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Don't Miss these Funny Dog Tiktok Videos in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 09, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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The Tik Tok is another entertaining platform that brings out funny actions by the performers. Had you ever seen a dog Tik Tok video that engages you to the core? In this article, you will find funny dog Tik Tok content that makes your day memorable. In a video streaming environment like YouTube, you will discover the best entertaining videos on dogs making funny actions.

Stay connected with this content to witness the cool videos of dogs, and you can also try such recordings with your pet dog. After recording the content, use a reliable video editor to make the captures impressive. Here, you will be learning about the sophisticated video editor tool that assists to bring out the best in your videos flawlessly. Scroll down to view the fabulous videos on dogs.

funny tiktok dog videos

Top 5 Dog Tik Tok Account to Follow

It is high time to bring out the smile on your face by watching these Dog Tik Tok accounts that are listed below.

Account 1: @The_blueboys (326.6K followers)

The dogs named Darren and Philip are the trending stars in this Tik Tok space. They live in Australia and they are the best friends filling up the social media platform with awesome videos.

funny tiktok dog account

Account 2: @Sergeant_fred (27.3K followers)

This account started in highlighting the mischiefs of a puppy Sergeant and now the dog has grown with long and floppy ears. Sergeant performs hilarious movements and it is captured by its master to make them viral.

funny tiktok dog account - sergeant fred

Account 3: @Myaussietribe (247.2K followers)

Here, you can find four dogs engaging the viewers with unique content. The videos contain documenting the travel of these dogs and their reactions to enjoying new places as they move about.

funny tiktok dog account - Myaussietribe

Account 4: @Jasperthemas (321.8K followers)

It is an American breed and contains video tracks enlightening the viewers on how to teach the dogs efficiently. The owner posts many tutorial videos to train the dogs like the Jasper.

funny tiktok dog account - Jasper the mas

Account 5: @Harlso (67.8K followers)

Harlso is a unique dog that balances anything on its head. It has won awards like the Webby award in highlighting its talent on the social media platform. It carried the engagement ring on its head for the owners on their special day.

funny tiktok dog account - Harlso

Top 8 Funny Dog Tik Tok videos in 2021

Here, you will be viewing the best funny dog Tik Tok videos with lots of fun facts related to them. Surf the below content and entertain with adorable dogs in the videos.

1. Funny Dogs of TikTok ~ Doggos Doing Funny Things TIK TOK ~ 2021

Number of likes: 2.2K

The adorable dogs make funny actions to their master’s commands. Here you can find the dogs performing mind-blowing moves and triggering laughter in you. In this context, you can find the dog enjoying the adventures along with his master. The surprise reactions by the dogs in hearing strange noise around is admirable.

funny tiktok dog video

2. Best Funny Dog Tik Toks 2021

Number of likes: 669

The background music in this video is stunning. You can view dogs from different breeds and shades making fun in front of the camera realistically. The possessive dog fights for the master’s love are overwhelming. The dog struggling to have its food available in a container brings laughter while watching it.

funny dog video on tiktok

3. Funny Dogs of TikTok ~ Doggos Doing Funny Things TIK TOK ~ 2020

Number of likes: 10K

The snow-white dog staring at the camera is crazy, and the dog with the doll shaking its body according to the music is entertaining. The dog works for five minutes and immediately jumps to take a rest bringing out a smile on all the viewer’s faces. The air blower engaging the dog and triggering it to make awful reactions seems to be funny.

dog video on tiktok

4. The Best Golden Retriever TikTok Compilation 2021 | Dogs Of TikTok

Number of likes: 3.9K

Here comes the Golden Retriever dog expressing the emotions according to its master’s commands. The funny moves of the dog running on the slippery road and the stylish appearance are adorable. The dog wearing the glasses with a hat and phone is incredibly mind-blowing.

best dog video on tiktok

5. Angry Dogs Compilation Funny Angry Pets Videos of Tik Tok 2021 #49

Number of likes: 20K

In this compilation, you can find the angry dogs captured on the camera fighting with their masters funnily. The owner of the dog running crazily for the fierce reaction of his pet makes you laugh out uncontrollably. The crazy barking moments of the owner with the dog are stunning.

angry dog video on tiktok

6. Funny Dogs of Tik Tok – Cutest Puppies Compilation

Number of likes: 5.8K

The cute puppies are recorded in this video with funny background voices and music. Here the video content shows funny actions like tickling the dog's feet and crazily waving its tail. The feeble noise made by the puppies is adorable.

funny puppy video on tiktok

7. Dogs doing funny things Tik Tok – Cute Puppies Tik Tok Compilation

Number of likes: 23K

Pranking the dogs with false paws is a good idea to play with the dogs are displayed in this compilation. The dog’s movements to the fast background music are entertaining. The dog with its seat belt looking confused was funny.

dogs doing funny things on tiktok

8. Ultimate Funniest Dogs and cutest puppies of Tik Tok Compilation

Number of likes: 46K

Here, the dogs run crazily, and the video compiler plays a song aptly to it. The close shots of the puppies are great, and the silent communication between the dogs is revealed in this video.

dogs doing funny things video on tiktok

How to edit your dog video for Tik Tok with Filmora

You can edit the funny dog Tik Tok videos using the Filmora video editor. It is a simple interface that allows you to import any file format effortlessly. This app is compatible with all file formats and helps you bring the best in your video content for better understanding. Easily import the media file, and drag it into the timeline to work on its every detail precisely.

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● Thus, this article listed the funny dog Tik Tok videos and the popular accounts. You can watch them and refresh your mind during stressful days. Create your dog video and edit it using the Filmora application. Connect with the online viewers at the digital space to entertain the pet lovers precisely. Stay tuned to this article to discover the functionalities of the Filmora video editor tool.