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Top 10 AI-Powered Name Generators for Podcasts Online in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 21, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Are you all set to start a podcast? While don't have any idea how to give a name to your Podcasts? Then you are on the right page.

This article will give the top 10 name generators for Podcasts with their best features and a guide on their pros and cons. Whatever the niche of your podcast, you'll automatically make yours after reading the top tips from this blog.

In this article
  1. Portent Podcast Name Generators
    1. Vadoo. tv
    2. BizNameWiz
    3. Getwelder Podcast Name Generator
    4. Cleanvoice ai
    5. Namelix
    6. NameBoy
    7. Business Name Generator
    8. Namify
    9. SquadHelp
    10. Riverside
  2. 5 Tips to Come Up With A Unique Name for Your Podcast
  3. Hot FAQs on Podcast Name Ideas Generators

Part 1. Portent Podcast Name Generators

Want to make a podcast name for sports? Or a funny podcast name for comedy? These 10 AI-powered name generators will help a lot. Let's first get an overview of them.

  1. Vadoo. tv - a potent tool for hosting, managing, and sharing your Podcast videos.
  2. BizNameWiz - a distinct and attractive name generator for your business
  3. Getwelder Podcast Name Generator – generate a name with a fast speed.
  4. Cleanvoice ai - generate a list of potential podcast names giving you more options.
  5. Namelix - good for business use.
  6. NameBoy - more used for domain name.
  7. Business Name Generator - you can filter results by name length (character count).
  8. Namify - specializing in custom gear to rep brand or business.
  9. SquadHelp - provide naming services by brainstorming concepts from 300,000+ naming specialists.
  10. Riverside – an all-in-one platform to generate names and record podcast videos and audio.

Part 2. Top 10 AI-powered Podcast Name Generators for You

After overviewing the top name generators, it's time to get their features, pros, and cons to make selection easy. Read more and select your major specifications!

1. Vadoo. tv

Vadoo. tv is the finest video hosting and podcast name-generator tool. It is modern and technologically updated. That's why it is recognized as the best AI-supported and identified as the random podcast name generator. It already generates 1M+ podcast names for star hosts.

vadoo tv interface


Go through its best features to decide whether it's right for you!

  • Advise on choosing the ideal name for Podcasts.
  • Provide a list of thousands of fresh and unique Podcast names for every niche.
  • Enter a keyword and get a long list of suggestions.
  • AI-supported strategy and SEO optimized.
  • Make eye-catchy and unique names for your Podcasts in seconds.
  • It is free for everyone, and no credit card is required for the free package.
  • Customizable hosting and video editing provider.
  • User-friendly system present in Vadoo. tv.
  • Storage capacity of 1GB in the free package and more than 200GB+ in the premium ones.
  • Some suggested podcast names are entirely proper.
  • Lack of analytical depth. The team should think about integrating or developing specific analytic systems.
  • Inappropriate ads on the site during hosting or editing.

2. BizNameWiz

BizNameWiz can give you a forthright pool of innovative Podcast names within a while. If you have built a brand already and need to start a Podcast, then it's an efficient use. By executing your Podcast name, you can also check out the domain name and its availability by this.

biznamewiz interface


To check whether it suits you, see the primary features as described below!

  • Research thoroughly by BizNameWiz and then generate an engaging Podcast name.
  • No need to have writing skills; it will quickly create a name for your Podcast show.
  • Ideal for beginners, company owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons.
  • Have a free version to use its services and get benefits.
  • BizNameWiz has a variety of filters to use and create a name.
  • Generate names for every category, industry, and niche.
  • Provide hundreds of suggestions with just one keyword.
  • Give domain name services too.
  • Don't automatically show domain name availability.
  • Forcefully show ads and sometimes redirect to a new page and insist on dealing with it.
  • The free version shows bundles of ads daily.

3. Getwelder Podcast Name Generator

Getwelder is a trending tool for podcasts, video editing, and audio editing. It is newly launched and gets viral due to its creativity and simplicity skills. It is powered by modern technology, i.e., AI-supported, and works with 600k+ businesses in such a short period.

getwelder podcast name generator interface


  • You can input more information about your podcast to get a unique name.
  • Provide thousands of solid and organic lists of names.
  • Adjust the description and generate the Podcast name according to the history of the setup.
  • You can tell about your target audience to get a more precise name from GetWelder.
  • Podcast names will be SEO optimized and more searchable.
  • Generate short and attractive names for every niche.
  • User-friendly and 24 hours support system.
  • Suggest many generic names which need to be validated for podcasts.
  • Show various ads which interrupt the name-generation process.

4. Cleanvoice ai

Cleanvoice is recognized as the best Podcast name provider tool. It can provide 20 names according to your short description. You can also get this tool to remove background noise and mouth sound from your podcast.

cleanvoice interface


  • Re-generate new names by changing the title.
  • Have free features for Podcast Name generator products.
  • Instead of only one word, you can write a sentence on it to achieve a unique Podcast name.
  • Straightforward and instant name generation procedure.
  • Extract mouth filler sounds from podcasts.
  • Generate a name by targeting a relevant audience.
  • Have limited recommendations for Podcast names.
  • You can't store or save the recommendations.

5. Namelix

Namelix is a simple and easy-to-use Podcast name-generator tool. It can create cute Podcast names with the help of an AI system. Moreover, you can easily adjust the randomness of the name by selecting the "low" suggestion ideas to "high" recommendations.

namelix interface


  • Have an AI-supported system to create unique names.
  • Generate brand names within seconds.
  • Give the list of hundreds of solid and fresh names.
  • Namelix can provide the logo of the brand with its name.
  • You can easily customize the name with many filters.
  • Make a logo of your style by changing font, style, and color combination.
  • The logos will be watermarked if you are using its free version.

6. NameBoy

NameBoy is an organic and trendy Podcast name generator. It can create a domain name precisely to the Podcast name within seconds and give available sources. Easy to handle, for starters.

nNameboy interface


  • Provide a whole structure to run a Podcast show or company.
  • The instant domain name and Podcast name generator.
  • Gives funny and random names within a while.
  • Assist you in designing and structuring the whole website.
  • Multiple TLD checks for the domain of podcast by NameBoy lab.
  • It provides friendly, quick, and knowledgeable services to users.
  • Core products of NameBoy are 100% free to use.
  • Lack of filters and modern features.
  • It is not user-friendly.

7. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is a professional and extensively used platform for many Podcast hosts. It works in every niche, whether it's about music, gaming, videos, or Podcast shows. In addition, it is an AI-powered name generator trusted by thousands of businesses.

business name generator interface


  • Provides eye-catchy names by just one keyword instantly.
  • The name format, style, and length of the Podcast name are fine-structured due to AI support.
  • Give a solid list of names with one click in seconds.
  • BNG auto-generates thousands of names to use for free.
  • Earn commissions from hosting platforms if you get the domain suggestion from BNG.
  • Best for startups because there is no need to hire a writer for copywriting, BNG will manage all podcast features on its own.
  • Give suggestions for Podcast domain registration with name.
  • Generates Podcast names only in one language, i.e., English. That's why it is a language.
  • Hosts have to face some issues during name registration by BNG.

8. Namify

Namify is the most unique and instant Podcast name generator. It can efficiently create and register your company or channel name and administer the brand's domain. It performs with many professional US manufacturers and top-list brands.

namify interface


  • Check the availability of Podcast names from 1000s of the world's renowned platforms.
  • Provide an authentic and legitimate look of any Podcast name.
  • Give organic and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) brand or company names.
  • Get the Podcast name with just one click.
  • With the Podcast name, you can get a free logo of that name from Namify quickly.
  • User-friendly and 24 hours support system.
  • Offers all the innovative features with unlimited modern designs for a company.
  • The premium packages are too costly.

9. SquadHelp

SquadHelp is the world's enormous branding and company naming medium. It is the most elegant and fastest Podcast name generator too. It can give you name recommendations with 300K+ specialists working as branding name specialists.

squadhelp interface


  • The team of SquadHelp provides the best solution for naming and designing your Podcast channel.
  • Winners can win cash prizes by selecting their Podcast name.
  • Provides names for brands, companies, and startups.
  • Give customization of name recommendations with the help of 100+ branding name professionals and experts.
  • It is a most resourceful naming generator and is recognized by many magazines.
  • Offers Gold and Platinum packages, in which you can experience superior touch with experts.
  • If premium packages need to be fixed, they will quickly refund you.
  • Provide audience testing solutions before purchasing any strategy.
  • Due to the crowdsource prototype of SquadHelp, if the client doesn't like your design, you'll not get paid.
  • Users of SquadHelp face many trademark and copyright issues.

10. Riverside

Riverside is considered the leading platform for generating podcast names. You can get 1 Million podcast names from this with just a line of description. If you write a short description of the riverside, then it will generate more original and fresh podcast names.

riverside podcast generator interface


To evaluate the performance of the riverside, check out its features:

  • It can give thousands of Podcast names in one line.
  • It has a smooth screen recorder and video editor features.
  • In the free version of riverside, you can easily create a 720p video with crystal-clear audio.
  • It can also show you live-streaming podcasts anywhere.
  • Give organic Podcast names with SEO optimization.
  • Capture HD videos with high-quality audio in the free version.
  • Available on all types of devices and versions.
  • Riverside gives a watermark on videos in its free version.
  • It shows bugs in audio quality during live sessions.

Part 3. 5 Tips to Come Up With A Unique Name for Your Podcast

If you want to make a podcast name by yourself instead of generating it from a tool, it is essential to know what makes a "good" podcast name. What factors should you take into consideration? And what are some of the common mistakes made by podcasters when it comes to naming their shows? So let's dive into it.

Tip 1. Avoid using any names trademarked, copyrighted, or already in use by another show

The main legal principles with podcasts are copyright, publicity rights, and trademark. Therefore, Avoiding using any trademarked, copyrighted, or already used by another company or podcast is crucial.

Searching Google for trademarks is the best way to discover whether your name idea has already been trademarked. Moreover, you can check for conflicts by applying for podcast name approval via the Apple Podcasts Connect portal. If you're unsure what you want, research similar names before settling.

Tip 2. Make sure the name has not been used before on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

It is easy to search for your show's potential name in a podcast directory. However, if the same name is already used, it is time to create a variation or start over.

You cannot submit your podcast to Spotify if there is a show with the same title. Doing your research will save you time and hassle.

Tip 3. iTunes / Apple Podcasts & Keywords "Spam."

Another goal in boosting or promoting your channel would be to make a channel name that is simple and easy to pronounce. Avoid overly long podcast names or "keyword stuffing," as iTunes/Apple Podcasts are clamping down on this.

When the audience comes and visits your channel, the name of it matters the most as it's the most obvious thing that meets the eyes. In this case, you must create a channel name that is true to your content and catchy so it hooks the audience from the start.

Tip 4. Try to say your podcast's name out loud and a lot

As a podcast is an audio medium, your name should be easy to pronounce. You should also be able to recognize your podcast name if you hear it in passing, and it should be easy to pronounce. You can practice saying your podcast name by completing the following sentences:

  • "Hi, I'm the host of ___________."
  • "Welcome to another episode of ___________."
  • "You've got to listen to ___________!"

Choose a name you like to say because you'll be saying it. A lot.

Tip 5. Get feedback from your network

Generating a name for a podcast is not an easy job. However, you can also get feedback from your network. For example, you are gathering suggestions from your friends or teammates. If your podcast has already got some followers, you can ask the audience for advice and let them comment below the podcast.

Part 4. Hot FAQs on Podcast Name Ideas Generators

1. Can 2 podcasts have the same name?

The simple answer would be "No." You cannot have a podcast whose name is similar to another. It becomes an issue of legality and ethicality. If you create a channel with a name similar to another podcast, the original podcast channel will have a right to sue your channel.

In some rare cases, there have been podcasts with similar names, but usually, one of them will eventually go down. It is all about originality.

2. Should I name my podcast my name?

There's nothing wrong with naming your podcast with your name as long as it is unique and stands out. You cannot simply name your podcast, i.e., "Joe Rogan." Instead, your podcast can include your name creatively, such as, i.e., "The Joe Rogan Experience."

3. Can someone steal my podcast name?

If your podcast is in its early stages, you may encounter some accounts pretending to be your channel. Unfortunately, it is common in the industry as people tend to prey on the weak ones. But you can protect your channel by creating a podcast name that is unique in itself.

If you find accounts that pretend to be your channel, you can ask your audience to report such sources. Or the best course is legal action. But first, develop a trademark policy to help you give immunity against these channels.

So if in the future it gets to mislead your audience, they will be held accountable for legal action.

4. Should I rename my podcast?

You can do that in the early stages of your show's growth. But as your audience grows, changing the channel's name will only disturb your audience. They might think the original content creator was changed or the purpose of the show has been changed.

Keeping to your originality and creativity will set your channel in the light. Your goal should be to choose a Podcast name that is unique from the beginning and work on growing it to its

best potential.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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