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Create Video with ChatGPT
and Other AI Tools

Unleash the Power of AI with ChatGPT and other AI tools. This article will support you greatly, from generating video scripts with ChatGPT to selecting an AI video generator to creating videos with AI tools.

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Step2. Select An AI Video Generator

Here we round up 5 AI video generators, gather information, and make a comparison table so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
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Synthesia Steve AI Synths Video Deepbrain AI
Main Function · 1000+video template
· 100+ Advanced Editing Features
· Video/audio/color editing
· 5M+ Stock Media Items
· 150K+ Creative Assets
· Advanced AI tools
· Speech-To-Text and Subtitle generator
· Work in PC, Tablet and mobile
· 85+ AI avatars
· 120+ languages
· 55+ Video templaes
· Screen recorder
· Brand identity assets
· Free media library
· Custom avatars
· Text to video
· +100 avatars
· 120+ languages
· +10 templates
· Upload own photo, videos and audio
· Text to Speech
· Free media library
· Audio to Video
· Text to video
· Generate video from article content
· 40+ Ready to use Human avatars
· Reading content with Lip-sync tech
· Over 40+ languages supported
· RSS feed support
· YouTube video upload
· YouTube video optimization
· 100+ AI avatars
· 80+ multi-languages
· 55+ Video templaes
· Subtitle function
· Basic Video editing
· Free media library
· Custom avatars
· PowerPoint to video
Advantage · Integrated with the ChatGPT API
· Advanced video editing features which make video more professional
Great for beginners are you do not need prior knowledge Create a video from text and audio Best for the owners of YouTube channels Create a video using Microsoft PowerPoint
Disadvantage Can not create video from text and create avatar It supports only front-facing poses with Avatar Have a limit of video downloads, need to Pay $5 per extra download if you are not Enterprise plan No free plan is available It supports only front-facing poses with Avatar
Price · Annual Plan: $49.99 annual
· Cross-Platform: $59.99 annual
· Perpetual Plan: $79.99 annual
· Enterprise& educator Plan: custom pricing
· Personal Plan: $30 monthly
· Corporate Plan: custom pricing
· Basic Plan: $19 monthly
· Starter Plan: $45 monthly
· Pro Plan: $60 monthly
· Enterprise Plan: custom pricing
· YouTube Start Plan: $399 monthly
· Premium Custom Package: custom pricing
· Starter plan: $29 monthly
· Enterprise Plan: custom pricing

Step3. Create Video with Filmora AI Tools

Try Filmora AI tools and unlock the potential of your videos with cutting-edge AI technologies that make professional video editing easy while leveraging stunning video effects.
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1. Start a Video Project
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2. Drag & Drop footage
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3. Edit video with AI Tools
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4. Export & Share AI video

Complete Guide About Filmora AI Tools

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Step4. Level Up Your AI Video

Try Filmora's AI special effects to easily and quickly create stunning visuals that are tailored to you, making editing more fun and efficient.
ai smart cutout tutorial features_play
AI Smart Cutout
AI Audio Stretch Tutorial features_play
AI Audio Stretch
AI Audio Denoise Tutorial features_play
AI Audio Denoise
AI portrait Totorial features_play
AI portrait
AI Auto Reframe Tutorial features_play
AI Auto Reframe
Scene Detection Tutorial features_play
Scene Detection
Draw Mask Totorial features_play
Draw Mask
Adjustment Layers Totorial features_play
Adjustment Layers
Cross-Platform Supports Totorial features_play
Cross-Platform Supports
Color Correction Tutorial features_play
Color Correction
Record Voiceover Tutorial features_play
Record Voiceover

Create AI Generated Video with Filmora AI Tools


  • ChatGPT is a deep-learning AI technology that can be used to create videos with dialogue and sound. To use ChatGPT, you simply provide it with the script, some audio clips, and other media files such as images or existing footage. It then uses its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate the video automatically.

  • An AI-generated video is any video content that has been created or manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. These videos are typically used to create personalized experiences, such as virtual influencer avatars, viral music videos, custom video ads, and interactive products like augmented reality filters.

  • AI video editing tools use Artificial Intelligence technology to automate the process of producing videos. Filmora AI tools are a specific set of AI video editing tools developed by Wondershare which provide automated content selection, styling, and other options for creating professional-grade videos with minimal effort.

  • AI can be used to create videos by leveraging machine learning algorithms such as natural language processing and computer vision. This allows AI to both understand the script of a video and generate visuals corresponding to it, thus creating a complete, automated video production process.

  • Creating a video from text is relatively straightforward. You can use one of many video creation tools available online to generate a video using text and any images or videos you want to include in the project, then customize the resulting video by adding voice-overs, transitions, music, and other effects.