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Top 10 Instagram Hashtags You Need to Start Using Today

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 21, 22, updated May 07, 24

Using hashtags on social media can help you connect with your audience. With the Instagram hashtag for podcasts, you can expand the audience by as much as 30%. You'll get more potential listeners for your podcasts through Instagram!

However, adding hashtags does not always work. Adding right hashtag works, so how to decide which hashtags will work for your podcast? Well, this article will give you the answer. You'll learn what the right Instagram hashtags are for your podcast.

In this article
  1. How Can Podcast Hashtags Support Your Show’s Visibility?
    1. #newpodcastalert 173k posts
    2. #podcastcommunity 313k posts
    3. #podcasttips 36.6k posts
    4. #podcasterthoughts 24.3k posts
    5. #podcastrecommendation 126k posts
    6. #podcastaddict 542k posts
    7. #femalepodcasters 89.5k posts
    8. #podcasthost 639k posts
    9. #lifestylepodcast 48.3k posts
    10. #podcastforwomen 112k posts
  2. How To Select the Right HashTags for Your Podcast

How Can Podcast Hashtags Support Your Show’s Visibility?

Hashtags can make your podcasts to be discoverable. They make it easier for listeners to follow along and join in on the conversation. Hashtags can provide more value to your audience and grow your podcast's visibility.

Target audience

Podcast hashtags help catch the target audience as it categorizes your podcast. People who search using your hashtag see your post pop up right in front of them. This makes it discoverable, and your target audience grows.

Social media marketing

Hashtags are another form of social media marketing. The more marketing, the more visibility for your podcasts. Creating a podcast hashtag will help you draw attention to the people communicating. That will make your podcast more visible.

Up-to-date hashtag

An up-to-date hashtag can make it a lot easier to make your podcast visible. When you use the most popular hashtags under your podcasts, it will make it a trend. This means that your podcast will come to the top, and more people will be able to see it.

10 Best Hashtags for Podcasts on Instagram

As a podcaster, you have to be mindful of all the content you produce. You may need to consider adding a popular hashtag to help your audience find new podcasts and shows. Hashtags have a handy tool that can help you choose the most popular hashtags for any topic or subject. Use these tags to promote your podcast and increase engagement:

1. #newpodcastalert 173k posts


Brand-new podcast uses a #newpodcastalert hashtag to promote its launch. #newpodcastalert is a clever use of the hashtag. People who have interest in new podcasts share their love of podcasting. You can see how many people are talking about them, and you can follow those that intrigue you.

2. #podcastcommunity 313k posts


Many of us love podcasts and listen to them daily. But many people don't know there's a community for podcasts. There are millions of podcasts on Apple Podcasts alone, and the number is growing daily.

This is why the #podcastcommunity hashtag has become so popular. It's a way to connect with your audience on a personal level and share your new podcast with others. Creators also use this to connect with other podcasters. They share similar interests and help build community.

3. #podcasttips 36.6k posts


There is no shortage of podcasts nowadays. But it is increasing the amount of confusion and wrong information. So a group of podcasters from the community set up this hashtag. Here they provide their curated list of podcast resources, tips, and tricks.

The hashtag aims to give the best information possible so podcasters can succeed in this growing industry.

4. #podcasterthoughts 24.3k posts


The most popular use of the hashtag is by podcasters themselves. New podcasters can use the #podcasterthoughts to share their thoughts about various topics. They also asks questions about the business and technology side of podcasting. It's a great way to get to know and connect with others in the podcasting world. And find answers to common questions and concerns.

5. #podcastrecommendation 126k posts


The #podcastrecommendation used on Instagram to recommend a podcast to people. It's a hashtag that can be used in conversations about podcasts. It lets other people know about podcasts that they might like. You don't get recommendations from one person to another. But you also get advice from all sorts of people on Instagram.

6. #podcastaddict 542k posts


People who love podcasts can now find the they love via #podcastaddict. This Instagram hashtag allows podcast fans to tag their favorite shows and share their thoughts on them. Fans can also share what they're listening to or loved lately.

7. #femalepodcasters 89.5k posts


Today's female audience is tech-savvy. It's a large percentage of the audience for many web content types, such as blogs, videos, and social media. With this, the number of female podcasters expected to multiply.

#femalepodcasters used for female podcasters that cover interests of women. There is a common misconception in podcast that using "female" in the name of a podcast means that women need to listen to the show. That's not true! Using the term "female" in a podcast's title used to target female audiences. To attract a broad range of listeners.

8. #podcasthost 639k posts


Podcasters use #podcasthost to provide their listeners with information about the hosts. It's the host's hashtag where they can show off their personality, writing style, and brand all in one place. It is also used to share behind-the-scenes stuff that helps people build trust in you.

9. #lifestylepodcast 48.3k posts


On #lifestylepodcast, listeners given insights into people's lives by whom they inspired. This hashtag is about the world of the individual and all the experiences that lead to making it through life and being a little bit extraordinary. The #lifestylepodcast aims to help people become better versions of themselves.

10. #podcastforwomen 112k posts


Podcasts have exploded in popularity recently, but most people still associate them with men. If you're trying to reach women, it's essential to ensure that you're promoting your podcast in ways that make it seem like a feminine topic.

This hashtag features interviews with women in the podcasting community. It covers topics like: media critics, scientists, and feminists. It is also intended to provide an outlet for women to share their ideas.

How To Select the Right HashTags for Your Podcast

If you're interested in building a successful podcast, you've got to get the correct hashtags. So today, we'll walk through the steps to finding the perfect hashtags for your podcast.

Combination of broad and niche

All you need to do is niche down the leading podcast into the type of podcast you create. It must include the topic, industry, theme, background & idea for your podcast. Thus it will be unique to your brand. The more specific you get, the better.

Combination of short & long

It would be best if you used short and long hashtags together to match the context of your podcast. For example, your podcast is on fitness. Your short hashtags will cover general topics like; health and healthy life. While longer hashtags would be more precise. For example: the right diet plan, workout routine plan, exercises, etc.

Connect your target audience

Your target audience plays a vital role. Thus it's crucial to know how your target audience would search for your podcast. Knowing your audience better will make you choose the right hashtags. That will keep your audience growing.

Keep updating

It is imperative to relate to the current trends of the podcast. This means you should keep updating your hashtags often with the changing trends. Avoid using tags that no longer match the podcast industry trends. Before uploading a new podcast that fits the trend, you need to know about the new hashtags.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best hashtags to use on Instagram relate to your audience. For example, if your business focus is on yoga, try adding hashtags such as #yoga, #fitness, #wellness, etc.

Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith and use tags that you don't understand. You'll learn a lot by testing out new ideas. Experimenting with hashtags on Instagram is a great way to test new ideas and gain insights. It also identifies which ones might work best for your brand.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown May 07, 24
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