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How to Rewind Videos in Wins & Mac

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Rewind video is certainly one of the most exciting and interesting visual effects seen in numerous TV shows where the video itself rewinds before the viewer's eyes are back to the pre-selected point. The actual use of these visual effects varies but it is mainly used to highlight particular funny and entertaining visual incidents repeating funny lines and humorous situations that need to be repeated. Actual video rewinding is done to make situations and scenes even funnier.

If you want to rewind your video clips in a more easier and faster way, you should try the Wondershare Filmora.

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If you are rewinding a video in Mac or Window platform, there are free video editor that you can use in this pursuit. These free video editors are as follows:

1. Windows Movie Maker

This free video editing software turns your photos and videos into polished movies. The greatest feature of this video editor is that it allows you to do so many things like importing and editing slides and videos, adding and editing audio, choosing a theme and more. This can even create a stunning and entertaining rewind video effect.

How to Rewind Videos with Windows Movie Maker

This video editor does not include a rewind function but this can manually take snapshots in every frame you prefer to rewind. This can also shorten the snapshots to length of single-frame video. To rewind videos with this free video editor, follow these ways:

    • Load the preferred video to the program.

Click the "Add Videos and Photos" in the home tab and then browse the clip you want in order to add the rewind effect. You will then need to double click it.

    • Take snapshot of every frame.

Locate the frame that you opt to apply the rewind effect. Move the slider underneath the video box. Does this until you arrive at the exact place that you want. You then need to hit "Snapshot "button in the home tab and choose the folder where you want to save the pictures for every frame of the rewind video. By clicking the "Save" snapshots will automatically be added in the video timeline. Moving the slider into the next frame is the next step to take. Take one more snapshot and then repeat this until you obtain the final section that you would like to rewind. You need to right-click the video snapshot and click "Select All". Then click Video Tools > Edit tab and type "0.08" on the "Duration" box and then press "Enter". This is applicable especially if you are doing 24 frames a second, this will be a "0.04" second duration.

    • Save the Video

Preview the outcome. If the result got reel marks. Delete then proceed to home tab and click the "Save Movie" in order to save file as WMV file so it can be played in your computer.

2. iMovie

Are you looking for a free video editor for your Mac? Then iMovie is an ideal choice for you. This is also a most preferred choice for Mac users. This comes with newest Mac OS X and you do not need to pay money for this. This video editor comes with excellent feature like one-step effect, movie trailer, audio editing and more. This is now readily available and downloading this free video editor is easy. The iMovie video editor is one of the best choices with guaranteed good reputation in terms of usage especially when making rewind videos.

How to Rewind Videos using iMovie

There are simple steps to follow when rewinding videos using iMovie. This offers rewind effect enabling users to rewind their videos easily in just few clicks.

    • Import video to the Program

Begin a new project and choose "Import" > "Import Movies" in the browser and then choose the movies that you wanted to edit in iMovie and then press "OK".

    • Apply Rewind Effect to the Video

In Project Browser, choose one frame range and video clip that you wish to rewind. Then proceed to "Clip" > "Rewind". The iMovie video editor will automatically insert the reverse clip at about 400% speed.

    • Review Result and then Save the Video

Put a red vertical line in any spot where the effect starts in the project browser then press Space Bar for effect playback. If satisfied, save the video.

3. Avidemux

Avidemux is another video editor that is specially designed for simple filtering, cutting and encoding tasks. Tasks are automated using robust scripting capabilities, job queue and projects. This video editor is available to Mac, Windows and many other platforms. Avidemux is highly capable of applying some visual effects and non-linear video editing. This is also capable of transcoding videos to various formats.

How to Rewind Video with Avidemux

When reversing videos with audio using Avidemux, you need to make backward videos with a backward sound, covert the original video into decomposed version, open this decompressed version and then extract the video file. The next steps are reversing the decompressed video without audio and using this editing tool to reverse and then save the audio file.

Now, download Filmora to have a try!

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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