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Guide to Add Transition Effects in Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

Shooting a video is a job half done and editing the video is equally important. The way you edit your recorded video determines how good your video will look in the end. When it comes to professional video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most preferred premium video editor. Premiere Pro comes with a wide range of transitions to apply in your videos and make jump-cuts smooth for the eyes.

Premiere Pro is not the most user-friendly video editor, and the learning curve is rather steep. That is why you need to know how to add transitions in Premiere accurately so that the cuts in your videos look eye-soothing. You also need to learn about how to edit the transition effects in Premier Pro to suit your requirements and preferences. We have illustrated how to add and edit transitions in Premium Pro as well as mentioned an alternative way to add video transitions easily.

In this article
  1. How to add transitions in Premiere
  2. How to edit transitions in Premiere
  3. Premiere alternative way to add video transitions
  4. Related FAQs about Premiere Transitions

Part 1. How to add transitions in Premiere

Adding transitions to videos is very common in video editing. Premiere Pro is popular for its variety of video transition effects. Applying video transition effects in Premiere Pro is very easy. You get access to transitions from Effects panel that is located at the topmost bar. Here are the steps on how to add transition effects in Premiere Pro.

Step1 Open Adobe Premiere Pro and go to File> Import. Select a video clip from your hard drive and click on Open button.

import video premiere pro

Step2 Drag the video clip from the Project panel and drop it to Timeline for adding transitions.

drop create video sequence

Step3 Go to Effects tab located at the top and click on Video transitions option.

video transitions in premiere

Step4 You will see different categories of video transitions and select your desired transition.

Step5 Click and drag the selected transition and drop it to the Timeline and place it anywhere on the clip where you want the transition to play.

drop transitions into timeline pr

Generally, a video transition is placed in between two video clips so that jumping from one clip to another is seamless. After placing the transition, play the video to check out how it looks.

Part 2. How to edit transitions in Premiere

Now that you know how to add transition Premiere Pro, you should also know how to edit the transitions after applying them. This is because when you drag and drop the transition on the Timeline, the transition comes with default duration. You can edit the duration as per your video requirements. Besides, Premiere Pro lets you edit different settings of the video transitions for customization. Here are the steps on how to edit transitions in Premiere. 

Step1 Click on the transition you have applied on the Timeline.

Step2 Go to Effect Controls tab located at the top by the side of Effects tab.

Step3 You will see a mini timeline under Effect Controls and labels A and B denoting the start and end time.

effects control panel premiere

Step4 You can adjust the slider below A label to change the start time of the transition. Similarly, you can change the slider below B label to change the end time of the transition.

Step5 Instead of setting the start and end time of the transition, you can set the duration of the transition as a whole. Go to Duration option located above A and B labels and drag right and left to change the duration.

effects control duration

Step6 You can also change the Alignment to place the transition as a Center at cut, Star at Cut, and End at cut of video clips.

change alignment premiere pro

You can play the video and watch the changes you make to the transitions in real-time. Different transitions will have different options under Effect Controls tab.

Part 3. Premiere alternative way to add video transitions

There could be multiple reasons why you are looking for a Premiere alternative ways to add video transitions. You might be finding Premiere Pro difficult to learn. Besides, you may not be satisfied with the collection of video transitions in Premiere Pro. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best Premiere alternative to add video transitions to your video clips.

Filmora is a professional video editor like Premiere Pro but there are more transition effects available. Filmora team keeps on adding latest and trending transitions from time to time and you can download them easily. In fact, Filmora is a more user-friendly video editor in comparison to Premiere Pro. That is why Filmora is equally popular among beginners and professionals in video editing. Here is how to add video transitions in Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Open Filmora and click on New Project. Drag and drop your video clips under Project Media folder.

open filmora and click on new project

Step2 Drag and drop the video clips on Timeline. If it is one video clip, you can cut it into multiple clips to add transitions in between them.

drag and drop video clips

Step3 There are different categories of transition effects and drag and drop your desired transition on the Timeline.

drag and drop desired transition

Step4 Place the transitions in between video clips and drag the transition as per the duration requirements. Play the video and once you are satisfied, click on Export button to save the video.

click on export button

Part 4. Related FAQs about Premiere Transitions

How do I add transitions to all clips in Premiere?

Import all the video clips to Timeline in Premiere. Go to Effects> Video Transitions and drag and drop the video transitions of your choice to Timeline. You should place the transitions in between the video clips and adjust their duration as per your requirements for smoother transition for jump cuts.

Where are the transitions in Premiere Pro?

The transitions are present under Effects tab located at the topmost bar. There are different types of video transitions as well as audio transitions available. If you are looking for how to add text transitions in Premiere Pro, you can type the text and add effects from Graphics tab.

How to add transitions to photos in Premiere Pro?

Adding transitions to photos in Premiere Pro is the same as videos. Therefore, you should import photos to Project panel and drag and drop them to Timeline. Go to Effects> Video Transitions and drop the selected transitions in between the photos.


We have illustrated how to add a transition in Premiere in simple steps. Besides, we have also explained how to edit the transitions in Premiere to fit in your video clips perfectly. If you are looking for an alternative to Premiere Pro for adding video transitions, we recommend Wondershare Filmora where there are more transitions, and the user interface is super easy and intuitive.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Nov 27, 23
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