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8 Best Cartoon Sound Effects You Can Download

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The sound plays a significant role in the videos. Without the right sound effects, your videos become dull. It doesn’t create an impact to grab the attention of the viewers. Especially when it comes to attracting the attention of kids while they watch cartoons.

Are you working on a cartoon video for kids or some animated action cartoons? Use the cartoon sound effects to add more intensity and emotions to the videos. Every time creating a new sound effect for your cartoon video becomes difficult.

If you are on a strict budget, producing new content becomes almost impossible. In such situations, free cartoon sound effects are the best way to enhance your cartoon videos.

In this article, you will learn eight best cartoon sound effects that you can download and make your videos perfect.

8 Best Cartoon Sound Effects Resources

1. Spongebob Sound Effects

MyInstant’s Spongebob soundboard offers a range of cartoon sound effects that can be easily downloaded just by clicking on the Download mp3 sound effect button. You can listen to over 120 classic cartoon sound effects and download it for free. You can also copy the embed link and paste it to your website.

Spongebob Sound Effects

2. Hanna Barbera Sound Effects

From Sounddogs, Hanna Barbera sound effects library, you can find over 2200 cartoon sound effects that are divided into 4 CDs. It has almost all the legendary classic cartoon sound effects from the cartoon shows like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, the Flintstones, The Jetsons, Quick Draw McGraw, and all the rest of the gang.

You can download the mp3 cartoon sound effects completely free by clicking on the Download ID number mentioned at the right end of each link.

Hanna Barbera Sound Effects

3. Scooby Doo Running Sound

Fandom’s Scooby Doo running sound effects offers all the ideas used in 40 episodes of Scooby Doo throughout the three seasons on ABC. It is over 37000 pages wiki that you can click and browse through the pages to find the right sound effect and download it for free.

Scooby Doo Running Sound

4. Tom and Jerry Sound Effects

Pond5 offers 13 Tom and Jerry sound effects that you can listen by scrolling the cursor over the boxes and download the free preview of cartoon sound effects by clicking on Download Preview.

If you want to download the entire cartoon sound effect, you need to register, log in, and pay for it. There are filters like price, collections, duration, etc. to make your selection more precise.

Tom and Jerry Sound Effects

5. Free SFX

In FreeSFX website, you can find a range of comical cartoon sound effects that includes classic effects like descend, boink, impact, pop, musical, running, rip and snap, bounce spring, slide whistle, squelch and splat, horn and loads more.

You need to log in to the website to download free cartoon sound effects.

Free SFX cartoon sound


With over 1980 cartoon sound effects, the GRSites is one of the best free sites for downloading both mp3 and WAV files. You can browse from a range of categories to find the best cartoon sound effects for your videos.

GRSites cartoon site

7. Cartoon Running Sound Effect

If you are looking for cartoon running sound effect, turn to Episode 345 in 99PercentInvisible. You can download the complete transcript page of around 30 minutes to use it in your video. Use the cartoon running sound effect produced by 99pi to enhance your video.

Cartoon Running Sound Effect

8. Big Fish Audio

The Big Fish Audio’s cartoon sound FX includes 23 free classic cartoon sound effects. The filters include a range of sound FX types, styles, format, brand, etc.

You can click on the cartoon sound effect and listen to it or add it to your playlist. But, if you wish to download the free cartoon sound effects, you need to register and pay to use the sound effect.

Big Fish Audio

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Make your cartoon videos perfect with the fantastic free cartoon sound effects available for download completely free. With the range of free cartoon sound effects, you don’t need to worry about creating new sounds or expenses. You need to download the free sounds and beautifully enhance it with your creativity. There are several other sites for downloading free cartoon sound effects, but here you can check out some of the trusted ones to use.

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