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How many GB is a 24-hour Video?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jun 20, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

The size of the video depends directly upon the bitrate, the framerate, and the Format. It may differ due to embedded audio, different frame sizes, and Aspect Ratios. Let us take an example of a video:

The Framerate = 30

The Bitrate = 25

The Format = HDV 720

In this case, the total space occupied by this 24- hour video file is 263.67 GB.

The most important factor in measuring the file size is the bit rate. The Bitrate is the measure of the amount of information transmitted every second. It is measured in Mbps or Kbps. Following is the table, you can use to adjust the file size with different bit rates and frame rates.


What is a Video Compression?

“The process of reducing the video size to

 upload and download fast is known as the File Compression”

A good video compressor can easily reduce the size of a video up to 1000 times smaller than the original video. It seems difficult but it’s pretty simple, you have not to do it with your hands like cutting down the stuff instead there are a number of tools and applications that reduces the size of a file within n few seconds in the palm of your hand.

The question is, why would you need to reduce the size of a file?

When you export large video files, it would take hours to upload. Alternatively, if you are using google drive or drop box, they limit to management space you have unless you have to pay for it.

I would share some examples of I have been working with a client. One of the things he asked me is to make a large video, edit it and send me within a day. However, it was really difficult for me to put such a large video file, upload it into a hard drive and then ship it. Since the video is too long and I need to compress the video footage. Therefore, I compressed my file using file compression tool and timely sent my task to the client. In this article, you would learn how to how to compress a large video file into a smaller one without compromising the quality of the video.


Can I Reduce the File Size for a Long Video?

Yes, you can compress your large video file into a smaller video within a few clicks in seconds. If you shoot a video on your cell phone, you need to compress it before sending it to cloud storage as the original file will take up a big space on the cloud storage. In the same way, if you need to send a file via email, you need to reduce the size of your file as you can only send a maximum of 25 MB file.

You can simply compress your large video file into a compressed or small video file without losing the quality of the final video whether you are using Windows, Mac, iPhone, or whatever the device is. In the same way, you can compress your YouTube videos to easily edit short videos, take less space for uploading, and are buffered fast at the viewer’s end.

How do Compress a Long Video to a Small Size?

A properly compressed file can easily be uploaded and downloaded and in some cases, playback will be smoother. This can easily be done without losing the quality of the video. Compressing a video reduces the file size of the video. So, takes less space on your hard drive. For example; a 100MB video can be compressed into an 8MB video with no visible difference.

There are two simple methods to reduce the size of your video:

Firstly, you can trim the unnecessary beginning and end parts of your video. It will help you reduce the video size.

Secondly, you can remove the unnecessary audio, if your video looks good without background music, you can delete it to get the extra space. Sometimes, the actions in the video are so powerful that there is no need for audio. In this case, you can remove audio and get space without losing the quality of the video.

On the other hand, a video compressor can harm your data and corrupt your file so, you should use proper software by following these steps to avoid data loss. Let’s move forward and I will introduce a few tools which help you further in reducing the size of your video.

Using Wonder Share Filmora 11

Compressing a video file seems really complicated but today I will show you how to change the video parameters of a large video file for free using a very professional software known as Wonder Share Filmora 11. I would recommend Filmora 11 because it is a free tool and you can download it. It does a really good job. Along with this, you can download it for both Windows and Mac. Once you download it, go ahead and open it up!

  • Here is the video and I will show you, how to compress the file and change its parameters.
  • After you are done with the editing process, hit the Export tab to share or download.

When you press the Export button, you will be jumped to this window shown below.

  • First check the size of the file, it is 6MB.
  • Hit the settings tab to apply compression.
  • In the settings menu hit the Bit Rate and select the minimum of 2000kbps from the drop-down list.
  • Hit the ok
  • Now check the size of the video file reduced to 4MB.
  • Hit the Export tab to share or download your video.

Original video


Compressed video


1. Using the Handbrake Tool for Desktop.

Compressing a file for the desktop, we need to have a program. For this, we are going to use the Handbrake software. Now, to install the Handbrake on Windows, open the browser and download it to proceed.

  • Select the video file, you want to compress.
  • The file size is 42GB size and it is 30 min long.

After going through the settings panel, here you can see the difference in video size.

The first one is the original video, 11.52GB and the compressed video is only 548MB.

It is really a huge compression!

It has the same duration and dimension.


Now let us compare the video quality.

  • The first one is the compressed video file and the second is the uncompressed video file.
  • There is a slight difference in the quality of the video. The first video is slightly sharper and the other is not sharper but still, it is pretty good.

2. Using Video Compressor for Phone.

Install the Video Compressor app on your phone from the google play store. Open the video Compressor software and select the video you want to compress.

  • Select the Custom
  • Move the slider towards the left to reduce the resolution up to 50%.
  • Change the Bit Rate to around 8000 Kbit/s.
  • Hit the Compress Video tab

You can compress your videos either from Android or iPhone, the result would be the same. But if you have a good phone, your video would compress fast.

Here the video is compressed and you can see the difference down below.

Original video.


Compressed video.


3. Using the Clideo tool for Online.

You can also compress your video online without finding and downloading any software. For this, you just need a good internet connection and a browser. Let us start with how to compress a video file online using the Clideo app.

  • Open the browser in your device.
  • Open the Clideo by entering the URL.
  • You would find interphase as down below.
  • Hit the Choose the File
  • Select the video from your device that you want to compress.
  • Within a few minutes the video would be compressed and here we get the video ready to download.

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