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12 Impressive AI Video Ideas for Creating Engaging Video Content

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 25, 22, updated May 20, 24
12 Impressive AI Video Ideas for Creating Engaging Video Content

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In recent times, AI technology has become more useful for content creators to get more effective and engaging AI video ideas. Various AI video idea generator tools like Jasper, WeShare, etc., save con-tent creators time by giving the latest trending video ideas. These tools made content creators work easy as they need not spend much time on video ideas.

Most of us know AI-Artificial Intelligence and its role in achieving better and fast results in different areas. This article will let us know the position of YouTube video idea generator AI in generating engaging video content using Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, these tools also help add audio/video summary and animations for the videos.

Part 1 What's Video Ideas Generator and How to Use This Tool to Get More Views

It's not enough to create a YouTube channel and post some video that does not have informative content. Sometimes, even though the video has informative content, the content might not be attractive to the viewers for various reasons, like the content might be routine and does not have more reach, likes, or shares. Along with good content, we also need new and creative ideas to get more viewers. Thus, we have some tools to provide unique and innovative ideas based on the niche you choose.

Videos Idea Generator is a tool that gives ideas for YouTube videos, and it works based on AI technology (Neural Networks). This tool will be more beneficial for the content creators to get more AI video ideas. Naturally, you might be out of ideas for your channel, or sometimes it takes more time to get an idea, or it could be a routine idea that does not sound interesting to the viewers. In such cases, an AI video idea generator is more helpful in suggesting new and innovative ideas for the content creators based on their interesting topics.

Some of the advantages of a video idea generator are:

Time-saving – as one can utilize the time in other work, such as editing the video/ adding subtitles, etc., instead of thinking of an idea.

Engaging with the audience – can utilize the time in engaging with the audience by answering their questions.

Promote videos – can utilize time to promote their videos on other social media platforms or collaborate with other content creators for promotions.

Add animations – animations and other visual effects can be added to the videos using AI. Also, we can add video and audio summaries after each video so that the viewers can get brief detailing of the whole video.

How to use Videos Idea Generator:

There are different AI video idea generator tools, and most of them work similarly. The most common steps are:

Step 1: Provide Topic

Here you need to provide the topic's name on which we are planning to create the video.

Step 2: Provide Keywords

After providing a topic, give the keywords required for publishing. The video needs to have all the keywords so that the main content of the video can project adequately.

Based on the topic name and keywords, the tool will generate suggestions for the video ideas using the Neural Network concept of Artificial Learning.

Videos Idea Generator Tool

Part 2 12 Great AI Video Ideas to Bring More Traffic

Now, let us know 12 AI video ideas that can become viral and get more likes and views :

01Idea 1: Know your Interest

Before starting a YouTube channel or posting a video, know your area of interest first. Once you get clarity on the area of interest, it's easy to pick a topic from that and create an innovative video. Try to be more specific in the topic you choose. Also, have clarity on the section of audience you want to target.

For example, if your topic is more related to children, add more animations of animals/ cartoons that interest children. If you choose a related topic, do not add more animations that might confuse the audience. Add more reference links so that they can refer to those and be more particular on the specific topic you are trying to explain through the video. Similarly, if you choose a gaming-related topic, do not be more general about gaming.

Be specific towards a particular section of games like mobile gaming/ desktop/ virtual to reach more audience, and it does not seem boring to the audience.

02Idea 2: Interview Questions

As many students graduate every year, the competition for jobs has increased. People are more interested in getting an appointment as soon as possible, and for that, they need to prepare for the interview thoroughly. A video containing the main topics for the discussion that has references for the interview questions would benefit the students. It can engage with people within no time. Also, if the video is more specific to the department-wise interview questions/ job-level interview questions, it would reach more people and be more helpful to them.

03Idea 3: Full Course in Any Technology

Apart from the entertainment-related videos, education-related videos will be more helpful and engaging. Any video related to any technology course can get more views. Using the YouTube video idea generator AI tool, you can generate more unique videos related to education. Instead of giving a brief idea of the technology, it's better to pick up a few topics and explain them in detail so that it would be helpful for interviews too. You can use AI technology to add a voice-over and a small summary at the end of the video so that the main points get revised once again. 

04Idea 4: Cooking Ideas

Cooking is one of the most trending topics on YouTube. Whatever the language might be, cooking-related videos can get more views, create more creativity, and engage with the audience. You can choose a dish from any cuisine and make a video. You can add slow motion/ fast forward actions and small creative animations using AI. Using AI video ideas tools, you can get more creative ideas related to cooking that can increase views, as viewers will be more interested if the videos are innovative.  

05Idea 5: Art and Craft ideas

Recently, people have seem more interested in the interior design of the house. For such people, art and craft ideas might be more helpful. Also, nowadays, schools are encouraging students in other circular activities and studies. These videos might be more attractive to the school's students. Also, in crafts, select a specific area and make videos on that so that the video will be short and crisp, and easily understandable to the viewers. You can also add a voice-over while doing the craftwork to make it more transparent for the viewers.

06Idea 6: Photo and Video Editing Related Videos

People have become more addicted to taking photos and storing them. Any video related to editing the photos/ videos will engage more with viewers as it is not associated with any section of people. Anyone from any place and with any qualification can understand such videos. Consider a few topics related to the editing and give a detailed description/ explanation of those ideas, or consider any photo/ video editing app and explain how the app works in the video so that it might be helpful for the people who are using the app for the first time. Also, please reply to the frequently asked questions related to the app in the form of comments or summary so that it can reach more people, and there is a chance that the viewers might suggest the video to others who are about to use the app.

07Idea 7: Movies Related Videos

In every country, people are more addicted to movies regardless of language. Movies have become a part of daily life for almost all people. Some of the movie-related video ideas can be:

Video regarding actor interviews.

Video regarding the movie review/ collections.

Video regarding highlights/ mistakes in the movie.

Video related to small clips/ songs in the film.

Video related to the spoof of the central theme of the film.

Any video related to a movie can be more viral. To create new content, use AI video idea generator tools so that the videos can be more engaging and creative.

08Idea 8: Lifehacks Related Videos

Simple daily life hack idea-related videos will be more helpful to people irrespective of their living. Any statements about keeping the house clean/clothing/makeup/skincare can be beneficial. You can take simple concepts related to our daily life like:

How to use a few tools in our everyday life.

Simple cleaning techniques. 

Folding clothes easily saves time.

09Idea 9: Earning Related Ideas

Videos related to earning can get more views and become more viral among people. Any detailed description of any earning app/ small startup ideas can be helpful. The video ideas generator tool can give more suggestions related to such trending topics.

10Idea 10: Sports related ideas

A large population is into sports, like football and cricket. People enjoy watching and playing these sports regularly from young to old age. It will be a good idea if you can try videos on sports. Using the video generator AI, you can generate animation videos playing cricket and add small clips of old generation cricket players as examples. You may also create small teaching videos on other sports for children. Through animation, giving the latest sports updates worldwide will also be a better idea to get more views for videos.

11Idea 11: Current Affairs Related Videos

Current affairs and general knowledge-related videos will be more helpful to people preparing for competitive exams as most people are learning through the internet rather than from books. If you can take a specific subject and give a detailed description of its past and current updates, it can be helpful for many people. And also, while doing such information-related videos, you get a chance to research it, and it will help improve your knowledge of the subject and searching skills.

12Idea 12: Gadget And Product Review Ideas

Reportedly, there has been a tremendous increase in new products related to mobiles, laptops, TV, other hardware tools, skin, hair care products, etc. You can take a specific product and create innovative ideas on how to use the product using animations/ cartoons and give a short review of the product. Through this, you can earn as you promote a company product, and people will know about the product. This is beneficial in both ways. If the product is related to electronic gadgets, make a video explaining the product's features and how to use them. If it is hair or skincare related, include the ingredients used, advantages of the product, how to use the product, and any disadvantages, etc. Based on the product you choose, the content of the video should change.

Bonus Idea:

Use an innovative and powerful tool like Wondershare Filmora Video Editor to beautify your AI videos in the shortest time frame. 

Filmora's latest version offers various upgraded tools like:

Instant Mode to create accessible and quick videos.

A shop of preset templates to power up your videos.

The Filmora Auto Beat Sync can match your clip with music.

Adjust the speed of your video and introduce cinematic effects.

You can even record your screen with Filmora and use that in your AI videos ideas.

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

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Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

Ending Thoughts

Finally, that you have a fair idea of what a YouTube video idea generator is about and how it helps content creators in daily life get more innovative ideas for YouTube videos.

Make use of this tool to get more engaging and creative content and more AI video ideas so that the views for the video increase and the audience receives good knowledge through the videos. Try out these ideas, use Filmora to create exceptional animations on your videos, and watch your YouTube channel grow as expected.

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