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How to Download YouTube SRT Subtitles with 3 Actionable Ways?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

When it comes to the collection of videos in different categories, languages, and genre, YouTube is a one-stop destination for people across the globe. A large number of videos on YouTube come with subtitles that helps in watching and understanding the movies in a foreign language. Downloading these movies with subtitles from the site is easy and several times, the need arises to extract and download the SRT subtitle from these files.

So, if you have been looking for a workable YouTube SRT Downloader that can let you extract the SRT subtitles from a YouTube video, you are on the right page.

In this article, we will let you know about the actionable ways through which YouTube SRT can be extracted and downloaded.

In this article
  1. Why use an SRT file from YouTube
    1. Method 1: Download YouTube SRT subtitles from YouTube Studio
    2. Method 2: Download any YouTube SRT subtitles with Online Sub Downloaders
    3. Method 3: Get YouTube subtitles as .srt with Reliable Software

Part 1. Why use an SRT file from YouTube?

There are several reasons and situations when one would require to use the SRT subtitle files from a YouTube video. We have listed some of the common ones below.

  • Separate the subtitles from a video to master a language

If you are learning a new language, watching a movie in that language without subtitles is a great way to master the language.

  • Transfer subtitles from a low-resolution video file to a high-resolution version

If your desired YouTube video with subtitles is in low resolution, you can extract its subtitle and transfer it to the same video in high resolution sourced from some other site or platform.

  • Extract classic lines in a movie

A lot of movies have some classic lines that make them popular. These lines can be extracted as subtitles from the movies.

Part 2. 3 Actionable methods to download YouTube SRT subtitles

So, now if you are in any one of the above or other situations when you need to download YouTube SRT, the next step is to know the tools or the methods that can help get the task done. We have shortlisted the 3 workable methods that can work.

Method 1: Download YouTube SRT subtitles from YouTube Studio

If the subtitle for the video is auto-generated by YouTube or if the closed captions are uploaded to the video by a YouTuber, then YouTube Studio methods can be used for extracting and downloading the SRT subtitle file. YouTube Studio is a place where your YouTube channel can be managed through different tasks like editing videos, managing live streams, managing settings, and more.

Steps to download YouTube SRT using YouTube Studio

Step1 First of all, log into your YouTube account and tap on the account picture present in the top-right corner.

srt subtitle download youtube studio 1

Step2 Click on YouTube Studio and then tap on the Content option on the left-hand side that will show all the videos that are uploaded.

srt subtitle download youtube studio 2

Step3 Now for the video that you want to edit click on the pencil icon (Details).

srt subtitle download youtube studio 3

Step4 Choose Subtitles and tap on the EDIT option.

srt subtitle download youtube studio 4

Step5 Next, click on EDIT AS TEXT which will download the subtitles without the time stamp. If you want the time stamp, click on the 3 dots next to Edit as Text.

srt subtitle download youtube studio 5

Step6 Next to EDIT TIMINGS, click on 3 dots and then choose Download subtitle.

srt subtitle download youtube studio 6

Step7 Finally, choose the location to save the downloaded subtitle.

srt subtitle download youtube studio 7

Method 2: Download any YouTube SRT subtitles with Online Sub Downloaders

Online tools also work as a decent choice for downloading YouTube SRT subtitles. These programs work straight from the browser and do not require any software download. Among various tools available, we have shortlisted a few popular ones as below.

1. YouTubeSubtitles

Simple interface and quick processing make this online tool a decent choice for the users willing to download SRT subtitles from YouTube. You simply need to enter the video URL to the tool and you will get subtitle download option in almost all popular languages.


2. Downsub

This is free to use online program that allows downloading subtitles from an array of sites including YouTube, Viki, VIU, and more. Not only SRT, but the tool allows downloading subtitles in TXT and VTT format as well. The process of SRT download is simple and quick where you just need to enter the video URL and choose the subtitle format. The tool supports multiple languages for downloading SRT files.


3. Savesubs

This is another widely used online tool for extracting SRT subtitles from YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, and more. The tool allows you to either enter the video URL or even search for the desired video using any related keyword. Locally saved videos with subtitles can also be added to the tool for processing. The program is simple to use and allows extracting subtitles in various different languages. In addition to SRT, the subtitles can also be downloaded in VTT and TXT format.


How to download SRT file from YouTube using Online Sub Downloaders

Let’s take Downsub as an example to show you how to use an online downloader to get SRT files from YouTube

Step1 Open Downsub on your browser window and then at the search bar enter the YouTube video for which subtitles need to be downloaded.

downsub srt download 1

Step2 Click on the DOWNLOAD button after the video URL is entered.

downsub srt download 2

Step3 The tool will start processing and will show the language options for SRT download. Click on the SRT button next to the desired language and the subtitle file will be downloaded to your local system.

downsub srt download 3

Method 3: Get YouTube subtitles as .srt with Reliable Software

The YouTube Studio and Online tools are basic methods for extracting subtitle files but if you are in search of a professional way, we suggest using desktop software. Though an array of these software is available, not all lives up to the tall claims they make. So, to help you with the search, we have shortlisted some decent software in the category.

1. Wondershare UniConverter

When it comes to any type of video-related tasks, Wondershare UniConverter is a reliable software around. Compatible with Windows and Mac systems, the software allows extracting the subtitles from YouTube as well as others. The subtitles can be downloaded from videos in all popular formats. The interface of the software is user-friendly and the process is very quick.


Using the software, you can add the already downloaded YouTube videos or can also use the Downloader function of the tool for downloading YouTube or any other video desired. A wide range of other video editing features is also supported by the software thus making it a complete video toolbox.

2. DVDVideoSoft

This is free to use Windows-based tool that allows extracting subtitles from YouTube in SRT as well as TXT format. Subtitles can be extracted from an entire text or also from an interval as desired. Using the tool subtitles can be extracted using any YouTube video having a closed caption. To help you navigate through the long videos, timing information can be added.


3. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

This is a versatile software that not only allows downloading videos but also subtitles of videos from an array of sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The software facilitates downloading an entire playlist with subtitle at a time and multiple other video editing tasks are also supported by the software. The software supports downloading subtites in an array of popular languages.

itubesgo video downloader

The Best Way to Edit SRT subtitles after Downloading from YouTube

How to make SRT file downloaded from YouTube using Professional Software

Step1 Launch the installed software on your system and at the main interface choose the Converter Tab. Click on the + sign to browse and add the video for which SRT subtitles have to be extracted. You can even drag and drop the video file to the interface.

wondershare uniconverter srt download 1

Step2 Once the file is added, the interface will show the video details at the target tab on the right-hand side. Expand and open the drop-down menu at the Subtitle section and from the list of options choose Export Subtitle(s).

wondershare uniconverter srt download 2

Step3 Next at the File Location tab choose the desktop location to save the processed video without subtitles and click on Start All button.

wondershare uniconverter srt download 3

Above we have discussed different methods for downloading subtitles from YouTube videos. Once these SRT files are extracted and saved to your local system, the need to edit and customize them arises. One software that we suggest can be used for editing the subtitles in the best manner is Wondershare Filmora. Though this is an advanced and professional video editing tool, it supports multiple editing tasks including SRT editing. Using the software, you can change the subtitles, edit the time cod, add/remove/merge subtitle strips, and also change the style of the subtitle.

The user-friendly interface of the software makes the entire task hassle-free.

Steps to edit SRT subtitles using Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download, install, and launch the software on your system. Using the Media resource area, import the desired subtitle to the program.

edit srt wondershare filmora 1

Step2 Next, right-click on the timeline and then choose the Advanced Edit option, or alternatively, you can also double-click the sele4cted SRT file.

edit srt wondershare filmora 2

Step3 Now the supported editing features can be used for the added subtitle file, including subtitle styles, like text color, shadow, fonts, etc.

edit srt wondershare filmora 3

Step4 Once the editing is done, right-click on the subtitle file at the timeline and choose the Export Subtitle File option.

Final Words

So, we hope we are able to clear all your queries related to downloading and extracting SRT subtitles from YouTube in the above parts of the article. The downloaded SRT subtitles can be further edited using multitasking Wondershare Filmora Software.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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