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Christmas Background Music for Video - Is it Important?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 26, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Searching for free background music for video editing downloads to use in your project? Background music breathes new life into films, which is particularly important when filming a memorable event. Alternatively, if you need to make your video engaging so that it may be uploaded to your YouTube channel, you can use this method.

You may have been wondering where you might locate the greatest Christmas background music for videos, didn't you? To be honest with you, there are many resources accessible on the internet where you may search for royalty-free background music for your films. For this reason, we have created a piece that is particularly designed to assist you in discovering the finest free background music for video editing.

Let us first grasp the importance of background music for videos and how to select the appropriate background music for videos before moving on to the sources. Furthermore, we have included a popular and professional technique for adding background music to films that you can use right away without any effort.

Part 1: What Role Does Background Music Play?

Imagine a world without any sounds or music, and then imagine that you live in a world where there is music wherever you look! Which one do you think you'd want to live in the most?

In the same way, the music that plays in the background or forefront of Christmas videos is quite important. It is a critical component in attracting the attention of your users, which may ultimately result in likes, subscriptions, or sales from you. It is a wonderful approach to generate visually interesting and appealing material when you include background music into your YouTube videos or your private films.

Part 2: The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Background Music

Step one is accomplished now that you've realized how important it is to choose the ideal Christmas background music for videos. Moving on to Step Two, which is selecting the most suitable background music for your videos, is now the time to proceed. It seems to be an easy assignment, but it is really much more difficult.

Part 3: How Do You Choose the Best Background Music for Your Videos?

With this in mind, the issue arises as to how to choose the most appropriate background music for your Christmas videos.

Let's look at a hypothetical circumstance once again. You'd want to paint a feature wall in your house to function as an accent piece for it. You don't just go to the Home Depot and start looking at every paint sample they have, do you? No, you don't.

As a result, there are an infinite number of hues and tones to choose from, which will leave you completely befuddled. It may take an indefinite amount of time to reach a decision on the final one. The more appropriate course of action would be to limit your search by first choosing the color that you want to have painted on the accent wall. Following that, you'll need to decide on a color for your room.

The same technique may be used to filter out background music from your videos as well. First and foremost, you must comprehend the nature of the event for which you are creating the film. After that, you may genuinely concentrate on finding the most appropriate rhythms for your video.

Part 4: Recognizing the Significance of the Situation

Secondly, how would you determine what kind of music is acceptable for the situation? That is totally dependent on the atmosphere and occasion for which the film is being prepared, to put it another way. When it comes to understanding the atmosphere and occasion before you begin to choose the finest background music for your film, we've compiled a list of some of the most important questions you should ask yourself, which we've included below.

Part 5: What Is the Theme, the Event, or the Subject of Your Video?

What kinds of feelings do you want your audience to experience while viewing your movie, and why? What is the most important role that music plays in your video? Do you like your music to be in the background or to be the main attraction? Most importantly, know who you're talking to. Make some preliminary study on the kind of music that they are most likely to react to.

Because the responses might differ based on the circumstances and the intended audience, it is important to be specific. We're sorry, but we're unable to provide answers to these questions. However, we have included a list of the most popular and royalty-free background music for videos in the latter half of the post.

Before we get into that, let's take a look at the best approach to include background music in your Christmas films without having to deal with any complications.

Part 6: With Filmora, You Can Easily Add Background Music to Videos

When it comes to adding free Christmas background music to video editing projects, we are all looking for a better and more professional tool that may be of great assistance and produce a final product. Moreover, many individuals find it difficult to locate a video that not only has the necessary characteristics but also leaves the viewers in awe.

With the use of promising technology, such as Filmora, it is now possible to get professional experience in a less time-consuming way. This does precisely what your video needs for editing purposes. As a result, in this section, we will show how to include the greatest background music in videos.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step1 Get Filmora and install it on your computer.

Before you do anything else, go to the Filmora official website and get your copy of the software. Install it and then run the utility from inside it. Filmora9 for Windows is available for download. Filmora9 for Mac is now available for download.

Step2 Import your original videos into the program.

Now, from the main screen of Filmora, you must choose "Import" from the drop-down menu that is located on the left-top corner of the screen. After that, choose the "Import Media Files..." option to import the videos that are currently stored on your computer's hard drive storage into the User's album. Once they have been added, you may view all of the video clips that have been imported from the left media pane. To use Filmora, you may also just drag and drop the video files from your computer into the Filmora interface window. Take note that the import method may still be used to add photos to the user's album if you desire to do so.

Step3 Download the background music for videos that you want to use.

Now that the videos have been imported, it's time to download and import the background music for the videos that you want to use in your films into the Filmora interface. Below this area, you will find a comprehensive selection of the most popular and royalty-free background music for videos, as well as links to other resources. You may either download the music from there or, if you have already downloaded the music, you can have it imported into the Filmora interface so that you can go to the next stage without delay.

Note: In addition to the many capabilities that Filmora provides, one noteworthy advantage is the large variety of royalty-free audio libraries that are available. This collection of background music and sound effects is divided into various moods and genres. So, just in case you're not an expert and are unable to locate and download music from websites, here's a list of resources.

add background music

It's as simple as going into Filmora's Audio Library and selecting the required music by touching on the thumbnail in the media window. To make use of the music, just drag and drop the background music you want to utilize into the track in the timeline window.

Step4 Insert a video clip onto the timeline track.

To complete the process, you must drag an imported video from the user's album to the timeline track on the timeline. Once you've put the video in the timeline, you can go on to add the background music for your video by dragging and dropping it into the track above the video track.

Note: If you're adding several movies to the timeline track, take care to organize them in the order in which they'll be played and to avoid having them overlap.

If the length of the background music track is longer than the length of your video track, you may trim the music track down and move it to a different spot to make it fit the length of your video track length. Another feature is that you may verify the location in the previewing window in real time as you are putting it up to fine-tune your settings.

 drag video to timeline
Step5 Save your video and audio file together.

As soon as you've got everything in place and are pleased with your settings and the outcome, it's time to process the video and export it to your computer's hard drive for viewing. To do so, choose "Export" from the menu bar and then, from the pop-up box that appears, select the appropriate file type. After that, click "OK" to begin the process of exporting your movie.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


● That was a wealth of knowledge on how to add Christmas background music for videos for a variety of different occasions. Thank you so much. Choosing which of the popular background music for YouTube videos or your personal videos best suits your needs is now entirely up to you.

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