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The Only Guide You'll Need to Know about Instagram Reels

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Instagram reels feature is the newest addition to your favorite app. Even though Instagram is already focused on pictures and videos, it has further enhanced the app use by introducing Instagram reels. These short videos or reels are an innovative approach to grip attention and keep users entertained.

Shortly after its launch, Instagram reels popularity soared, owing to its effectiveness, visibility, and user engagement. People love short videos that are to the point, and fun-Instagram reels give people exactly that.

In this article, we are going to explain in detail what Instagram reels are and how they can be used effectively and entertainingly.

Instragram Reel Intro

Part 1: What is Instagram Reels

With the rising popularity of short videos on various platforms, especially TikTok, Instagram innovatively upgraded their app to include a creative feature. Much like TikTok, Instagram reels are the latest feature introduced in august 2020. Instagram reels allow users to create maximum 15 second videos and then edit to add music, special effects, or stickers.

Instagram reels were introduced with the aim of providing an engaging platform dedicated to short videos. The separate reels tab lets users explore Instagram reels uploaded by other people or brands. The popular Instagram reels are also featured on the Explore tab.

Since video marketing is the new normal now, Instagram reels serve as the perfectly unique way to showcase products and services in eye-catching ways. The various editing features enable users to add stunning effects and popular songs to their videos. So, Instagram reels are great for upscaling your marketing without much effort.

Moreover, you can now watch or create short videos or multi-clips using Instagram reels and make your profile interesting. Instagram reels also work as highlights or insight into an event or product you are launching or using. In short, if you want to create gripping and catchy short videos, Instagram reels are your way to go.

Part 2: How Instagram Reels works?

Instagram reels are your way to the above and beyond. Owing to their video length, Instagram reels tend to be highly effective. The short snippets grip viewers and influence them in a way longer videos cannot. This makes Instagram reels an entertainingly productive way of connecting with the audience.

Be it brand promotion or fan building, Instagram reels have got it covered. If you have a public account, you can create and upload Instagram reels that can be featured on the Explore tab to widen your reach. And if you want to keep your videos private, you can choose to upload them only to your feed.

Part 3: How to Use Instagram Reels

Creating Instagram reels as easy as the other features on this app. Follow our step-by-step tutorial and let your creativity guide you through the rest.

1.You can open Instagram reels in one of the 3 ways. Firstly, click on the Stories camera tab, and on the bottom, swipe to click on Reels. Secondly, tap on the plus sign on the home screen. Or, go to the Reels tab and click on the camera icon in the top right corner.

Instagram Reels Tab

2.Now, you edit the settings before you record or upload footage.

  • Audio- Choose a huge music library. You can trim to add your favorite part. Click on any song to use for your video clip.
  • Speed- You can speed up or add a slow-mo effect to videos by selecting a speed.
  • Effects- There are multiple effects and filters to make the videos catchy and trendy.
  • Timer- Set a time limit for your videos. The video will automatically stop recording after the specified time.

Instagram Reels Trimer

3.You can then press on the recordingicon to shoot the video or select an already existing footage from the camera roll.

Instagram Reels Recording Button

4.You can tap and record multiple clips seamlessly by clicking on the Align icon, which appears after one clip is recorded.

5.Finally, add text or stickers to your Instagram reels.

Add Sticker To Reels

Part 4: Instagram Reels VS TikTok

Much like TikTok, Instagram reels are reserved for creating short and engaging videos. Instagram reels can be browsed from the Explore tab. And similarly, TikTok videos can be browsed from the For You tab. One major similarity between these two is the editing feature. There are various tools in both TikTok and Instagram reels that enable users to make their videos unique and entertaining.

Instagram reels are said to be inspired by TikTok but it has many differences that set it apart. Such as the video clip length for Instagram reels is reserved to 15 seconds, whereas TikTok videos can be up to 1 minute long. The biggest difference is that TikTok is an app dedicated to short videos and Instagram reels is a feature inside the parent Instagram app. TikTok allows the option of creating duets, but Instagram reels lack this option limiting user creativity. Even though both Instagram reels and TikTok have the option to add audio, Instagram reels don't allow the addition of an original song. On the other hand, local music files can be easily uploaded for use on TikTok. Videos on TikTok do not disappear. However, Instagram reels uploaded as stories vanish after 24 hours and are not saved anywhere.

Ready to try Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels have brought users a great opportunity of creating short yet influential videos right in the app. The ease and convenience of creating and editing videos is the reason behind its success

And, now you know all there is to know about Instagram reels. It is about time that you jump on this bandwagon and scale up your business or simply make your profile more appealing. Surprise your friends and family by creating highly engaging videos that are fun to watch. Captivate the audience with compelling content. Express yourself fully but creatively with Instagram reels and explore the reels created by others. Then, what are you waiting for?

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