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15 Camera Shake Preset for Adobe Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 25, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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Do you know how professional video footage is made? Most of the time, it's through small movements on a camera, called Camera Shake. It is used to create realistic and dramatic shots in movies. In contrast, you can accidentally capture some shake on film; most of the time, it has to be created by a team of people. Camera operators will perform different movements with the camera in order to create this effect that we see in many movies, TV shows, and documentaries all around the world.

Putting a shake on footage can add visual interest to your scene. It adds kinetic energy to the shot and can be useful for transitions as well. Are you looking for realistic camera shake effects for your footage? Do you think these effects will help your video stand out from the rest on video sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, or other sites? Look no more. In this article, we will look at 15 camera shake presets for unlimited possibilities! Mix and match to get your favorite camera shake effect. Save your time and costs!

15 Camera Shake Preset for Adobe Premiere Pro

1. Camera Shake Presets By Jorkiy

This preset collection contains 15 camera shake presets for Premiere Pro. The presets produce a live camera effect. Three groups of presets are available. A smooth preset, a quick preset, and a jerky preset. Choose one and apply it to your footage. Surprise your audience with dynamic videos courtesy of this pack.

camera shake preset for Premiere Pro

2. Shake The Camera Or Text By 27

Create a dynamic and realistic camera shake with this awesome preset collection. The length of the presets is 1 minute, and the version for long videos is also included - 10 minutes. The project is perfect for shaking other objects, such as text or particles. Easy to use. Create dynamics in your video using this preset.

camera shake preset for Premiere Pro - Shake The Camera Or Text

3. Real Action Ca1mera Shakes By PlaygroundStudio

12 Action Shakes effects are included in "Real Action Camera Shakes.". You can use these effects directly in your clips or on adjustment layers. The visuals can be used in presentations, slideshows, TV shows, commercials, promotions, events, and on Facebook and YouTube. This professionally designed and energetically animated Premiere Preset will impress your audience.

camera shake preset for Premiere Pro - Shake The Camera Or Text

4. Camera Shake By Insine

You can add a camera shake to your footage to give it a realistic look. You can also use it to shake other objects like text or particles. Animate your projects with realistic camera movements!

5. Shaking Presets Transitions By Jorkiy

This set of dynamic transitions for Premiere Pro is called Shaking Presets Transitions. There are different kinds of shakes in these transitions. This video pack works with any resolution (4k, full HD, vertical videos, etc.). Impress your audience with breathtaking videos by using this pack.

camera shake preset for Premiere Pro - Shaking Presets Transitions

6. 35 Hit Presets By Animark

Your video will be shaken with these presets. There are 35 presets divided into seven categories. These presets would be ideal for any action, dynamic presentation, trailer, etc. You can choose from FullHD, 4K, Square, Instagram, etc.

7. 30 Shake Transitions By Animark

A stylish shake transition will be added to your video with these presets. Approximately 30 transitions are included in the project. You can create a multitude of different transitions by combining presets. You can use these presets for any action, dynamic social media presentation, trailer, etc.

8. 3D Spin Transitions By PlaygroundStudio

3D With Spin Transitions for Premiere Pro, you get 24 stylish and creative transitioning effects. This feature will look and feel better when presenting slideshows, films, movies, trailers, teasers, promotions, and events videos. PP presets that are action-packed and energetically crafted to impress your audience.

9. Stretched Bounce Transitions By LeftHand

This collection of 12 dynamic transitions presets is called Stretched Bounce Transitions. With these transitions, your videos will look more modern, clean, and cinematic. This transition works with videos and photos with resolutions up to 4K. With presets, you can combine seamless camera movement with an elastic shake. Each of the four directions is included, and there is also a category perfect for music videos with a liquid, psychedelic overlay. You can modify the speed of each preset easily.

10. Shake Transitions By JuliaDesign

Are you capable of creating dynamic videos? Check out these shake transitions to improve them. The pack is small but has a lot of cool effects. Six presets are included, so you can easily pick your favorite. You can customize each transition by adjusting the layer length.

camera shake preset for Premiere Pro - Shake Transitions By JuliaDesign

11. Shake Transitions Presets By Jorkiy

The Shake Transitions Presets for Premiere Pro is available for free. Create sharp shaky camera effects by using this set of presets. You can apply a preset to an adjustment layer placed over your frames. The pack is compatible with any resolution (4K, full HD, vertical video, etc.). Surprise your viewers with dynamic videos created with this pack.

12. Camera Shake Flicker Effects By Vesna

14 shake presets are included in this pack, including shake effects and blinking effects. An instructional video is included. Presets last approximately 30 seconds each. It can be used as a camera shake effect, a text shake effect, or a transition effect. The possibilities are endless when you combine them.

13. Smooth Camera Shake By Enduro

Ten smooth camera shake effects are included in this project. Easily applied to the clip or layer above your edit, these are easy to use. You can use presets for effects such as camera shake, text shake, and even transitions. You can combine them to get any unique result you desire.

14. Real Camera Shakes By PlaygroundStudio

You can apply them to a clip or an adjustment layer, and they're so easy to use. Presentations, slide shows, TV shows, commercials, promotions, events, Facebook, and YouTube videos can all benefit from using them. This energetic and beautifully designed Premiere Preset will impress your audience.

15. Spin Shake Transitions By VSDream

You're sure to love the 24 dynamic, impactful directional spin shake transitions in the Spin Shake Transitions Premiere Pro template. Sport, travel, action movies, special events, TV shows, sports films, commercials, and trailers are perfect for this project. Anything that requires an extra dose of excitement.

How to import & use Camera Shake Preset in Premiere Pro

The following steps will show you how to use these presets in Premiere Pro.

Firstly, these aren't just drag-and-drop effects. You must install Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer.

Step1: The first step is to install the presets in your After Effects presets folder. After downloading and unzipping the free presets, copy and paste them.

Step2: As soon as you have copied the presets to the AE presets folder, you can open a PP project and replace the effects in your videos by choosing: Replace with After Effects Composition.

Step3: Verify the composition settings in Premiere Pro, and see if 4K or FHD are selected.

Step4: If you want to start adding presets to NULL objects, you can do so by creating them. To add Motion Blur, you will need footage and the overall composition. Next, you can adjust keyframes and use Motion Tiles.


If you are tired of the linear style and want to change your videos into cool videos, you can use these 15 Presets for Adobe Premiere Pro. You can even tweak the effects to suit your preferences. These presets have a wide range of uses and can be used easily. It is a completely customizable filter that you can use on any video or audio footage in Adobe Premiere Pro, no matter its format (avi, MPEG, mp4, etc.). You can also control the intensity of these effects, making it suitable for footage.

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