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10 Best FREE Music Visualization APPs for iPhone and Android

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Sep 01, 2022• Proven solutions

Listening to music wherever you go has been made simple by the rapid advancement of Smartphones. You can store your music library on your phone’s SD card or listen to music from an online streaming platform like Spotify or YouTube Music. Music fans who would like to visualize their favorite songs should try using audio visualizer apps that turn sounds into beautiful images and make the process of listening to music from a Smartphone even more enjoyable. Continue reading, If you would like to find out about the best music visualizer apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Top 10 FREE Audio & Music Visualizer Apps for iOS and Android

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There are several factors you should consider before you decide to download and install a music visualization app on your Smartphone. The number of different features the app offers, its size or its price can all be important factors during the process of choosing an audio visualizer. Let’s have a look at ten best music visualization apps you can find on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

1. AudioVision Music Player

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 and later

User Rating: 4.2

Besides being a powerful music visualization tool, this app is also a music player that lets you sort music by genres, playlists or artists. AudioVision’s music visualizer offers six different visual skins that are fully customizable and offer virtually endless visualization possibilities. You can fine-tune the Sensitivity, Bar and Border Width or Color settings so that they best fit the genre of music you’re currently listening to. The app’s size is just 1.6MB, which means that you can use it to visualize music and create stunning screensavers, even if you don’t have a lot of storage space on your phone.

2. Avee Music Player Pro

Price: Free, but the app offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up

User Rating: 4.1

Avee Music Player  app for Music Visualization

Android users in need of an app that lets them organize their music or create seamless transitions between tracks are going to love the Avee Music Player Pro. The app’s customizable audio visualizers grant you complete creative freedom, so you can experiment and try out different combinations of settings in order to get a perfect visualization of the songs you’re listening to. Avee also lets you export music visualization videos in HD quality , and you can use it to create videos for your YouTube channel or to just enjoy the stunning visuals it generates.

3. Music Visualizer

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android 2.33 or higher

Music Visualizer

Immersing yourself in music is easy with this Android-based app because you just have to pick a song and select one out of 11 different renders. You can choose from options like Shiny Particles, Colorful Orb or Digital Equalizer to that turn sounds into moving images. Activating the ‘Snoop’ or ‘Live Wallpaper’ modes will enable you to generate visualizations for other players, but you must keep in mind that the Snoop mode may not work properly on all versions of the Android OS. Moreover, you can also control the app by gestures or control the app externally, but you can save the video’s you create with Music Visualizer.

4. STAELLA – Music Visualizer

Price: Free, but the app offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

User Rating: 4.1

Shuffling visuals, controlling the noir, hue or contrast of the colors are among the few features the STAELLA app has to offer. There are several visual packages available, but you can only gain access to them if you make an in-app purchase. Using STAELLA is remarkably easy, as you just have to select a song and enjoy the visuals the app creates. The real-time audio reactive system the app utilizes, generates images from sounds almost instantaneously, and if you decide to purchase the Pro version of the app you’ll also be able to record all your music visualization and save them as GIF or MOV files.

5. Alien Worlds – Music Visualizer

Price: Free, but the app offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: iOS, Android

User Rating: 4.4

There is very little doubt that you are going to have incredible visuals on your mobile device if you choose to install this music visualizer. The Alien Worlds app lets you choose from 47 radio channels that play different genres of music like rock, techno, trance or ambient. Its music visualizations are always unique. This means that every time you use the app the effects you will see are going to be different. Furthermore, there are over a hundred available settings that enable you to customize and adjust visualizations in virtually any way you want. If you want to gain access to all of the app’s features, you will have to upgrade to the Premium version that costs $1.99.

6. Trance 5D – Music Visualizer

Price: Free, but the app offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: iOS, Android

User Rating: 4.1

Music Visualizer APP

This app is aimed at Trance music fans, as it enables you to listen to more than thirty radio channels that play this genre of electronic music, as well as seventeen more that play different types of music. The Trance 5D app can be connected with TVs through AirPlay and has a battery saving feature, which makes it perfect for large parties. There are 22 music visualization themes to choose from that you can use with all music players designed of iOS or Android OS. However, some of the app’s functionalities are only available if you purchase the Premium version of the app.

7. Beatfind

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android

User Rating: 4.7

Have you ever heard a song you really like, but you had no way to find out its title or the name of the artist? The Beatfind app is just like Shazam music recognition app, but with audio visualization options, as it enables you to discover new music just moments after you hear it for the first time. The music recognition mode that uses the ACR Cloud technology identifies the song if the app is active and near a speaker. The app’s music visualizer relies on your phone’s microphone to gather sound data and synchronize the visuals with the audio input. However, Beatfind doesn’t provide the tools that allow you to customize or record your music visualizations.

8. Trapp – Music Visualizer

Price: Free, but the app offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: iOS

User Rating: 4.2

Trapp - Music Visualizer  APP

This is a perfect option for all iPhone users who want to have almost total control over the process of visualizing their music. The best part is that the Trapp app lets its users play their creations while they are using the iPhone’s native Music app. You can change the background colors, create custom particles by adjusting their shape, size, and color or play around with the Bass Effect in order to create stunning audio visualizations. The free version of the app provides only limited functionalities and you must choose a monthly or an annual subscription plan in order to use all of the app’s features.

9. ProjectM – Music Visualizer

Price: Free, but contains ads on Google Play Store, $2.99 on the App Store

Compatibility: Android , iOS

User Rating: 4.1

The iOS and Android versions of the ProjectM app have one major difference. The iOS version of the app contains a built-in media player, while the Android version doesn’t come with a media player. Nonetheless, both versions of the app offer powerful audio visualization features that enable you to create visuals from music in a wide variety of styles. ProjectM is probably one of the best music visualization apps for Android and iOS oprating systems as it contains hundreds of visual effects, multi-touch interactive visuals, and it provides Chromecast support. There are also several different modes available such as the Immersive Mode for KitKat devices or Live Wallpaper mode that creates animated wallpapers for your Smartphone.

10. Tunr

Price: Free, but the app offers in-app purchases

Compatibility: iOS

User rating: 4.4

Tunr Music Visualizer  Player APP

Tunr combines streaming services with music visualization options to create a unique experience for all of its users. You can use the services of streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, listen to music from your iTunes library or listen to internet radio stations. Besides providing access to different streaming and music platforms, Tunr also grants you control over the visuals and UI elements. The free version of the app offers only basic music visualization features and you must make in-app purchases in order to take the full advantage of Tunr’s audio visualization options.

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Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Each of the apps we featured in this article requires a minimum amount of your effort to create stunning visuals from the music you like. Moreover, a number of apps we mentioned are more than just music visualizers, as they let you listen to music from different streaming platforms or from your own music library. Which music visualization app do you like to use the most on iPhone or Android devices? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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