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Top 10 Funny TikTok Cat Account to Follow 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 22, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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If you think social media is only for humans, think again. With over 220 million cats currently living in households globally, some are bound to have an online presence. Tik tok cat videos are among the top-ranking online content. It is highly unlikely that your cat is responsible for the content creation and online posting. However, you owning one says a lot about your personality.

According to researchers from the University of Texas, these are your most dominant traits:

  • You are an introvert, and you are most comfortable when alone.
  • You have an undying desire to know more. The global survey of 4500 pet owners reveals that cat lovers are highly educated and generally score higher in IQ tests.
  • Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are second-nature.

To fulfill your desire to know more, here is a list of Top 10 Funny TikTok Cat Account to Follow 2024.

Top 10 Funny TikTok Cat Account to Follow 2024

You spend about 3.5 hours of your day on your smartphone, with the majority of it on social media platforms. For example, 96 million of the 4.8 billion internet users use Tik Tok regularly. Therefore, for fear of you suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out), here are the top 10 funny Tik Tok Cat accounts to follow in 2024.

1. @nala_cat

tiktok cat account

No, it is not Simba’s girlfriend from the Lion King. Instead, Nala is a rescue cat and holder of the 2019 Tik Toker of the Year award. She has over 224K on Tik Tok, and her videos have over 1.7 million views. Most of the content is about her daily life around her owners’ home. However, you also find her sharing brand endorsement and social awareness videos following her award. Whether receiving a belly rub or raising awareness on pet adoption, Nala the cat always brightens your day. Here is one of her videos to get you started.

tiktok cat account - nala cat

2. @stryker the cat

tiktok cat account to follow

Another tik tok cat account to follow is @strykerthecat, purely for his antiques after his rescue. Stryker is not your regular cat either. He is a Savannah cat, native to Africa, and a beneficiary of a rescue mission for caged animals.

His videos feature him enjoying playtime with his owners and his attempts to adjust to free-living. And if you want to talk numbers, the account has 83 million followers and 105 million likes. For example, 14 million Tik Tokers are in love with this video post from Stryker the Cat.

tiktok cat account to follow - stryker the cat

3. @Mimi_starr

follow cat tiktok account

Mimi, Millie, and Romeo are the stars of this cat tik tok account. With help from their owner Hannah, they now have a following of nearly 707 thousand and 16.7 million views. Their video posts feature them doing all sorts of mischief around the house and Hannah discussing discipline options with them. Additionally, the cats’ reactions during the talk make the videos more hilarious.

What do you think is happening here?

follow cat tiktok account -Mimi_starr

4. @abrameng

top 10 cat tiktok account

Can cats dance? According to the 7.1 million Tik Tokers following the account, they do. Their belief is so strong, and their 327.5 million likes for @abrameng’s video posts are proof of it. Abram Engle and his cat Kurt always share their unique versions of dance challenges. Also, you will find videos of them engaging in casual roommate interactions. For example, here is a video of them seeing each other after being apart for three days.

top 10 cat tiktok account - abrameng

5. @bemma_nugz

top cat tiktok account

There is always that one unique friend, and B-Mo is no different. His resting facial expression is angry, and he is a biter. Despite these behaviors, @bemma_nugz video posts prove otherwise.

B-Mo has 2.5 million views, and 298.9 thousand tik tokers actively follow him. Why not start with this video of B-Mo enjoying some alone time to see his funny cat tik tok persona.

top cat tiktok account - bemma_nugz

6. @mikeymoments

kitten tiktok account

With 7.9 million likes and 521.9 thousand likes, Mikey is one famous tik tok cat. His fame results from the answers he shares with his owner. Yes, the cat talks back to its owner, creating quite the online buzz. You still cannot believe it? Here is proof.

kitten tiktok account-mikeymoments

7. @kieselbrothers

follow cute cat tiktok account

Following the @kieselbrothers opens a world of tik tok cat videos showing them engaging in absolute mischief. Kittens Remi and Hercules keep their owners on toes, with most of their actions having hilarious results. Below is one of their video posts earning 2.1 million likes.

follow cute cat tiktok account - kieselbrothers

8. @kittiesintwincities

cute cat tiktok account

The account features video posts of Julie Foster sharing tips on proper cat care and her interactions with them. She owns and runs Julie’s Foster Cats, a US-Based animal shelter in Minnesota. Here is one of the most-watched videos by the account’s 516.3 thousand followers.

cute cat tiktok account - kittiesintwincities

9. @jackthecat1

cute tiktok cat account

Well, it is not only children that can throw a tantrum. Cats are prone to them, too, and you can verify this by following @jackthecat1. Jack is your typical playground bully who will stop at nothing to get their way.

Currently, the account has 1 million followers and 15.5 million views. Some of the regular content you will encounter includes Jack showing other cats whose boss and his destruction as he makes his way around. Here is Jack in one of his moods.

cute tiktok cat account - jackthecat1

10. @walterbishopthecat

lovely tiktok cat account

Walter is a cat with a keen eye for fashion. He shares his ideas with 180.9 thousand followers and has over 2.8 million views. Additionally, his facial reactions are second to none, and describing them here is a great injustice. As such, check this video out to see why @walterbishopthecat is a funny cat tik tok account you must follow.

lovely tiktok cat account -walterbishopthecat

Why are these Tik Tok cat account successful?

Funny cat tik tok videos are among the 1 billion viewed daily. However, only a few go viral, which translates to success for the Tik Tok cat account. The above content creators share a common characteristic: they all have viral videos. So, how can you also make your tik tok cat videos go viral? Here is how to do it.

• Focus on a theme.

All the tik tok cat accounts above have a singular theme. In case you have forgotten, they all feature cats doing funny activities. However, your cat walking into the transparent patio door is not enough to capture a large audience.

Therefore, you need a little creativity to engage users with your content. For example, adding a catchy soundtrack and special effects can be the extra sauce you need to go viral. Check out @nala_cat and @abrameng to discover how music and video special effects can make your posts more interesting.

• Use external video editors.

Although Tik Tok offers to record videos directly from your smartphone, the in-app video editing tools only offer limited functionality. As such, you need an external video editor that allows you to maximize your creativity. Over 77 million online video content creators use Filmora to create some of social media’s most successful videos. Some of the features are:

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a) Motion Tracking.

You can now attach custom graphics and animations to your tik tok cat videos using Filmora’s motion tracking tools. For example, you can add a smoke cloud behind your fleeing cat to emphasize speed.

b) Presets and Auto-correction.

Sometimes you may go a little overboard with your creativity. Regardless, Filmora has a library of preset calibrations for its top features. For example, if you struggle to find the best color grading for your video, you can choose among the over 3000 presets available. Alternatively, you can press the autocorrect button, and Filmora will set things right for you.

c) Filmora is free.

Yes, you can download and use Filmora on your device for free. Whether on mobile or computer, Wondershare’s video editor offers you the easiest way to create funny cat tik tok videos. However, to fully exploit Filmora, you may want to see what an annual subscription gets you.

d) Get with the trend.

Hashtags are essential to making your tik tok cat account successful. Social media uses them to identify and categorize content according to current trends. It is best to research what Tik Toker’s are watching.

Then, include the top three most trending hashtags in the bio section of your funny cat tik tok video. Remember that the hashtags should match your theme. Doing otherwise will only lead to disaster. For example, #massivefire will not do well for your funny tik tok cat videos, especially if your location is battling a wildfire.

e) Make them laugh.

Finally, the best way to make someone’s day is to make them laugh. Filmstock has various types of effects to help make you video interesting. For example, you can add banana peels to your cat’s paws to emphasize the slip.


● Cats are among the world’s most popular pets, with close to 51% of owners in the United States of America and United Kingdom admitting to owning more than one. As such, some of them are enjoying social media success, thanks to the creative genius of their owners. The information above is key to achieving your tik tok cat account’s success. So, what are you waiting for?