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The Ultimate Guide to GIF for Discord Profile

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 31, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
The Ultimate Guide to GIF for Discord Profile

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Discord is the future of digital communication. After all, it is a new platform with unique and amazing features that most people need. Discord is a digital platform where users communicate via video calls, audio calls, media, files, and text in private chats. It works under multiple operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, iPadOS, Web browsers, and Android. In other words, it is excellent for various users with different devices.

Discord GIF profile pic is one of the most popular topics related to the platform. Of course, the platform is new; hence developing a discord animated profile pic can be a hustle to newbies. Fortunately, this article is here with the right questions and responses. Do you wish to learn how to get a discord animated profile picture? If yes, journey with us to learn about discord GIF profile pics and get animated profile pictures on discord. Read on!

Part 1 What's GIF for Discord profile?

Before reviewing the meaning of a GIF in Discord, it is essential to understand what it generally means. Technically, GIF in full means Graphical Interchange Format referring to an image format. In other words, it is an animated image. The file size is probably the smallest, with images looping continuously in a soundless video without the user doing much. 

In this case, we are talking about discord and gifs. That is the animated profile picture discord. Think about how you have profile images for different social media accounts. It is the same case, but you settle for a GIF discord profile instead of photos

Why use GIF for Discord Profile?

It is no hush-hush that many people are gradually adopting the idea of gifs in their discord profiles. After all, gifs aren't new, and they are everywhere. This fact leaves us wondering why you should use it and its effect on your account.

GIFs are the best way to grab attention and create a connection with your friends. From its definition, gif contains loops that quickly get the attention you wish for your work. 

They display a friendly side that helps you create a connection with people.

It gives your account more emotion and a sense of friendliness that leaves people wanting to communicate with you.

Gifs are the current trend; hence, they indicate a direction. In other words, you pay attention to trends.

It provides a sense of entertainment and youthfulness in your work. 

GIFs are everywhere; hence, it is fantastic to adapt to the current trends that young people follow to keep up with technological evolutions. Create a GIF profile on discord and realize the fun you miss out on discord. And if you are yet to create a discord account, ensure that you join the platform and freely communicate with your friends.

Part 2 How to Get Animated Profile Picture without having Discord Nitro?

Are you a Discord user, or are you get to create an account? If yes, you are familiar with discord nitro and all the advantages that come with it. And if you are not a user, you probably are confused about discord Nitro. Let's start with basic information on discord nitro and its use. Discord Nitro is the genre version of discord with multiple features, making it a worthy option. It enhances your experience with discord voice, text, video, and most importantly, creating profile pictures.

The Nitro version promotes animated discord profile pics. It is a great option but, what do you do when you can't afford it? Is it still possible to get cool animated discord profile pics? Yes. You can comfortably get a profile discord GIF without Discord Nitro. And you are lucky since this section will cover this necessary topic.

Of course, we have to thank content writer Ubaid Ullah for the article on how to get Discord GIF profile without nitro. After all, it is one of our reference points.

Step 1: Create a GIF or download one that meets your taste from different websites. Currently, we have many sites offering free GIFs; hence you don't have to worry about copyright issues. Some top websites to consider are Giphy, Gifer, etc.

Step 2: Look for a site that can translate a GIF document to the APNG file. Don't worry about this step since you can always google the top options. We currently have the ezgif site but technology changes every day; hence you can expect rising websites.

Step 3: Let's use the ezgif website. Upon accessing it, ensure that you settle for the APNG maker icon. It is on the top left of the website.

how to get discord gif profile pic

Step 4: Check on the Crossfade Frames option. Note that you need to choose images with at most thirty frames. Finally, click on the Make APNG option

how to get discord gif profile pic without nitro

Step 6: You can add multiple after-effects after creating the GIF to customize the final look

Step 7: Download the final file and save it on your PC with the name you wish

Step 8: Upload on Discord

Important things to note when uploading GIFs on Discord

Discord only allows a file that is at least 8MBs. So, if yours isn't, you can compress it via different websites.

A gif with nitro is neater, but a GIF without nitro works better than having an image.

Even without discord Nitro, you still have access to the cool animated discord profile pics if you have a discord server. Suppose you have an animated discord profile, and then we can only see one frame without discord nitro.

Part 3 How to make Discord PFP a GIF?

From the beginning of this piece until now, all we have discussed is getting or making a GIF. However, we will define the simplest way to make your profile pic a GIF in Discord in this case. Ensure that you read through this section.

Generally, discord nitro users are more privileged compared to normal discord users. Of course, the Nitro subscribers pay a fee to access these privileges. There are two options:

Making your profile picture a GIF

Utilizing the Tenor GIFs

Uploading them from your files

02How to create your profile picture a GIF?

Step 1: Log into your Discord account

How to log into your account

Step 2: Visit the user settings gear icon and go to edit profile to access your account details.

Step 3: Click on your current profile or click on the Change Avatar option

Step 5: Use the available GIF search engine or upload files from your device. It depends on whether you are a Nitro subscriber or a normal user. Select your GIF and go to the Apply option to save the file

Step 6: Move to the escape button to exit the settings, and you realize that your PFP is officially a GIF.

02Key points on discord GIF profile

You only have access to the discord nitro profile GIFs if you are a nitro subscriber. Otherwise, you need to look for GIFs from different websites and upload them.

The maximum resolution of a GIF is 128 by 128 pixels hence you need to be careful.

The GIF file size for discord is at most 8MBs.

You can create a GIF instead of uploading it from free websites.

Part 4 How to Put a GIF in Discord profile Picture?

Discord is quite a popular platform with millions of users worldwide. Thanks to the user-friendly interface it includes, this number is enormous, especially when you wish to edit your profile picture. In our case, we explain facts about having a GIF as a PFP in discord.

Like most social media platforms, this process is relatively easy. It only requires you to be a discord user, and it is better if you are a nitro subscriber. Why? Because the latter have the discord GIF options easing the process. Note that you can still add a GIF even without nitro.

The first point is to log into your account, go to setting and click on the edit your profile option. Upon clicking on the available PFP, you will automatically access a file dialogue that prompts you to include your GIF. Later save these changes and get a GIF profile in discord.

GIFs are like looping or repetitive short videos; hence they need editing. Fortunately, we have the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor editor, which includes multiple features which assist in editing your work. Filmora features scene detection, video stabilization, noise removal, text editor, etc. All these features work together to deliver high-quality discord profile GIFs.

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Ending Thoughts

It is possible to have unique GIFs in your Discord account as a normal discord user

> Editing Discord profile is convenient for all

There are countless websites available that can assist you in getting a good GIF

Generally, discord is a powerful platform with millions of users. It is pretty new but has received positive feedback from people. Discord includes amazing unique features, including animated discord profile pictures. However, there is maximum confusion on setting discord gif profiles, which is the area that this article addresses. Clear all doubts on profile discord GIFs by reading the content above.

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