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Best Apps for Making Reaction Video

Jun 28, 2020• Proven solutions

Reaction videos are the clips recorded by the audience to share their feedback to a particular event such as music, dance, comic film, television series, etc.Such clips are quite popular, where opinions of the viewers are recorded with or without the original tape which is being reacted to.

Many motion picture hosting services provide the users with a reaction video maker app that enables the users to record their response with many kinds of audio mixing and editing features, thus making the output more interesting.

Here you will get to know about some of the best video-making apps that you can use to create reactions not only for TikTok but for many other such platforms that are available these days.

Best Reaction Video Apps

1. TikTok

TikTok is a Chinese video making and sharing social networking application used to create short dances, lip syncs, comedy and talent recordings, and much more. The introduction of the reaction feature in Tiktok enables the users to make and share their opinions about a particular event without leaving the application, therefore attracting more users even from other social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Make Reaction Video with TikTok

To record a reaction, you can begin playing the video, tap the Share icon to open the menu and tap the React option. With this, Tiktok presents you with a video creation screen that allows you to add audio, change the position of the reaction box, and then record a video using your smartphone’s rear or front camera. You can add filters and edit the volume level, and then publish your reaction to the platform as needed.


  • TikTok is free to use
  • The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms


  • Doesn’t allow videos that are of more than 60 seconds for normal users
  • Limited in monetizing currently

2. iMovie

Developed by and proprietary of Apple Inc., iMovie is a simple post-production program for amateur, and in some cases, even for professional video editors. The software is available for both Mac computers and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad and has almost all the features and functions required to edit and manipulate the videos to bring the best out of them.

Although not particularly a reaction video maker app, iMovie can be used to create plenty of them by recording your footages on your smartphone, downloading the source videos from TikTok, transferring both the clips to your Mac computer with iMovie installed (or installing iMovie on your iOS device if you are OK comfortable with the version), doing some basic editing tasks, downloading and importing the pre-keyed effects, adding them to your reaction project, and then exporting the final reaction in your preferred format.


  • iMovie is a free program and can be downloaded from the App Store on your Mac computer or iPhone/iPad


  • Not a full-fledged post-production program with all the robust features to work with.

3. Reaction Cam

Designed by the employees of Spotify, Reaction Cam allows you to create reaction videos on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. In addition to this, the app even enables you to edit their recording with its built-in video editor.

Make Reaction Video with Raction Cam

Furthermore, equipped with all the interesting features, this mobile app lets you react to YouTube videos, screen recordings of games, Facebook and Instagram videos, websites, online photos, and even to TikTok and other footages on your smartphone. Apart from this, you can pause and rewind clips, and record commentary videos as well.


  • Fast rendering process
  • Inbuilt effects and transitions


  • Available exclusively for iOS platforms
  • You have to purchase the software in order to remove ads, pause/rewind, resize

4. iReact

If you are starting a YouTube channel and want to make reaction videos, iReact would be your best bet. With simple interface and powerful editing features, iReact is the only reaction video app you need to create high-resolution feedbacks on the go.

Make Reaction Video with iReact

The program lets you choose a random footage from the Camera Roll to react on. You can even react to any online video by entering its URL. With iReact, you can record intros as well where the app lets you capture self-introduction before the actual clip. This structure is widely popular among the YouTube community.

As an added advantage, options like replay, pause, resume, rewind, and fast-forward come in handy as you can perform all these tasks while the camera records your reaction. Post capturing, you can also add music to your creations. Many people from various video sharing platforms use iReact as it is a widely popular reaction video maker app among iOS users across the globe.


  • Users can resize and reposition the videos
  • Users can share their videos to their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc.


  • Available for iOS devices only
  • Users have to purchase the app in order to use advanced features

5. Reactoo

This reaction video app allows you to earn while creating reactions. Because brands look for people with a high number of likes and comments, Reactoo acts as a bridge between the you and companies by simplifying the process of earning money on the basis of sponsorship.

Make Reaction Video with Reactoo

With Reactoo, you can also share your reaction videos on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, although the program is available only for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, offers a simple interface that allows you to create stunning videos on your mobile devices.


  • Enables collaboration with brands and earn in real-time
  • Users can share videos on their social networks


  • Regular and consistent posting is required to earn
  • Available only for iOS devices


The best reaction video app comprises of various features and tools that can be used to record the footages, edit them, add music, apply filters, and even control the playback of the clips. Thanks to all the advanced technologies and smart development team that have come up with such robust programs that are not only capable of capturing your reactions, they also let you publish them on your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. for the audience.

Shanoon Cox
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