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10 Best Websites to Free Download Thunder Sound Effect

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

What are thunderstorm sound effects? Thunder sound effect is used in videos to create a rainy day atmosphere ideally.

Are you wondering how to create a thunderstorm effect on a rainy day in your video? In this article, you will learn the 10 best websites to download free rain and thunder sound effects.

10 Resources to Download Rain and Thunder Sound Effect

1. Audio Blocks

A part of Storyblocks Audio, the Audio Blocks segment offers a range of loops, sound effects, and music collections. Under the Weather category, you can find several free thunder sound effects.

There are options to choose from different genres, moods, instruments, vocals, tempo, and more. You may play the thunder and lightning sound or listen to the rain and thunder sound effects but in order to download free mp3 and WAV files, you need to create an account and log in to the site.

Audio Blocks thunderstorm sound effects

2. Pond5

Pond5 is a pool of royalty-free thunder sound effects. You may search with the tags like thunder lightning, thunderclap, thunder crack, thunderstorm, thunder rumble, thunder rain, thunder strike in order to find the right rain and thunder sound mp3 free download track.

You can share the thunder sound effect on the various social platforms, or download free preview after logging in to the site. But if you want to download the entire track, you need to pay a small fee.

Pond5 thunderstorm sound effects

3. Sound-Ideas

The Sound-ideas offer over 100 royalty-free thunder sound effects designed by professional sound recordists and storm chasers across the globe.

The library consists of 2 audio CDs. The first CD contains cracks, single thunderclaps, rumbles, lightning strikes, rolling thunder, dry thunder sounds without rain, as well as rain-soaked thunderclaps.

The second CD contains a 3-minute sky full of storm audio track that is 20 in all. It ranges from severe hurricanes to blasting thunders and gentle rain showers.

The thunder sound effect tracks can be downloaded in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats.

Sound Ideas

4. Partners in Rhyme

In Partners in Rhyme, you can find free weather sounds as well as royalty-free thunder sound effects. Not just thunder sounds, you can find rain sounds and wind sounds as well.

It is one of the best royalty-free thunder sound effects download sites on the web. You can listen to and download the mp3 version of thunderstorm sound effects by registering and logging in to the site or you may pay a one-time fee to get access to the high-quality WAV file.

Partners in Rhyme thunderstorm

5. Zapsplat

Zapsplat has 56 rain and thunder sound effects that you can listen and download the mp3 version after registering and signing in to the site.

You can choose the perfect thunder sound effect to go with your video and create the right ambiance. In order to use the WAV files, you need to become a GOLD member of the site. From cracks and rumbles sound to thunder and lightning sound effects, Zapsplat offers you all.

Zapsplat thunderstorm audio

6. Sound Snap

Sound Snap offers over 400 thunderstorm sound effects. Once you sign up and log in to the website, you can download up to five tracks by paying $15 (one track is priced at a minimum of $3).

It is one of the best online sound libraries offering high-quality thunder sound effects. New sounds are updated every week on Sound Snap.

Sound Snap

7. Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects is an entirely free thunder sound effect download website. It doesn’t require any signup or log in to download the thunder and lightning sound effects for free. You may download both mp3 and WAV files directly by clicking on the CTA button. You can sort the thunder sound effect in terms of the latest, most popular, length of the track, and prices.

8. Boom Library

The Boom Library is a pack of 3H surround nature ambiances, 130+ WAV files, 48kHz/24bit, and 14GB. You can download the demo pack for free and choose your Stereo only or Stereo and Surround thunder pack edition at $299.

The pack includes 41 minutes of complete thunderstorm sound effects, 61 minutes of rainstorm, 35 rain sound effects and 9 storm recordings, and 22 isolated thunderstorm effects.

9. Shockwave Sound

The Shockwave Sounds are free for personal use. Although the quality of the tracks is not guaranteed, you can download the thunder sound effects for free. You just need to right-click on the track and hit the Save Target As option in order to save the track to your system.

If you need high-quality sound effects, you may purchase a royalty-free license in order to access the thunder, rain, and lightning sound effect. Once you pay, the track gets licensed to you for royalty-free use.

Shockwave Sound

10. Find Sounds

You can find great thunderstorm sound effects under the label Thunder in Find Sounds. There are 148 thunder sound effects in the Find Sounds website. You may listen and download it easily without logging in to the site. Select the perfect sound that can do justice to your video from Find Sounds.

Find Sounds


There are a number of options available to select your thunder sound effect but you never know which is the best site to download high-quality sound effects. Now, with the above list of the best lightning, rain, and thunder sound effects, you can make your video exactly as you had planned. So, check the sound effect to pick the best suitable one.

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