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Top 10 AI Voice Generator Tools to Try Out This 2024

Need help with getting a high-quality voice digitally? Learn about the best tools, with features, cost, and other details listed here.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 18, 23, updated Jul 12, 24

While video editing, there comes a time when one wants to add a voiceover to the project. However, for many people, the idea of making a narration with their own voice seems like it could be more suitable, too due to nervousness, shyness, or concerns with identity protection. In fact, the reasons are not limited to these- there are much more things to consider.

In such a case, an online AI Voice Generator is a better alternative to create a voiceover with the given instructions instantly artificially. Wondering about the options that you have in this regard? Give this post a full read to know.

In this article
  1. Speechify
  3. Notevibes
  5. FakeYou
  6. Replica Studios
  8. Respeecher
  9. Listnr Text-to-Speech
  10. Natural Reader

Best AI Voice Generator Tools to Experience

With a voice creation app, users can get digitized vocal narration for the script they add within seconds. However, there is a concern among people about the sound quality available- will the narration sound too robotic?

In that case, AI Voice Generator tools are available today that make sure that the voice effect they create is realistic with AI avatar characters. The following are some of the best apps for artificial voice generation, with relevant specifications detailed here.

1. Speechify

If you are looking for a high-grade voice generator using AI technology, Speechify is one of the best apps to try. It has multi-language compatibility, with the accents intact for a realistic voiceover effect.


You can choose out of the voice options available for the effect you want to create, and the software will instantly make the changes.

Cost: Free, Annual- USD 239

Compatibility: web-based


  • Advanced support of audio timeline type.
  • Supports 20+ languages/accents.
  • Natural-sounding voice types in 200+ varieties.
  • Have granular-level narrative control on pitch, pauses, etc.
  • Get super-fast audio file processing power.
  • You can expect instant voiceover editing-related feedback.
  • No limits to the number of audio files you can upload.
  • You can generate voiceover for 10 minutes only with the free plan.
  • Only premium users can download the final files.

2. is a top-grade AI singing generator, as well as voice-based narrations. Here, you can accept a library full of 120+ voices that you can choose for the text-to-speech functionality.

Then, you can create a real-time changed voiceover and add music to it. Then, use the algorithm here to align the voice properly with the tune, with makes the AI-generated singing possible to some extent.

Cost: Free; Basic- USD 19/month; Pro- USD 26/month; Enterprise- USD 59/month

Compatibility: web-based


  • Make homemade recordings sound of professional quality.
  • Different AI voice options are available.
  • It supports 20+ languages.
  • More than 120 voices are available.
  • Easy to access studio for editing.
  • Fast processing power.
  • Realistic voice changing quality.
  • Team-based collaboration benefits are only accessible to Enterprise plan users.
  • The free plan does include over 10 minutes of voice generation support.

3. Notevibes

If you want a simple AI speech or AI singing voice generator, you can operate Notevibes without any issues. Here, it supports a Text to speech feature in the free web version, and you can add your script within a short paragraph.


The app supports many language and voice effect types, so make your selection without worry.

Cost: Personal- USD 19/month; Commercial- USD 99/month

Compatibility: web-based


  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Add text within 300 characters with spaces.
  • 221+ premium male and female voice options.
  • Change sound pitch and speed.
  • Easy to use converter online.
  • Preview the sound effect during the process.
  • Instant TTS-enabled conversion.
  • Not readily available for commercial usage.
  • SSML is not supported for personal plan users.


If you want to use a high-quality AI voice generator with open-source community support, is the one to look out for. You will get many voice-changing resources with AI voices and TTS functionality here.

Users can create voice applications with the API integration support here for advanced use.

Cost: Free; Creator- USD 96/year; Enterprise- USD 300+/month; Clone- USD 480/year

Compatibility: web-based


  • Get customized voice clones.
  • High-quality AI-based voice effects.
  • Get 5000+ realistic voices.
  • Text-to-speech functionality here.
  • An inclusive community of experts with AI research.
  • Prepare personalized voice effects.
  • API-based custom apps building.
  • Free users can save only five clips.
  • Commercially usable voice types require a cost upgrade.

5. FakeYou

One of the best AI vocal changers available online is the FakeYou tool. It has a high-quality text-to-speech function that any user can quickly operate for voiceover creation. Moreover, there are diverse types of voice types available.


It would be best to type out the script you want to create, and the software will instantly create a short clip.

Cost: Pro- USD 15/month; Plus- USD 7/month; Elite- USD 25/month

Compatibility: web-based


  • Multiple AI-based voice choices are available.
  • Smooth text-to-speech functionality here.
  • Easily choose between varying languages.
  • Generate voiceovers multiple times.
  • See the voice effect rating to know the quality.
  • Get user-generation voice effect options here.
  • Preview the changed file before using it.
  • Only 30 seconds of the TTS effect is possible.
  • The normal speed of conversion can sometimes get very slow.

6. Replica Studios

If you want to use a high-grade AI Voice Generator, Replica Studio is one of the top ones to try. The AI technology model available here copies the actual voice actors in different speech styles and learns to differentiate between other speech parameters, like pronunciation and emotional range.

replica studios

The algorithm detects and understands speech patterns, creating realistic voiceover effects.

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 36.

Compatibility: web-based


  • Mainly for script voiceover with emotive voices style changes.
  • High-quality voice options are available.
  • Change the pitch, volume, etc.
  • It supports export in many formats like WAV, MP3, FLAC, and OGG.
  • Smooth voice generation process.
  • Realistic digital narration after intensive speech analysis.
  • The fast downloading process is at 22khz.
  • Free users do not get commercial usage benefits.
  • Four hours of voice generation-related functional credit requires higher payment.

7. is another high-grade software that people can use for smooth and precise vocal generation. Here, you will have granular control over the content and easily make different types of sound effects changes.

For example, for the text-to-speech sound generation here, you can adjust the pitch of the voice, emphasize works, give pauses between sentences, etc. Finally, the finished file will sound very realistic.

Cost: Free; Basic- USD 25/month; Pro- USD 48/month

Compatibility: web-based


  • Granular-level editing functionality is available.
  • 100+ languages are supported here.
  • Get over 400 voice choices.
  • Three emotionally charged voice selections under Pro.
  • Super-level AI technology works here.
  • A supportive community of contributors and experts.
  • Get tailored voice generation for specific use cases.
  • Free users can only generate a voice clip within 20 minutes.
  • Save ten downloads only if you are not a paid subscriber.

8. Respeecher

Respeecher is a high-quality AI Voice Generator many people find high-grade in terms of user experience. It includes many voice choices, and users can also add emotion-based effects.


The app includes a high-grade voice cloning mechanism, further improving the usage experience.

Cost: A free 3-day trial and Standard- USD 199/month; Special projects- quoted price.

Compatibility: web-based


  • Add an expressive sound effect to the narration.
  • 60+ voice choices are available.
  • Works for different professional-quality content, like podcasts, marketing, audiobook, etc.
  • Smooth voice cloning ability.
  • Realistic voiceover choices.
  • Precise voice changing to the content.
  • Kids' vocal sound options are available.
  • The slightly complicated learning curve here.
  • Automatically adds English accent to voiceover, no matter the voice/language you choose.

9. Listnr Text-to-Speech

Listnr Text-to-Speech software includes a wide range of voice options for the conversion process. You can easily add the text script for the narration and select the voice you want to hear the voiceover in.

listnr text to speech

If you are dissatisfied with the effect you added, this app allows you to redo or undo your changes. Finally, download the audio file offline in WAV or MP3 format.

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 19/month.

Compatibility: web-based


  • High-grade text-to-speech algorithm in place.
  • Multiple languages are available with accent variations.
  • Preview the audio file before downloading.
  • Standard and premium voice options.
  • Realistic voice generation with tonal voice changes.
  • Download in WAV or MP3 format.
  • Instant voice generation.
  • Premium voice options require payment to get.
  • Free users only get 1000 words of voice generation support per month.

10. Natural Reader

One of the top-rated AI Voice Generator choices to select out of the options is the Natural Reader tool. You will notice more control over the text-to-speech functionality here and make many changes to the text as well.

natural reader

Play the voice effect while making the changes and select pronunciation-related settings too.

Cost: web-based, extension, iOS/Android

Compatibility: Free


  • Play preview while adjusting.
  • A library of voice options is available.
  • Converts 20+ formats like PDFs into voiceover.
  • Make advanced tune changing.
  • Different languages are supported.
  • Easy to convert and download files.
  • Many voice styles in different emotion types are available.
  • A separate commercial version is available.
  • Singing AI conversion is not accessible here.


Overall, there are multiple tools available that make it simple for people to custom-create AI-made voiceovers for content instantly. Consider the type of functionality you need, like TTS functionality, or the compatibility concerns, like the online or app version. Based on your usage-related preferences, you can select among the listed options.


  • 1. Which tool includes AI singing functionality?
    With tools like or, you can create emotional-centric singing voice generation and speech creation.
  • 2. Which is the easiest voice generator AI to try?
    What users mean by "easiest" can vary in terms of many parameters, like conversion speed, quality, customization tools, etc. Among the ones listed here,, Notevibes, Listnr Text-to-Speech, and many more are extremely simple to use. However, personal preferences can vary.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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