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Scary Halloween Font resources to give Your Video unique look

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

As Halloween is approaching, most people are looking for scary fonts for their Halloween posters, decorative cards, invitations, videos to give them a spooky look. Are you one among them? No matter you are going to create Halloween party invitations, graphics, picture or any other craft, just make sure that the title of your creations are written using the perfect fonts which should reach the top level of scariness to illustrate the meaning of this festival. Also, it is a must in this creepy time to have some spooky content on your blogs and profiles, when your entire home would be feeling the effects of Halloween through Jack O’Lanterns, ghosts, witches, or spider webs.

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However, many of you must be worried about that from where you can find such texts that will provide a unique look to your video or posters. You can find the best fonts on various online links but their prices are much high that you don’t find them worth. But, you will be glad to know that there are many websites from where you can download the best scary fonts for free also. Here, we are providing the links to some of the best ones.


You will really be terrified by looking at the fonts that are available this site. This site is one of the best sites offering the scariest fonts at no cost. It would not be wrong to say that their fonts are jaw-dropping beautiful according to their creepy features. To name some of their scary fonts, A Dripping Marker Font, Zombie Holocaust, Unquiet Spirits, A Lolita Scorned, Nyctophobia, Ghost Reverie, DK Mothman, Lycanthrope, Brutal Truth, Kreepshow Frigid, MB Real Grinder, Ghastly Panic and SF Gushing Meadow. There are no words to describe the scariness of these fonts. Just imagine that how horrible your video will be when the creepy themes and images would be combined together with these extra horrific fonts.



Do you want to scare the people at their first glance to your video? Not only scare, they will also become crazy to see that if the title is so scary, how much scary the video will be. You can select the creepy fonts from, which will give an outstanding look to your video. The names of the fonts which are available with them are: Metal Macabre, You Murderer BB, Feast of Flesh BB, Gypsy Curve, Nemo Nightmares, Death Rattle BB, My Scars, Zombie Holocaust, Shallow Grave and many more.



When you visit this site, you will find all their fonts scary at the first look. For the people who are frightened easily, should visit the site carefully because the fonts give the creepiest looks. Their fonts are named as You Murderer, Something Strange, Pieces NFI, Blood Thirsty, Black Asylum, Zombie Holocaust, CF One Two Trees, Double Feature and many others. They have a great collection of such fonts that you may be confused to choose the one. But, at the same time, you get an opportunity to create your different videos by including different fonts which would be scarier than one another.



The name of this site does not match with horror fonts that it provides to you. There is a range of fonts you can choose from. Every font has its own feature that will fit to the particular video theme. Some of the best intimidating fonts at this site are Crazy Killer, Plasma Drip, Blood of Dracula, Dark Garden, Calaveras, Blood, Jack the Ripper, Monsoon Nights, Body bag, Haunted, MB Element Brutalized and more.



Looking for more fonts? This is another website where you can find the horrific fonts for free. They have a large range of the scary fonts each of which have its own level of creepiness. To mention some of their scary fonts- Necropsy, Burning Wrath, Oh The Horror, bloody Slime, Night Bird, A Dripping Marker, About Dead, Haunted Normal, Night Mare, Beurk, Liquidism Part 2 and Bloody Stump.



The horror fonts found at this site are also just outstanding. Even without any image or video they can make you feel scary. Best for the Halloween videos, these fonts will be most threatening when combined with the Halloween themes. All their fonts are of competitive looks, you will just be in perplexity that which one would fit better with the theme of your video. Here we are mentioning some of their outstanding font names that you can check for while choosing the one for you- NeedleTeeth Suite, Exquisite Corpse, Sanctuary Font, Horror Find, Spider Fingers, Swamp Witch, Donree’s Clavs, Ghastly panic, Gypsy Curse, Unquiet Spirits and others.


There are many other websites where you can find the horror fonts, but it is not sure that they will give you the fonts for free. No doubt you can check online for other websites, but we are sure that from the above given sites you will find the best scary text font for your video. Create your Halloween videos, invitation cards, pictures and other crafts by incorporating these fonts and you will get your horror creativity at the top position.

Moreover, it is very easy to install these fonts. Once installed, they can be used in the same manner as you use the other fonts. If you don’t know how to install them, then follow these steps:

  • First of all, visit any of the above given websites and find the font of your choice. Then click on the download button.
  • Then, find the Fonts folder in your PC and extract the downloaded font files in it.
  • The most important thing is to close all the graphics programs that are opened before you check for your new fonts. If you don’t close them, the new fonts will not be shown.

As it is easy to install these fonts, it is up to you that how you select the perfect font for your videos or cards and make them more horrible. If you have enough time you can test few of them and then choose the one that better fits to your video.

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