos based on music? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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