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15 Free Cinematic LUTs for Your Film

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Nov 29, 23
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A significant way of creating cinematic looks for your project is by using LUTs. And with a single click, you will transform your footage into an absolute masterpiece. By using free LUTs, not only will you save on cost but also on the hassle and bustle of having to color grade your film.

LUTs function to create a uniform color throughout a film while enhancing or preserving skin tones. You don't have to use all the LUTs in this world to create splendid films. Besides, most professional video editors and colorists prefer to work with a handful of LUTs and create stunning films. By going through this article, you will come to learn about 15 free cinematic LUTs for your film.

free cinematic luts

How Cinematic LUTs Affect Your Film

When it comes to marketing, videos often tend to play a huge role. And to market your brand effectively, you need to have top-notch videos. It doesn't mean that you should go and study to become a colorist or a video editor. Besides, there are professional colorists and video editors who gave in their time and effort to design powerful LUTs and offer them for free.

You can use those free LUTs to create mesmerizing videos and photos for your projects. And depending on the nature of your project, you will find here a free LUT that will work best for you.

There are two types of LUTs;

  • 1. Conversion LUTs
    Conversion LUTs function by correcting the Log color space back to the standard color space. Professional colorists often use this LUT to obtain a high dynamic range by maintaining more details in the highlights and shadows.
  • 2. Creative LUTs
    Creative LUTs are essentially used in bringing out the creative colors of footage. Color styles in creative LUT are of a wide range, such as moody, cinematic, vintage, and summer, among others.

Creative LUTs is the one that is often used in many cases.

15 Free Cinematic LUTs for Your Film

A good LUT is one that can be applied to several setups and different lighting situations. Besides, it doesn't mean that a single LUT should be applied to every project; instead, it should be able to produce several perfect matches to your project.

Here are some of the top-tier free cinematic LUTs that you can apply to your film.

1. 40 Free Instagram LUTs

Create amazing Instagram footage using these 40 free LUTs. Besides, you can use these free LUTs in a couple of applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora, Photoshop, and Da Vinci Resolve.

After applying these LUTs, you can carry out bits of basic corrections such as brightness and contrast to your footage.

2. 3 Eyes and Teeth Whitening LUTs

Eye and teeth whitening LUTs are often used in movies and quality photos. Whiten the color of your teeth and eyes using these three free LUTs.

These LUTs are very simple to use, and when you effectively incorporate them, you are assured of creating magnificent photos.

free cinematic luts

3. 70 Free Hollywood Film LUTs

Do you have a project file and want it to appear like the ones in Hollywood films? You need not to worry since here are 70 eye-catching LUTs that you can add to your project and get that 'Hollywood" look you've always wanted.

4. Free Summer LUTs

Summer clips perfectly match the orange, teal look. Here, you will get summer LUTs that will work perfectly with your project.

You can use these LUTs in Adobe Premiere, Wondershare Filmora, Da Vinci Resolve, and Lightroom.

5. Free Moody Green LUTs

Footages taken in the jungle work ideally with the moody green LUTs. Here are some of the amazing LUTs you can incorporate into your project.

6. Moody Blue LUTs

When it comes to appreciating nature, moody blue LUTs tend to be the perfect resort. Create cinematic scenes for your videos using these LUTs for free.

The LUTs here are protected with a password, what you do is to watch that video to completion, and you will come across the password.

7. 3 Free Urban Dark Cinematic LUTs

Often in many movies, you will come across urban scenes that are moody, dark, and portrayed as something out-of-this-world. You can also create such scenes with these three free urban dark cinematic LUTs.

You can use these three free cinema LUTs to your Wondershare Filmora or Adobe Premiere.

8. 10 Free Winter LUTs

Footages shot in winter outdoors don't just work with any LUTs. Besides, there are LUTs designed explicitly for winter footage, and here are the ten best winters LUTs.

Download the LUTs and apply one that you find the perfect match for your project.

9. 20 Free Travel LUTs

When traveling, you may capture several photos and videos that are not very appealing – This may hinder you from sharing them with your friends or family. Besides, you don't have to discard those footage since you can give them a new mind-blowing look using these 20 free travel LUTs.

To access all the 20 LUTs, you only need to subscribe to their YouTube channel, and you are good to go.

10. Free Korean Tone LUT

Korean movies are enticing because of their unique, bewildering LUT mood. You can also employ this LUT to your footage and leave your followers jaw-dropping.

Here, this free LUT pack is protected, and the only catch is to watch the YouTube video and get the password.

11. 5 Free Wedding LUTs

Wedding footages often require that romantic mood. Get the best five free wedding LUTs here.

The LUT file pack here is protected by a password. So to access the password, watch the YouTube video to completion and access it. Often, it is displayed in the top-right corner of the clip.

12. Free Sunset LUTs

Sunsets footages go simultaneously with the golden light or dark violet colors. Here, you will access the free sunset LUTs that you can incorporate into your project.

After downloading the file, you will realize it is protected. What you do is only watch this YouTube video and access the password.

13. Vintage LUTs

One of the commonly used LUTs in movies is the vintage LUTs. Access over 28 free vintage LUTs here and give your footage that brilliant vintage appearance.

14. Free Warm LUT

Warm LUTs do create a sensational atmosphere in the footage. Incorporate this LUT into your footage and get jaw-dropping results.

After downloading this free LUT pack, input the password displayed in the top-right corner of this YouTube video.

15. Free Music LUTs

In music, fans are always allured by the quality of the video. Besides, you may also gain or lose fans through your video quality. Improve the quality of your music video using this free LUT pack.

To download it for free, input 0$ under the payout bar and click "Buy Now." Complete the other forms and download your music LUT for free.

free cinematic luts for music video

Edit Your Film with Filmora and its Cinematic LUTs

Wondershare Filmora is an award-winning video editing software that allows its users to create stunning videos through its wide array of powerful video editing tools. The platform is well aware of all your video editing needs and provides easy-to-use functionalities that include LUTs.

Use LUTs in Wondershare Filmora to express your intended video ideas.

Here are the simple steps on how to edit your film with Filmora:

Step 1. Download Wondershare Filmora

First, download Wondershare Fimora to your computer and allow it to run.

Step 2. Add your Footage to the Timeline

Load your video to Filmora. Drag and drop them to your timeline.

use luts in Filmora

Step 3. Access your LUT Library

To access your LUT library, open "Color Correction." Then click on "3D LUT."

use luts in Filmora - access luts library

Step 4. Add your preferred LUT to your Project video

After clicking on "3D LUT," a drop-down list showing all the available LUTs will be displayed. Scroll and select your preferred LUT.

use luts in Filmora - add luts

When you want to apply your LUTs in Filmora, click on "Load new LUT," which is still under "3D LUTs." You will be directed to your computer storage space to select the folder containing your LUTs.

After selecting your preferred LUT folder, hit the "OK" button to apply.


Worry no more when you have a small budget and a tight deadline for your project. Depending on your project's type, nature, and requirements, create bewildering footage using the above 15 LUTs. After applying your favorite LUT, carry out small basic adjustments such as the white balance, brightness, and contrast to your footage when necessary. By doing so, you are going to leave your clients and viewers ground rooted.

A few of these free LUTs have a catch: watching the YouTube video and getting a password for unlocking their free LUT pack. The password is often displayed on the top-right corners of the YouTube videos.

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