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10 Best Free GIF Background Remover for PC and Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 31, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
10 Best Free GIF Background Remover for PC and Online

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

GIF also known as Graphical Interchange Format is a kind of highly compressed image. Gifs are popular these days. Exploring the internet or social media seems impossible without spotting at least one well-done gif. These are great for telling stories and they are fun. Creating gifs from your favorite photos and images is easy but gets complicated when it comes to videos. The right tools can assist and make it a lot more fun. There are several gif background remover tools available on the internet; each has its advantages over the other. Let us dive into some.

Part 1 Remove GIF Background Using 5 Online GIF Tools

In most cases, gifs are created using images, and the speed at which the images change is film framerate. Most all the gifs have a transparent background but in case any of the gifs do not have a transparent background, gif background remover might come to the rescue because blending images is the major part of creating a gif. There are several online gif background removers let's look into the same


Want to create a new gif? Want to edit it? Want to optimize the gif?

All these questions and many more are answered in EZGIF. It is a complete workshop for all tasks related to gifs. The only restriction is that files exceeding 6 MB cannot be uploaded for manipulation. You can crop the pictures, resize the entire GIF, optimize the frames, reverse the photos, flip or rotate the GIF to a specific angle, alter the speed, split the GIF back to its original images, and add text.

The several pros and cons that comes with ezgif are:


High quality GIFs

Upload multiple images at once.

Watermarks are not present.

Optimization features are available


Tool layout on separate pages.

Interface isn't as slick.

No online save option



Claimed to be the world's best gif online maker, it is a free browser-based program that creates transparent background gifs with only one click, and you can do this by simply mentioning the hex code or color. It does not only remove the gif background but also can make any gif region transparent with the added benefit of controlling the tone, shade and hint.

The pros and cons of using OnlineGifTools are


Free browser based program

Can make any gif region transparent


Learning curve

online gif tools


It can be considered the most efficient online tool for editing and optimizing gifs. It looks like an online program with a toolbox containing several tools for editing, adding effects, etc. It has a large number of animations but it looks a bit outdated. Lunapic does not require you to install any plugin, like java, flash etc. to run. Generally, the features found in lunapic cannot be found on any free online platform.

Several pros and cons in lunapic are:


Free platform

Large variety of animations and effects.

Easy to use



Photo-size limitations.

Interface not as slick.



It is solely dedicated to gifs. It allows you to customize the gifs to best cater to your needs. You can add effect, crop, resize and optimize the gif as required after uploading. After the changes are done, the gif can either, be saved or reverted to start out from the beginning. It is best for those that want to make gif with sounds and features a range of wonderful sounds as also allow you to unload your music to make a more personalized gif.

The pros and cons of Gifmagic are:


Free for everyone

Easy interface

Supports all video format


Multiple files cannot be uploaded at a time

Gifs can be made only from gifs



Yet another online tool that allows you to edit an existing gif after you upload it to this platform, but the upload size is set to a maximum of 7 MB. It is a clean interface with a visual board where you will drag and drop anything from links, videos, lists, text, notes, and even hand drawn sketches. Gifmake lets you edit each frame individually. The only drawback is processing time.

The pros and cons are:


Fast and easy

Free to use

Multiple customization options


Limited file size

Processing time


Part 2 Remove Background From a GIF With 5 PC GIF Tools

01Adobe Photoshop

The most famous ways of editing images is Adobe Photoshop. Gifs are a series of images combined we can easily separate them and edit each frame easily using Photoshop. It has smart filters and is built using better technology. It is a useful tool for multishape and path selection. It provides a one-click color correction option. It can be great for removing gif background as it uses latest technology and has variety of designing tools that may assist.


Large Variety of designing tools

Integrated stock library

Easy cropping and resizing



Learning Curve

Takes lot of space



GIMP abbreviation for GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free software raster graphics editor that must be downloaded on your computer to use. It is a cross-platform tool so it can be used on different platforms without any issue. It supports third-party plugin making it a advanced editing tool. It is a very handy tool for various image manipulation tasks. It gives an advanced framework for scripted image manipulation with multiple programming languages.

The several pros and cons are:


Free and powerful open-source image editing platform

Refine images within editor before adding them to a GIF.


Not as easy like other GIF creator

Not specialized for GIF



Yet another tool used for removing gif background gives us the capability of utilizing up to 100 layers of media, applying a transition, motion elements, filters, and more. It comes with variety of design tools that helps us layer images and apply effects like blending modes, green screens, background editor, etc. Wondershare Filmora edits gifs very quickly and the edited gif can be previewed in high quality. It also helps us save time consumed during import and export.

The pros and cons are:


Value for money.

Easy to use.

Variety of basic and advanced features.

Easy on the desktop.



Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

It is a great free alternative for Photoshop. A simple program does not focus on a variety of complex features but provides the user with a simple interface that makes it easy for users to edit and optimize the images or gifs as per requirement. It offers a configurable interface and editable layers allowing performing multi-level image editing. It not only gives you the opportunities to form creative photo manipulations or deep skin retouching as Photoshop does, but you'll easily edit photos to form them look great and without visible imperfections.

The pros and cons are:


Easy to use

Variety of useful functions and effects

Number of plug-ins

Clear user interface


Brush work is limited

No Dodge and burn


Free editing software allows you to enhance and optimize photos. An alternative to Photoshop, PhotoScape provides a wide variety of tools that enables us customize images, add effects etc. It has an accessible and built-in interface, wide functionality. The software allows you to retouch skin, correct colors, manage and view images. It also features a built-in screen capture tool, many filters and effects, and enables you to perform batch photo editing.

The various pros and cons are


Good optimization

various file formats supported

Free service

all photo and video edits can be done

Batch editing possible



while maintaining, quality is lost

export parameters are weak


Part 3 Comparing Each Online Tool in Detail

GIF Tool
Can Upload From
Supported Image Formats
Can Make GIFs From
File Upload Type
EZGIF Computer Almost all major formats Images & Videos Single, Bulk
OnlineGifTools Computer GIF GIF Single
LunaPic Computer, URL, Social Media Almost all major formats Images Single, Bulk
Gifmake Computer Almost all major formats Images Single, Bulk
GIFmagic Computer, URL GIFs GIF Single

Ending Thoughts

Several methods can be used to remove gif background few of them are discussed in the article, the various pros and cons they have. The way we can benefit from using this tools are:

Using such apps and software help us save time from doing manual work and assisting us in better quality of design only with a few clicks in some cases.

There are a variety of design tools that can be used for removing the background of gif such app and software delivers our needs.

Using apps and software not only saves time but also helps in better quality of design.

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