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20+ Graduation Cake Ideas for Graduation Ceremony in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 10, 22, updated Jul 17, 24
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Graduations are massive occasions in our lives and should be celebrated irrespective of whether you are a young adult who just earned a college degree or high school diploma. Our graduation day is when we embrace adult life and leave behind our childhood, and during this period, there is this sudden feeling that we are all grown up, and graduation cake ideas are one of the better ways to celebrate this D-day. There are varieties of simple graduation cake designs, irrespective of the kind of graduation cake you need for a celebration.

Therefore, whether you are planning an impressive layer cake or a simple sheet cake, we've got the recipe for you. This article will give you the anatomy of graduation cake ideas this 2024.

Part 1: What to Write to Create an Exclusive Graduation Cake Design

Graduation time is a time for you to reflect on your achievements and a time for celebration. It is a party time to enjoy with friends and families. Graduation parties often call for a festive cake with a handsomely scrolled message. While some persons might prefer to concentrate on the look and shape of the cake, others might focus on the graduation theme cake and the message on the accomplishment.

 graduation cake ideas

There are also many graduation cake message ideas on the internet to check when you want to write on your cake to create an exclusive design.

A straightforward way to write on your graduation cake is:

  1. Trace the letters on the cake with a toothpick
  2. Use a pastry bag to ice over where you traced.

First, practice on waxed paper by adjusting the color and icing consistency as needed.

It is also essential to write a message that is meaningful and simple, like "Congratulations, Graduate!", "Class of (Graduation Year)" or "You Did It!" or "Congratulations" followed by the grad's name. A cake with too much-complicated writing looks messy and yucky and sticks to one message.

Part 2: 20+ Graduation Cake Ideas to Inspire You in 2024

Plan the best graduation party with the perfect graduation cake designs for this 2024 graduation ceremony. This article will give you 20+ graduation cake ideas that will inspire you this 2024.

1. Star Cake

graduation cake ideas star cake

Star Cake can be used as a kindergarten graduation cake as it is fun, festive, and would wow the kids.

2. Tassel Cake

graduation cake ideas tassel cake

Tassel Cake is simple and yet a real showstopper for graduation sheet cake ideas 2021. It comprises gold, black and white themed cake.

1. Hat Sheet Cake with Flowers

hat sheet cake with flowers

Graduation sheet cake ideas of 2021 are an excellent option, especially when you're expecting a crowd.

4. Ocean-Themed Cake

ocean themed cake

The ocean-themed cake is a traditional cake style if your college graduate is attending college near the coastline, it’s a fun and creative way to celebrate.

5. Pink and Gold with Topper

pink and gold with topper

The pink and gold topper has a gorgeous pink frosting and flowers, gold-dipped leaves, and a cake topper that will take center stage on the dessert table during graduation.

6. The Adventure Begins Graduation cake

the adventure begins

This graduation themed cake is perfect for an adventurous graduate attending college in another country. High school college is a big adventure, and therefore it is necessary to make it the theme of your cake

7. Round Embellished Cake with Flowers

round embellished cake with flowers

This round embellished cake with flowers is a simple graduation cake design adorned with cascading edible flowers, making it so adorable and festive.

8. Simple and Elegant Cake

simple and elegant cake

This simple graduation cake design made with a graduate hat, a diploma, and a few gold-dipped edible flowers is beautiful.

9. Beautifully Bold Blue & Black Grad Cake

blue graduation cake

Beautifully bold is a tiered cake that may not be traditional, but it's memorable and unique with lots of fun. You can use it as a graduation cake idea for 2021.

10. Elegant and Simple with Gold Cake Topper

elegant and simple with topper

This is a DIY graduation theme cake that is layered round and adorned with fresh flowers, and a custom cake topper to help you create this gorgeous cake.

11. Marquee Cake

marquee cake

Marquee cake is a fun and festive graduation cake idea that shouts, “let’s celebrate.”

12. Confetti Cake with Grad Hat

confetti cake

If you want to spend less fortune on your graduation cake design, this confetti cake is fun and easy to recreate.

13. High School Graduate

high school graduate

This graduation cake message idea is best for high school graduates with a graduate hat.

14. Family Law Graduate

family law graduate

This golden graduation theme cake is an excellent plan for law graduates in the family.

15. Architecture Graduate

architecture graduate

An exclusive graduation cake design for the architecture graduates. Isn’t it a beauty?

16. Graduation Cupcake Tower

graduation cupcake tower

Watch out for this, one of the top graduation cupcake ideas.

17. Law Book

graduation cake law book

Law graduates can also celebrate with a graduation theme cake of law book like in the above image.

18. Optometry Graduate

optometry graduate

Look at this gorgeous white, pink, and black graduation cake idea of 2021.

19. Go Coogs

go coogs

A simple graduation cake design, elegant and bold in red and white color.

20. Cougar Proud

cougar proud

Aha! Here is one of my favorite graduation sheet cake ideas for 2021.

21. Nurse Graduate

nurse graduate

This cake design is a super cool option for nurse graduation cake ideas and is perfect for a nursing get-together party.

Part 3: How to Make a Graduation Video Slideshow to Spice Up along with Cakes?

These days everyone loves to receive and send graduation greetings online, and for their graduation, they all appreciate getting something special. Therefore, making a slideshow video for your partner to match their graduation theme cake will be an awesome way to show that you genuinely care about them and you do not settle for an off-the-shelf product.

Filmora has proven to be the best tool for making graduation slideshow due to its exclusive features, which includes:

  1. 4K editing support which enables users to edit and export videos at a resolution of up to 4K
  2. It allows users to make use of GIF support, noise removal, and color tuning
  3. It also has an advanced text editor to write text in different fonts and style
  4. It comes in an audio mixer, video stabilization, audio equalizer
  5. it can detect scenes in a video

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmora box

Here is how to make a graduation video slideshow to spice up along with your graduation theme cake;

Step 1: Launch Filmora Editor and Import Images

Open the Filmora graduation slideshow video maker and click on a new project. Create a project, import your photos, and drag and drop your graduation photos on your timeline

Step 2: Add Special Effects

Although built-in transitions, titles preset, elements, and effects on Filmora, this free graduation pack is recommended for some special effects.

Quotes and Subtitles as You Need

Express graduation wishes with famous quotes, subtitles, and texts to the video slideshow. There are some graduation text templates to choose from based on your need.

Transition and Motion Effect

Add transition or motion effect for a graduation photo slideshow from the many transitions preset available in the transition library. Pan/Zoom, crop, and add the necessary impact you need for your video available on the timeline.

Add Song or Voice for Background Music

Add an external song from your phone library or choose from the Filmstock icon to find more royalty-free music. Besides, record a voiceover for your slideshow by pressing the microphone button to record and the end button to stop.

Step 3: Preview the Final File and Export

Preview your media and click on Export to save your graduation slideshow video in any format of your choice (MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV, F4V, GIF) or burn it into a DVD. Share your video on the different social media platforms.


This article gave users various simple graduation cake designs and taught them how to make a graduation video slideshow either for themselves or their partners. Thus, there are many graduation cake ideas you can use to begin your 2024 and when choosing your cake design, also take note of the graduation cake message ideas included in this article.

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