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How to Crop a Video in Davinci Resolve [Step by Step]

Sometimes, when it comes to editing a video, we don’t even know where to start, because there are too many options –online platforms which instantly help us edit our clips, without lengthy process of downloading and installing computer programs;

Mobile applications with user-friendly interface, allowing us to manipulate the footage quickly, easily choose our preferred formats and effects and adjust the clips according to the requirements our target platforms set; more time-consuming and advanced software with even more options, but which seem to require us to be more skilled and experienced in editing.

Even though editing, as other innovative and creative actions, is limitless in its possibilities, sometimes we just need to make a little change in our project and it’s quite enough for us to be satisfied with our work and material. One of the things which is rather simple to do, but sometimes essential, when it comes to making our clips better and more picturesque for the audience, is cropping a video.

Cropping, in its essence, is great to “hide” some unnecessary objects in our video, and/or highlight the main ones. In this article, we discuss how to crop a video in a software called DaVinci Resolve, in simple little steps, how to export our work and lastly, what would be the alternate way to do the same in other computer program. 

Part 1. How to crop a video in Davinci Resolve

First and foremost, let’s get to know Davinci Resolve! As mentioned above, it is a software, so let’s be well-aware that we have to download and install it on our computer systems. Of course, it takes a bit of time, but to be able to use an advanced software, it’s totally worth it. If we are to search for the information about Davinci Resolve, we come across the following description: “color grading and non-linear video editing application for macOS, Windows, and Linux”. So, no matter which system we have, we can count on this software, which is a real advantage!


To touch upon the functions, Davinci Resolve includes modules for video editing, color correction, audio mixing and effects, and visual effects. The interface of it is quite advanced, but would be well and soon understandable for someone who has ever used a similar editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are interested in everything the software has to offer, we recommend watching this very viral beginner tutorial.

Now, back to cropping – so, you want to crop the video you took or got somehow, and you also think about using Davinci Resolve? Cropping, in most cases, meaning different applications, platforms and software, is not a complicated task at all, and you can do it in a very short amount of time in Davinci Resolve, too. Therefore, let’s delve into the steps on how to do it!

First, download and install the software, and when it is finished, launch it. You will see a totally clean program, until you add the video you want to work on. To do so, you have to find File in the top menu, find Import and then choose Media.


Then it will open a new window where you can choose your file…


Your chosen file will be added in Media Pool, and to direct it into the sequence, you have to drag and drop it there.


And then you might have difficulty to find the crop button. But here it is – below the screen, on the left, there are two icons, and the second one says – Tools…



Click on the Tools button and more options will appear down the screen where the video clip is shown. And there, you will notice the famous Crop icon, just the second one, which will put your clip in a new window with the option below to crop each side, plus, to add feather around the cropped video.


When you are ready to make a video bigger and adjust it to a frame size, you need to choose Transform button, left to the Crop icon. You can “touch” the dots on the video and manually manage the size of your cropped clip.


When you are ready to save the video you cropped, find Quick Export – you will see the button above the clip, on the right. A little window with settings will appear, so you can choose the format you want to save your video in, and then, of course, click on Export for the last time.


The video will be saved where you wanted to, so, you have just learned – how to crop a video in Davinci Resolve!

Part 2. An easier way to crop a video in Wondershare Filmora

Even though it’s quite easy to crop a video in Davinci Resolve, who knows, maybe for you, other software is preferable? It doesn’t always come down to which is best, but rather, it also boils down to an individual choice – which one do YOU prefer? Especially, let’s say, when it comes to a “cosy” one like Filmora Video Editor is, it’s worth a thought –a pleasant interface and great tools and features attract users and video enthusiasts from all around the world. Filmora is considered as one of the best, the most easy-to-use and, at the same time, advanced software for video editing. So, why not give it a try? Let’s discuss how to crop a video in Wondershare Filmora then, step by step.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

First off, we start in the same way – download and install Wondershare Filmora X. Oh – maybe, that is the step you have already taken?..

Click on Import Media Files Here, which will let you add the file(s) you are going to crop.


You will choose your clip(s) you would like to crop and then drag and drop it in the sequence.


Above your video in the sequence you will see little icons and find a Crop one.


After clicking on it, a new window will open – it’s for Crop and Zoom, where you can choose a needed ratio or do it manually (for it, you have to select Custom first).


After clicking OK, your video will be cropped as you like. Then, you can proceed with exporting it – click on Export, choose your preferred settings, and save the video where you want it to be accessible later.


So, in this article, we have discussed software Davinci Resolve and how to crop a video there. A step by step, written guides help you make the best out of your video clips and never lose track of what you are doing, also, comparing different video editing platforms and tools will make you understand which one works best for you or/and your company. Another part of this article was Wondershare Filmora X and how to crop a video there, also, with a detailed guide there. We hope you know a little more about programs, editing, and your own choice!

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