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How to Add Bitmoji to Keyboard?

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Feb 25, 22, updated May 20, 24

Emojis have made it so much better for people to express themselves. Let’s say someone compliments you on a chat app; you can use a smiley emoji to tell that you are happy. At the same time, an angry emoji lets you express that you are angry.

Apart from the generic emojis that you can find in your chat applications, Bitmoji enables you to customize your character and share it with people you chat with. Bitmoji is fun, but do you know how to add it to a keyboard? If you don’t, don’t worry, this post will help you understand how to do that. 

Part 1: What is Bitmoji?

If you are new to Bitmoji, you may wonder what it is? Bitmoji is essentially your own personal emoji. You can create a cartoon version of yourself and share it with people to make the conversation fun. So, what one does is create an avatar of themselves and give it all kinds of expressions.

Then, you can create comics using your Bitmoji, use it to express yourself while having a chat, and even use it as a reaction. Anyone who is done using the same old emojis has started using Bitmoji because it’s a lot more fun. 

Now, let’s learn how to create your very own Bitmoji.

Step 1: First, go to the App Store or Play store and download the Bitmoji application.

Step 2: Once downloaded, launch the app and start making an avatar or your Bitmoji. 

Step 3: Pick a skin color, hair color, chin, nose, hairstyle, jawline, and more. 

create bitmoji mobile

Once your Bitmoji is created, you are all set to use the Bitmoji as stickers. Moreover, the app lets you dress your Bitmoji as you want as well. Let it have different expressions and postures because that’s how it’s going to be fun! After your Bitmoji is added, the next thing to do is enable Bitmoji on the keyboard of the device you are using. 

Part 2: How to Add and Use Bitmoji to iPhone Keyboard?

Since you have learned how to create a Bimoji, it’s time to learn the steps to use it on your iPhone keyboard. Unfortunately, just by downloading the app, it won’t reflect on the keyboard directly. Instead, you will have to follow a few steps to add Bitmoji to the keyboard. Here’s what you need to do. 

Step 1: Launch your iPhone and click on the Settings option. 

Step 2: Now, go to the General option and click on the Keyboard option. 

iphone keyboard option

Step 3: When the Keyboard page opens, click on the option that says Keyboards and then click on Add New Keyboard. 

Step 4: You will see the Third Party Keyboards option. There, you need to click on Bitmoji. 

iphone keyboard bitmoji option

Step 5: Now, toggle the option that says Allow Full Access. Once you do that, you will see a small pop-up. Click on the Allow option. 

And that’s it. Bitmoji will be added to the iPhone keyboard. Open any messaging app and click on the globe and hold it for a few seconds. When you see Bitmoji, click on that, and you will be able to use Bitmoji stickers. 

Part 3: How to Get the Bitmoji Keyboard on Android?

Bitmoji is available for Android users as well. Before you begin to use it, go through the first part again and download the app. Then create your Bitmoji, as explained earlier. You can send Bitmojis directly from the app itself, but if you plan to use Bitmoji regularly, getting the Bitmoji keyboard makes sense. So, once you are done, follow the following steps to get the Bitmoji keyboard on Android. 

Step 1: Launch the Bitmoji app. Click on the Keyboard option that you see at the bottom of the Bitmoji app screen.

android phone keyboard option

Step 2: Install Bitmoji keyboard and give permission to your phone to use Bitmoji keyboard. Bitmoji will notify you when the Bitmoji keyboard gets activated.

enable bitmoji android

You are all done. Now, use the Bitmoji keyboard to chat with your family members and friends and make everything fun and exciting. 

Part 4: How to Install and Use Bitmoji on Windows and Mac?

If you want to use Bitmoji on Windows and Mac, you will have to use the Google Chrome browser. If you already have the Google Chrome browser, carry on with the steps explained below; otherwise, get the browser before starting. 

Step 1: Go to Chrome Extension and install Bitmoji for Chrome Extension.

add bitmoji chrome extension

Step 2: You will have to sign in to Bitmoji. If you want to add Bitmoji to Gmail, click on add Bitmoji to Gmail. 

add bitmoji to gmail

After you are done following the three easy steps, you will see Bitmoji is installed. To start using it, move the cursor to the upper corner of the browser and click on the Bitmoji icon. Next, you will see the Bitmojis. Choose any Bitmoji, copy it, and paste it on Gmail or instant messaging applications. 

Part 5: Where can You Use Bitmoji?

Bitmojis can be used on different platforms. All you need to do is enable Bitmoji keyboard on your iPhone or Android phone or Windows and Mac computers and use it on various social media platforms. For example, use Snapchat to send Bitmojis for different types of occasions. 

If you are an iPhone user, you can share fun Bitmojis through iMessage. On a computer, you can use these Bitmojis on Facebook or other instant messaging platforms. You can drag and drop the Bitmoji sticker or copy it to share it with your friends. 

If you are a working professional and want to lighten the mood of your Slack workspace, use Bitmojis to make your coworkers feel relaxed. Plus, this can be a great way to make someone feel pumped up. Like that, there are many other platforms to use Bitmojis! 

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So, there you go. We have finally reached the end of this guide. We hope you have found this post interesting and will face no hassle using the Bitmoji keyboard on different devices. Get the Bitmoji app if you haven’t downloaded it yet and make your conversations fun and enjoyable! 

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