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Best Match Thanksgiving Sound Effects

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Nov 26, 21, updated Jul 22, 24
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Thanksgiving is an annual national festival celebrated in the United States, Canada, Liberia, Grenada, and Saint Lucia. Americans started celebrating the festival as a day of feeling grateful for the blessing of the harvest of their land. Similar thanksgiving festivals are also celebrated in Japan and Germany.

thanksgiving greetings autumn

People in America and other parts of the world celebrate Thanksgiving Day in many ways, and music is one of the ways. Sound effects are important because they evoke emotional responses in the listener and emphasize the message the sender wants to convey. So let us search for some of the best match thanksgiving sound effects.

Part 1: 7 Best Match Thanksgiving Sound Effects

1. Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving is a deep male voice sound effect used in some music pieces for the Thanksgiving Day celebration. It’s a simple seconds’ sound effect but can enhance the quality of your music and invoke excitement in the listeners. You can add it at the end of your music to make the listeners more happy and cheerful for Thanksgiving Day.

2. Turkeys Yelping

turkeys yelping sound

The turkey yelping sound effect symbolizes excitement that is used in audios to convey the thanksgiving message. Turkeys make the yelping sound when they are happy and excited. That is why the sound effect is used in music made for celebrating something.

However, it's a short and simple one-second sound effect but carries a deep meaning of excitement to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

3. Turkeys flock talk

Turkeys flock talk sound is the one that turkeys make to communicate with each other in a flock. It is used in music to convey the message of togetherness. The 9 seconds of sound are simple but fill the listener with excitement and invoke a sense of togetherness. It is perfect to use on the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

4. Turkey Gobble 2

Male turkeys primarily make the Gobble sound to express dominance over other toms or hens. Male turkeys make a gobble sound when they enter an area with a lot of hens. The turkey gobble effect is used in music for Thanksgiving sounds to express a symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday and feast.

5. Turkey Gobble 1

Turkey Gobble 1 is the characteristic gobble sound and a symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday. It is perfect to use in thanksgiving sound effects and is available on the internet. You can use them in the music you want to play for Thanksgiving Day or send them to your friends in the form of a message. But make sure you download a high-quality sound effect for your thanksgiving music.

6. Turkey Gobble 4

turkey gobble 4

Turkey Gobble 4 is a variation of the generic turkey gobble sound with the only difference in tone and loudness. The sound effect conveys the message of togetherness and celebration for Thanksgiving Day. You can use the same sound to create your music or download it from the internet.

7. Turkey Gobble 3

Turkey Gobble 3 is another variation of the Gobble 1 sound effect that is used in thanksgiving music. You may not be able to distinguish between the different turkey gobble sounds. The Gobble 3 sound is also used as a symbol of celebration and holiday feast. You can use this effect in your music and videos to express the feeling of gratefulness for anything.

However, all the sound effects mentioned above are available for free download at the website. You can visit the website and download or play the thanksgiving sound effects free of cost.

Part 2: 10 Free Thanksgiving Sound Effects

Here we have listed the top 10 free thanksgiving sound effects for our reader:

1. Sweet life

The Sweet life is a cool piece of sound effect that you can use in your music for the occasion of Thanksgiving. It is available to download in high-definition mp3 format that you can use for thanksgiving music. The 120-second clip is available for download on, and you can download it free of cost.

2. Easy Days

Easy Days music will fill you with excitement even if you hear it for a few seconds. It is a 164 seconds music that is perfect for the celebration of any festival, whether it is Thanksgiving Day or any other occasion.

The music is cool and calm, but it is sure to fill you with joy and excitement. The music is available to download in high definition free of cost. You can download it from the official website.

3. Ukulele Fun

The Ukulele Fun is perfect for people who love the sound of the Ukulele. The music is soothing to the ears and exciting at the same time. Perfect to play on Thanksgiving Day; you can send it with your gifts to your loved ones. It is available in high definition in the form of 124 seconds audio clip.

So, if the person to whom you send the music loves the sound of Ukuleles, the music can make their day a perfect occasion of celebration.

4. Heartfelt

If you want a piece of cool and calm music without any loudness, heartfelt audio is the perfect audio you can play on Thanksgiving Day. You can share heartfelt audio clips with your friends and loved ones.

If you want to play it for adults above 40 and old aged people, there is nothing better than heartfelt music. The music is perfect to use in thanksgiving music to express a sense of gratefulness for everything.

5. Spring

If you want a simple piece of music but go with the flow, there is nothing perfect as the spring. Play the music at the Thanksgiving party, and thank you for playing a soothing melody for them. Don't forget to play it for people who love the sound of a violin as it is composed of the sound of a violin. The music is soothing to the ears and available for free download in the form of 144 seconds audio clip.

6. Celestial Good

celestial good sound clip

Celestial good is the best piece of equipment for teenagers and youngsters. If you want to send the Thanksgiving Day wishes to youngsters or teenagers, you can download the good celestial music and use it in your Thanksgiving sound effects. The music will feel the youngsters with joy and excitement occasion of Thanksgiving Day.

7. Lightstep

If you want a piece of music that can be used to play for a dance, you can use the Lightstep available for free download at soundcrate. As the music is cool and calm, people of all ages can Dance with it and feel the joy of Thanksgiving. The music is cool and exciting at the same time and perfects to play or use for sending thanksgiving wishes.

8. Plucky Walk

If you want a piece of music to play at the beginning of the dance party, you can find this Perfect to begin with. Plucky Walk Is different and perfect for slow-motion dance for couples. You can also play it as a welcome note at the entrance when your guests walk into the party area.

We recommend you try this piece of music if you arrange a couple of dance parties for Thanksgiving Day. Even playing it for a couple of seconds will feel the listeners feel excitement and joy.

9. A Better Day

If you want to create a suspense like situation at your Thanksgiving party, you can use this piece of music to create suspense among the listeners. This is especially useful if you want to show your guests something they have never seen before or offer them a surprise they are not expecting. You can use this music in any situation where you want to surprise your guests or listeners.

10. Nanas Brunch

If you want a piece of music that is perfect for playing as the background music while your guests enjoy the party or have their feast, you should not miss the Nanas Brunch music.

The music is free to download at Soundcrate. Download for free and let your guests enjoy the soothing sound while they spend time at your Thanksgiving party.


Thanksgiving Day is the perfect occasion for feeling grateful for everything you have in your life. Music and sound effects serve as a cherry on the cake for your Thanksgiving Day celebration. All the thanksgiving sounds mentioned in this post can add to the joy of your celebration. Add them to the music you want to play for your guests or send to your friends.

All the sound effects are free to download at Wondershare and soundcrate official websites. Use them in the thanksgiving music you want to play for your guests or send to your friends. These free thanksgiving sound effects can make the listeners feel good and thankful for the Thanksgiving Day celebration.

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