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How to Create a Clideo Slideshow

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Nov 29, 23
How to Create a Clideo Slideshow

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

A clideo slideshow is an interesting trend of precise content delivery. Stay here to understand the working essentials of creating Clideo presentations with utmost ease!

Part 1 How Do You Make a Slideshow on Clideo?

Deciding to create slideshow presentations for a graphic design oriented personal or professional concern lands you across a plethora of choices in the IT market in the shape of high end application software program and tools. No doubt, these are leaders in their task; however, the online slideshow makers available across the web are no less.

Paying attention to the same, let us focus our discussion on how does the Clideo slideshow maker tool work to adhere the aforesaid concern. Talking a bit about the credibility of the online program, the tool grants you the flexibility of creating amazing slideshow movies and presentations from images, video clips and recordings, while allowing you to complement the same with the most upbeat and suitable background music.

Additional appeals of the online include the latter’s free availability and extensive device compatibility to work affordably well with all your Windows and MacOS supported desktops, laptops and PCs, along with Android and iOS compatible smartphones and tablets. All you need is an internet connection to launch the tool in your favorite web browser and that’s how you can step into the creation process right away.

Let us now look through the process of creating slideshows in the Clideo tool using a set of still images in the following section:

Step 1: Launch the Tool

Start with navigating to the official Clideo website in any of your preferred web browsers and launch the online slideshow maker tool in your device.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator

Step 2: Upload Image Files

The tool’s launch screen displays the ‘Choose Files’ tab in blue, which you can click on to upload the desired image files to the Clideo timeline while selecting them from your device gallery. To select and upload images from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, click on the ‘Upside Arrow’ in the ‘Choose Files’ tab.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- Media Upload Interface

The tool supports a decent variety of image formats to work with, like, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc., thus letting you escape the notch of sticking to a specific file format. You can also choose to either upload the image files all at once, or add them at a later stage, as per your requirement.

Step 3: Let’s Get Creating!

Once the selected images get uploaded on the editor timeline of the tool, you can preview them in the editor workspace. You can change the sequence of appearance of the images by dragging and dropping their thumbnails at respective places within the editor timeline or delete them by selecting the image and clicking the ‘X’ symbol.

You can additionally, choose to add extra clips by tapping the ‘Add More Videos’ option in the timeline. As an alternative, navigate to the panel at the right and hit the ‘Add More Files’ button at the top.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- Editor Timeline and Workspace

Step 4: Crop the Media Files

Below the ‘Add More Files’ option in the right panel, you can see the ‘Crop Options’ tab. You can work with the crop tool to adjust the size of the added videos and images so that they fit in the borders of the media frames. You are further allowed to select a suitable aspect ratio and zoom the media files in and out to obtain the affordable screen size. This would come handy when you proceed to share your slideshow across various media platforms, like, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., each of which has a different screen resolution and size.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- Media Crop Options

Step 5: Time Your Slides

You can decide play duration for your media files by navigating to the same right panel and hitting the ‘Image Duration’ tab and setting the required parameters in the dropdown list that appears next. Here, you can adjust the time settings of the images in your slideshow presentations, however, the video play durations are preset and you are not allowed to change them. If you wish to have a smooth play of the presentation slides, do not forget to tick the ‘Crossfade’ checkbox.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- Image Play Duration Setting

Step 6: Add a Suitable Background Music

The last one in the right panel is the ‘Add Audio’ option which you can use to supplement your presentation with the coolest and the most suitable background music. All you need to do is, hit the aforesaid tab and browse through your device’s media gallery to select an audio file of your choice. To add a music file that’s belongs to your online storage, click on the ‘Upside Arrow’ in the tab and proceed to make a selection or add a link of the desired audio file.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- Adding Background Music

Once you have added the track, you are permitted to trim, adjust volume settings and loop the track if required under the ‘Audio Options’ tab.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- ‘Audio Options’ Window

Step 7: Duration, Size and Format Adjustments

Navigate to the left side ‘Options Panel’ at the bottom of the editor workspace, where you can set the different parameters of your slideshow size and run time. You can also choose to generate the output presentation in a specific file format if required, using the ‘Format Picker’ tool. When you are satisfied with everything, reach to and hit the ‘Export’ button at the extreme right.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- ‘Format Picker’ Tool

Step 8: Save Your Creation

Completion of Step 7 will take you to the ‘Slideshow Save’ interface of the video editor tool. Here, you can preview your slideshow and save it to your device if everything seems fine. To save your output file, click on the ‘Download’ tab. If however, you need to make any further changes to the presentation, hit the ‘Edit’ tab to get directed back to the editor workspace.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator- Slideshow ‘Preview and Save’ Interface

Part 2 Best 5 Tip to Make a Slideshow with Music

While the visual elements count to be the major attractions of a slideshow presentation, subtle background music can work to bind the audience with the rhythm and flow of the presentation. Having learnt about the fundamentals of creating over the top slideshows with Clideo, let us move ahead with working on some of the best tips to complement your already awesome graphic slideshow artwork with the most appealing audio in the following section:

01Select a Royalty Free Music Plan

Adding suitable background music can uplift the appeal of your slideshow presentation to greater extents. While most of the slideshow creator programs available today are equipped with extensive varieties of inbuilt audio for visibly any presentation setting, you can also opt to choose your own music plan in case you don’t get anything specific.

However, you do need to take care of certain factors when deciding on your music plan, most importantly, the pricing concerns. Go for selecting a royalty free, unlimited audio license via an affordable paid subscription from recognized and leading music hubs and online audio websites.

02Browse the Recommended Audio Choices

When looking through the diversity of music options available on any audio website, do not forget to pay attention to the user and website recommended playlists and music categories. These tend to have a collection of the most preferred audio choices and there are high chances of you getting your exact music piece from within these playlists.

You can further, refine your search within these categories by setting filters of genre and style, in case you have a clear idea of what you exactly need, thus rescuing you from the hustle of browsing through a never ending list of audio files.

Recommended Audio Choices

03Synchronize the Slideshow Music and the Contents

The credibility of your background audio lies in adding additional spark and integrity to the stills and videos of the presentation. When selecting the music elements for your slideshow, make sure that your choices are well in accordance with the content and mood of your creation. The most important aspect here is that the music you choose to add should complement the story being depicted, while captivating the viewer’s attention.

Avoid choosing a random audio just because you have heard a buzz of the same on popular platforms or a peer recommendation, lest the contents and background score of your presentation may take opposite paths and disrupt the information flow, while resulting in a distracted audience. To escape the hustle, you may seek help from the diversity of stock audio websites for a keyword and category oriented music search.

If you are interested in adding depth to your background audio, consider using the stem files of a selected song to obtain the latter’s instrumental note recordings. This will help to add a unique layer to the song, while uplifting its mood to a different level.

Selecting the Appropriate Background Music

04Curate and Test

When you are done with creating the perfect soundtrack for your presentation with the choicest of music, proceed to narrow down your list to a finer selection via curating the elements of the soundtrack. All you need to do is, add each track to the presentation elements, while taking care that every inclusion matches with the content it is supposed to complement.

Take care to restrict your choices in line with the length of the slideshow; else you may end up stuffing the footage with too many music pieces, leading to a miscoordinated arrangement. Check if you need just a single song or a complete soundtrack.

Slideshow Curating and Testing

Sound Proof the Final Selection

When you are happy with your work, move ahead with running a mock slideshow to have an assurance of everything being at its respective place. Take note of the music flow to be in cohesion with the other elements of the presentation, check the audio quality, resolution, etc., properties and make changes where necessary. When all seems well, you are ready to share your Clideo slideshow with friends and family on social media handles and communities.

Part 3 How to Make a Photo Slideshow on Mac?

Creating a slideshow is among the most recent trends of infotainment and content sharing. Talking of the creation tools, while most of them turn to be platform specific, others tend to have limitless device compatibility. The Clideo Slideshow maker online tool is one such utility that allows you to design slideshow presentations on any device of your exclusive preference.

Having said that, let us try hands at understanding the slideshow creation process of the aforesaid tool on a MacOs supported device in the following section:

Step 1: Launch the Clideo Online Tool

In any of your preferred Mac supported device, navigate to the home site of the Clideo slideshow maker tool using your desired web browser and move ahead with launching the same in your system.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac

Step 2: Upload Your Media

In the aforesaid slideshow maker’s opening interface, click on the ‘Choose Files’ tab to select and add the required media files from your Mac device’s local gallery. You can also opt for a ‘Drag and Drop’ of the desired files from your system to the tool’s editor workspace. However, if you wish to make an upload from your online storage accounts like that of Google Drive or Dropbox, hover to the ‘Upside Arrow within the ‘Choose Files’ tab.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- Media Selection Choices

Step 3: Adding Extra Files

If you want to add some more media files to the slideshow, navigate to the ‘Options Panel’ to the right of the editing workspace and click on ‘Add More Files’ at the top. Repeat Step 1 here to upload the image and video files in a similar way. Once finished, you can proceed to change the file sequence, delete any unwanted selection or click on ‘Add More Videos’ in the timeline to directly add more video files to your presentation.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- Adding More Media Files

Step 4: Crop Your Selections

The left side ‘Options Panel’ further consists of ‘Crop Options’ from where you can adjust the size of your images and videos to a particular aspect ratio, or fit them to a custom screen size using the ‘Crop and Zoom’ option. To add borders to the sides of your slideshow images, click on the ‘Fit With Border’ option.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- Media Crop Options

Step 5: Play Duration Adjustments

Below the ‘Crop Options’, lies the ‘Image Duration’ tab, which you can click on to set the time frames of at will be applicable to all the media files. Also, click within the ‘Crossfade’ checkbox to ensure a seamless transition between successive slides.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- Media Play Duration Adjustments

Step 6: Add a Background Audio

Once again, navigate to the left side ‘Options Panel’ and tap the ‘Add Audio’ tab at the bottom to upload the desired audio files from your system to the editor timeline. You can also add music files from your online storage accounts, such as, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- ‘Add Audio’ Tab

To extract a piece of the audio for slideshow inclusion, click on the ‘Trim Audio’ tab under ‘Audio Options’. You can now select the desired audio fragment either by adjusting the yellow markers at the ends of the music clip, or specify the time stamps of the required fragment in the respective fields. The volume adjustments for both audio as well as video tracks can be made using the ‘Volume Bars’ icon.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- Audio Customization Panel

Step 7: Output Format Selection and Export

Navigate to the format options beneath the editor timeline to select a desired output format for your slideshow. You can choose from MOV, API, MKV, MP4, WMV, and a number of other file formats. When you are happy with your work, navigate to and tap the ‘Export’ button at the extreme right corner of the editor workspace.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- Output Format Selection

Step 8: Preview and Download Your Presentation

When you are done with everything, move ahead to watch a preview of your work to ascertain that all the aspects of the slideshow are just perfect. If you need to add further changes, hit the ‘Edit’ tab to head back to the editing workspace. In an otherwsise case, proceed to tap the ‘Download’ button for saving the slideshow either to your device gallery or an online storage account.

Clideo Online Slideshow Creator for Mac- Presentation ‘Preview and
        Download’ Interface

Designing Stunning Slideshow Presentataions in Filmora

When browsing through reliable software alternatiaves ez start your slideshow creation streak, picking any member of the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor franchise would indeed be a smart choice, owing tso the fact that, the aforesaid program promises to adhere to the most specificuser needs and the large scale disverity in creator preferences.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Diving into the feature rich library of the software, you get to access a plethora of preset and custsomizable audio-visual effects, transitions, filters, background themes and templates; and a huge storehouse of additional elements, that are all set to add the jaw dropping spark to your otherwise customary slideshows.

The later versions of the editor program are upgraged to include a divserity of high end editing effects, like the Green Screen and AI based transitions that wosrk towards delivering a high quality professional slideshow output to enure an auadience appraisal that is simply wow!

Ending Thoughts

The Clideo slideshow maker tool is anexcellent choice to design over the top slideshow presentations on an online platform.

> Using Clideo, you can choose to create slideshows on any of your preferred devices, like, Mac, Windows, etc.

If you are interested in looking for additional alternatives of slideshow creator software, the Wondershare Filmora franchise is something to count upon.

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