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Top 6 NFT Makers for Artists to Unleash Imagination in 2022

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Similar to crypto currencies, NFT is another digital asset that is associated with collectible items. It is more linked to digital collectibles. With the help of NFT digital art owners can add authenticity, ownership, and uniqueness to their assets. Hence, it is proving valuable not only to collectors but also to art creators and sellers in the digital space.

NFT makers

Part 1: Can I Make an NFT?

NFT can be defined as a unique digital token. It is designed on the blockchain concept that makes it similar to crypto currency. However, unlike crypto currencies that act as digital currencies for transactions, NFTs are tokens that are linked to artwork in the digital world. They add uniqueness and authenticity to digital artwork or similar products. As it is based on blockchain technology, NFTs help make digital artwork difficult to forge.

In most cases NFTs cost money. However, there are some creator applications, offline as well as online, that can help users create NFTs without having to pay for them initially. The low entry barrier is possible with a new business model. These are many platforms that allow people to create NFTs for their assets for free. These are billed only when their digital assets are actually sold. So there is no cost upfront that users need to pay. Only when their NFTs are being purchased, the cost is deducted from the sale price.

Make an NFT


This is a step taken to help reduce the number of transactions on the blockchain technology sites that manufacture NFTS or handle such transactions. This helps ensure the sustainability of NFT maker sites as well.

How does it Happen?

  • Those who opt for traditional mechanisms to generate NFTs mint the same to a blockchain instantly; to make such a transaction take place, users need to pay gas fees and this can be costly.
  • Instead, those who wish to opt for the free minting option; resort to platforms that use a lazy minting approach. This means that NFTs are not minted at the time they are created. Instead, buyers pay gas fees when purchases are being made. Till then NFTs are listed on a marketplace like others and their data is stored safely in decentralized storage.
  • Users of free NFT creation platforms simply need to authorize the minting process with their wallets. It is free and guarantees that users hold ownership over their creations.

Part 2: What Is the Best App to Create an NFT?

Here we list the top three creator applications for creating NFTs:


This NFT maker is rated high among top applications for creating non-fungible assets, especially for iPhone users. You don’t need to create custom NFTs for your digital art; instead, it can turn photos and images of your choice into NFTs.

NFT maker GoArt

Features of this App

It makes use of creative filters to create NFTs.

It is a fast NFT making application; it can create an NFT ready image within seconds.

Creative filter options are several; these include Picasso, Van Gogh, pop art, and others.

It is easy to use; one can get started by downloading the app and creating an account.

It provides virtual coins for buying premium filters.

It is a free application.


• Creates NFTs within seconds.

• Can create NFTs from live photos.

• It is a free application.

• Provides virtual coins for signing up, sharing, and referring friends.

• Saves NFT ready images in the image gallery of your device.


• Not all filters are free.

2. NFT Creator!

This is another NFT maker free application that is great for beginners. Those who are new to NFTs and wish to preserve their digital art or images can do so with this application easily.

NFT Creator

Features of this Platform

• It can help anyone create digital art of high quality, even those who are novices.

• There are several customization options.

• The application has several graphics that can be used to create photos.

• It allows backgrounds to be customized.

• Offers a large variety of gradients and solid backgrounds.

• Large collection of photos in their database.


• Has several customization options.

• Offers a variety of backgrounds for photos.

• Is easy to work with.

• It is a free application.


• Mainly for iPhone users.


This is another app. that is popular among NFT art makers or creators. However, unlike other apps, it does not design or make NFTs. It allows one to create avatars that can be used to mint NFTs.

Features of this Platform

• It helps create avatars that can be linked to NFTs.

• Is the right choice for those who wish to link avatars to NFTs.

• Offers fun designs for avatar creation.

• 3D NFT maker app allows you to customize clothes, hair, and facial expressions of avatars.

• Avatars link to a trading card that can be used on the NFT creator application.


• Helps create fun avatars.

• Can be saved to link to NFTs.

• Offers customizable background options.

• Free application.


• Does not create NFTs.

If you wish to create NFTs online, there are some trending online platforms that allow you to do so:

This platform allows users to create, manage as well as sell their NFTs. There are a host of useful services and tools that companies, as well as brands, can use. It helps them build NFTs of the white label category, quite easily.

Features of this Platform Are as Follows

• Allows mass minting using Cardano blockchain.

• Developers can use APIs of this platform to embed NFTs.

• Allows users to customize their NFTS.

• Storage space is provided for users.

• Users can mint and pay for NFTs by using the on-demand minting API.

• It allows users to put up live sales of their projects.

• Payments are on-demand when one mint or sells NFTs.


• NFTs can be created and customized here.

• It is a free online NFT creation platform.

• On-demand minting of NFTs is available.


• Might be confusing for the novice, individual users.

This is an online NFT creator platform for image editing and graphic designs. There are tools available for novices as well as experts to create attractive templates for their designs and photos.

Features of this Platform

• Users can create art easily with templates provided.

• Offers device mock-ups, app icons, marketing images, social media posts.

• An AI art remixer is available.


• Helps create art to convert to NFT.

• AI art creator application.

• Easy integration with social media platforms.


• Creation time can differ from 20 min to hours if site traffic is high.

This is another online NFT creator software platform that comes in handy if you wish to create NFTs. It offers an ecosystem for web and mobile creative producers.

NFT Maker Online

Features of the Platform

• It offers a mobile art application that is handy for artists.

• Offers an NFT marketplace where people can sell and buy unique art pieces.


• Offers a database of resources for visual artists.

• Has its own NFT marketplace.


• NFT creation takes time.

Part 3: FAQs about NFT Makers

1. How Do I Become an NFT Creator?

The best way to get started is to sign up at free NFT maker platforms.

2. Can I Create NFT on iPhone?

Yes, there are free NFT creator apps for iPhones.

3. Can I Sell NFTs on My Own Website?

Yes, there are certain platforms that help users set up their own NFT maker online store.


If you are a digital artist looking to secure your artwork, this article showcases the latest technology solution - NFT maker applications and platforms. These are free, easy-to-use applications that can help anyone consolidate their digital art and be able to sell and make money using NFTs.

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