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Video Editor Works on M1 Chip

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Not too long ago, Apple came up with the M1 chip MacBook, whose processor is faster and works even more efficiently. While the M1 laptop is excellent for office use, it is even better for video editing. The video editing process is smooth due to its graphic card and faster processor. Due to the seamless sharing of unified memory across the system, applications perform better due to power efficiency. However, the problem here is that Apple's M1 chip does not support some video editors. You may find installing a video editor on Mac M1 problematic if they lack compatibility with Apple's innovations. Don't worry because we have got you covered. With intense research, we managed to find video editing apps with incredible performance. Want to know the best part? Keep reading!


Part 1: what is M1 Chip?

 M1 Chip

Apple has been using Intel chips for many years. Finally, in 2020, they launched an in-house M1 chip for MacBook. The M1 chip increases the CPU efficiency 3.5 times and fastens GPU performance six times than before. With incredible graphic performance, video editing becomes faster and easier than ever.

Want to know the best part: The Apple M1 chip has incredible machine learning ability. Its efficiency is improved by 15%. For all workaholics, the M1 chip MacBook is an excellent investment as its battery life is unbeatable. Apple engraved a T2 chip within the device to make it more secure, and the SSD performance is much faster. Overall, the M1 chip is ideal for work, professional activities, and daily use.

Find out more about M1 Chip: What is M1 chip?


Part 2: Best video editors on M1 chip

We have tested and installed various video editors on Mac M1 and discovered that the native apps work much better. Editing raw footage has never been easier until the introduction of the M1 chip. However, not all video editors are compatible with it. We did some research to find out the three best video editors that will make your life significantly easier. Here's the kicker:

1. Final Cut Pro [for Apple Lover]

 Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the ultimate video editor for all Apple lovers as it has M1's native support, which means all video editing processes work smoothly. Editing has never been easier before FCP as it has customizable tools to polish a video and compress its size to post on different social media platforms.

The intuitive app design makes it more beginner-friendly, and its compatibility with M1 chips enhances its speed six times. Through incredible color correcting tools, you can make the video brighter and more attractive for the audience. The availability of third-party plug-ins is even better as it makes the app fitting for professional video editing.


  • Third-party plug-ins
  • Color tuning tools
  • Compatible with the M1 chip
  • Six times faster than before


  • Less audio editing options

2. Adobe Premiere Pro [for Professionals]

 Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most professional editing software you will ever find as it has dozens of tools to make your video look Hollywood style and crisp. Along with being native to the M1 chip, its multiple user integration and extended party plug-ins make it perform exceptionally well. The industry-level performance and constant improvements make it a user's top choice. Furthermore, all its advanced tools are super simple to use. The audio stock is also one of its unique features, which helps make a video more expressive.

It gets better: With Adobe Premiere Pro's VR editing, VR audio editing, effects, text tools, transitions, etc., it is nearly impossible not to gain value. The price you pay to subscribe to its packages is worth it compared to the number of tools you get to avail. Motion graphic templates and direct publishing options are commendable if you create social media content regularly.


  • Extended plug-ins
  • VR audio editing
  • Direct publishing option
  • Numerous plug-ins


  • Not beginner-friendly

3. Wondershare Filmora for Mac [for Beginners and Intermediates]

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Wondershare Filmora is an excellent option for editing 4K videos on Mac faster. Filmora is not yet native to the M1 chip, but it functions smoothly. Moving on, it has some exceptional features such as built-in video editing templates, transitions, crop, cut, trim options, etc. With up to fifteen color grading presets, one can enhance the video quality significantly.

If you are looking to make your video innovative with soundtracks, you can find royalty-free music in its library. Besides editing short and simple videos, you can also create Hollywood-style intros and trailers using motion editing tools. With tilt-shift effects, overlays, and mosaic effects, you can make your video even more incredible and pleasing to the eye.

Wondershare Filmora does not only allows you to edit the footage, but it also has numerous audio editing options such as audio ducking, mute, and fade-in or out. You can use 3D LUT effects, brightness adjustment tools, saturation, tint, color, etc., to optimize video quality. Filmora supports popular video formats, and you can post videos directly on social media through it.


  • Edit 4K videos
  • All-new AR stickers and integrated sticker library
  • Cloud-based updates
  • Intense audio editing features


  • The free version contains a watermark



Apple's new M1 chip launch has to be one of the biggest hits as overall MacBook efficiency is significantly enhanced. M1 chip MacBook works exceptionally well for people who want incredible graphic card performance and a smooth editing experience. Installing a video editor on mac M1 is not always a smooth process. Therefore, you can have a good look at our suggestions and try out the video editors for yourself. The native video editing apps for the M1 chip make professional editing feel like a breeze. Simialry, you can give Wondershare Filmora a try as it works as a phenomenal video editor to create professional-grade videos.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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