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More Than Just You: Unboxing Video Tips

What is unboxing? People love to watch unboxing videos for their real-time,
moment-by-moment candid feel.
Content creators share unboxing videos on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or their website to bolster their brand identity, drive traffic, and reach a
wider audience. Here we will provide more inspiration and information support for
content creators.
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Deciphering The Product Unboxing Video Trend


Is It Growing?

As per Google Trends, unboxing video views have grown 57% over the past year, and uploads have increased by more than 50%.

Unboxing Video Views

Why Is It So Popular?

As per Statista, it provides small businesses with genuine feedback from real customers.
Customers watch unboxing videos for self enjoyment

Frequency of Viewers in US Watching Selected Types of Vlogs

Who Watches Unboxing Videos?

As per Statista, there's an audience for every product category. Kids/Generation Z prefer to watch unboxing for toys and games. It recreates the thrill of video game unboxing and toy unboxing. As for adults, they watch unboxing videos for a variety of product categories: clothes, electronics, makeup, home decor, and more.

Online Videos Watched by Young Children in US

What Type of Unboxing Is Most Popular?

An unboxing video is that in which a person guides the viewer through the process of taking a product out of its packaging and reviewing its first use. According to Statista, toys were the subject of 29% of the influencer unboxing videos on YouTube.

Leading Categories of Products Presented in Unboxing
YouTube by Influencers

Explore Elements of a Fabulous Unboxing Video


What Influences Their Purchase Decisions?



Product's Packaging



The Materials Used to
Package a Product

Ipsos' findings show the importance of packaging:

81% of people highlight the importance of packaging
design in their purchase decision when it comes to
shopping for gifts

67% of survey respondents consider cardboard a
more appealing packaging material than anything else.

Product packaging is an essential part of the buying
experience. That's why it's necessary to offer a sensory
experience with your product unboxing—be it
on-camera or not.

Who Is Trusted When Making Shopping Decisions?



Friends and family are trusted for
shopping recommendations.



Influencers are trusted sources
when making shopping decisions.

Generally, product reviews must be absolutely
bias-free and as objective as possible. That's why
many product review channels don't accept sponsorships.

However, unboxing content is mainly sponsored,
and viewers are ok with that. But this doesn't mean
that the content creator doesn't need to provide a
sincere opinion. Consumers value authenticity more
than anything.

This is why people trust influencers' recommendations
more than regular ads posted by a brand.


video quality


video script

Good video quality is paramount to capturing all the
small product details that might be relevant to the

The factors that affect the video quality are:
Higher than a resolution of 720 (HD)
At least 30 frames per second for non-cinematic
video content.
A structured video script


Try to capture viewers' interest in the first few seconds
of your videos.

Benchmark Report shows that only 52% of video
content consumers watch a video to the end regardless
of its length, and only 25% will finish a 20-minute video.

This means that you should have a short and to-the-point
intro and get to the unboxing as early in the video as

Discover Tips to Master Your Unboxing Video

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Find The Pure Delight Caused by
the Big Reveal

Dr. Pamela Rutledge, a media psychologist, says humans
aren't good with uncertainties, which is why we all love
figuring out what the surprise is.

Unboxing videos somehow tap into this instinct, with the
slight fear of receiving something awful, the rush of dopamine
from the relief of seeing it for the first time, and the smug
satisfaction from finally solving the mystery.

Who doesn't love the satisfaction of knowing what's behind
the curtain?


Shop the Trend


Web Cameras for Videos


Vlog Stands


Box Openers


Computer Microphones


Ring Lights

Top Tips and Tricks to Start

  • Make sure your unboxing video is filmed during daylight hours in a well-lit kitchen, with no fancy studio equipment needed. Overhead lights and desk lamps can create harsh shadows where there shouldn't be.

  • Although mobile phones are more convenient, if you want to ensure video quality, it is best to shoot with professional equipment.
    All cameras these days have the ability to shoot ultra HD, and social media platforms automatically adjust bitrate to optimize user experience.

  • Use jump cuts to wipe out excess "ums" and "uhs" or moments that don't add anything of interest to your video. Every second counts. Your video will be far more engaging when every sentence you say gets straight to the point.

  • Latch on to the hot spots is very important. Products that are more popular out of the box can bring popularity to the video faster.
    Aanyone who's interested in buying these brand new products will be searching for them by name. The more traction your unboxing videos gain, the more likely you are to be sponsored by companies to unbox more hot-off-the-shelf items.

  • You'll gain a larger and more loyal following if you're consistent with your content and your viewers know exactly what to expect from you.

  • Before filming, think about your surroundings and how they reflect the products you're unboxing, then throw in a few relevant props.
    When you interact with the product and do a live demo using all of your senses, don't forget to talk about the packaging itself.

  • Share your candid observations, and let your viewers know exactly what you're thinking. If you're confused or unhappy with something, say so! Good, bad, or ugly, they want to hear it from you firsthand.
    Finally, at the end of the video, ensure you "hand it over" to your viewers. This interactive experience will keep them coming back for more.

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Unboxing Videos Are Ridiculously Simple to Create with Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

Why Simple to Create?

1. Anyone with a camera (and a little charisma) can record themselves opening a package. As long as the product has wide appeal, the video is likely to attract a wide audience and grow a large following.

2. But with the support of the Filmora video editor, your unboxing videos can be made faster and more conveniently.

How-to Steps


Start a Project

Run Filmora and click "Create New Project" from the main interface. You can import the original video file by importing it from "File" option or dragging it directly into Filmora.

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Edit Unboxing Video

Drag the video from "Media" onto the timeline. You can cut, split, or delete clips as you want. To make the Halloween video more attractive, find the "Halloween" option under the "Media" category and select the effects and templates you need.

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Review & Export

Play the video and preview it once the editing process is completed. Then go to "Export" and save the video to your computer or share it on other social platforms.

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Top YouTube Unboxing Channels & Unboxing Influencers

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Let's Get to Unboxing

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