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Openshot Tutorial: How to Add Text in Openshot

The media industry has advanced a lot. The latest technology is being used by every single person who is linked to this industry somehow, regardless of the platform. Even YouTubers, influencers, etc., use the best of the best technology and techniques to create quality content.

One important factor that every content creator should focus on is adding text to the videos. Most of the time, we couldn't hear or skip some crucial instructions in a video. All this could be avoided completely if the text is added in videos. The article will discuss in detail about OpenShot text feature and how to add text in OpenShot.

Part 1. What Is OpenShot Video Editor?

OpenShot is a brilliant video editor available for all operating system. The editor is open-source. It provides some crazy features that allow classical editing. From OpenShot, you can export files in different formats like YouTube, Xbox 360, DVD, and others. The editor has so many different features like the OpenShot text overlay, effects, transitions, titles, etc.

openshot video editor

OpenShot lets its users do professional editing of videos. The editing software is very safe to work with. You can easily download it from the official website of OpenShot. This video editor is not all difficult to learn. OpenShot is very simple to use yet very powerful to edit. Another amazing thing about OpenShot that you can’t miss is that the editor is free; you don't have to pay a penny to use it.

Part 2. How to Add Text in OpenShot

People generally know how to edit, but they are unaware of how the OpenShot add text to video feature works. This might sound difficult and tricky, but by following the steps given below, you will be able to implement OpenShot text easily.

Method 1: Add Titles to your Video

Let’s talk about adding titles in this part.

Step 1: Firstly, install and open OpenShot editor. Then you should import the video file to OpenShot and drag it to the timeline to start editing. Now, from the menu above the toolbar, go to the 'Title' section and select 'Title.'

access title option

Step 2: A dialog will appear in front of you with various title templates. You should select your favorite template. From the editing panel on the right side, you can edit it, change its font, size, text, etc. and save it at the end.

select your title template

Step 3: Now, the edited title template will appear in the 'Show All' panel. Drag and drop it to the timeline above the clip.

add title to your timeline

Step 4: You can also animate your text. For that, move to the 'View' option. Then go for the 'Views' menu, and lastly, hit the 'Advanced View' button. In the end, you can easily export the video from the 'Export Project' option available in the 'File' tab.

export your video with title

Method 2: Make Use of Subtitles in your Video

The steps coming ahead will teach you to add Subtitles in your videos using OpenShot.

Step 1: To add subtitles to your videos in OpenShot, start by importing the video file. Once imported successfully, then drag and drop it to the timeline.

add your video to timeline

Step 2: After that, move to the ‘Title’ tab above the toolbar. From there, select the ‘Title’ option. At this point, a lot of title templates will load in front of you, choose one template and edit it. You have to add the subtitles in the text editing dialog.

choose your titles template

Step 3: Then save the edited text template. Once it appears in the 'Show All' panel, right-click on it and go to the 'Edit Title' section. From there, select the 'Use Advanced Editor' option. It will take you to Inkscape, a graphic vector editor.

access advanced editor

Step 4: From Inkscape, you can edit the subtitles like you want them to be. Adjust the font, the size, and everything there. Then at the end, save the changes on Inkscape and then hit the ‘Save’ button on OpenShot.

customize your subtitles

Step 5: After all the text editing is completed, drag it over the clip onto the timeline. You can adjust its duration from the left editing panel and can also change the text color. To add more subtitles, you can duplicate the same settings instead of doing it all again by right-clicking on the customized subtitle.

duplicate your subtitles file

Method 3: Make Lower Thirds in OpenShot

With OpenShot, you can professionally add lower thirds to your videos. The steps below will guide you through adding lower thirds to your videos.

Step 1: To add lower thirds to your videos, firstly import the video file to OpenShot and drag it to the timeline to start the process. Then go to the 'Title' tab and select 'Titles.' From the presented templates, choose a lower third template to work with.

select your lower third title template

Step 2: After that, an editing dialog will appear. Click on the ‘Use Advanced Editor’ button to edit your lower third in Inkscape.

open advanced editor for editing

Step 3: Now it's time to edit your lower third using Inkscape. You can add your desired shape, fill it with a color and then add text to it. You can also play with the font style, size, and text color. Once satisfied, save the Inkscape editing.

customize your lower third

Step 4: Set a ‘File Name’ for the edited lower third and save it to OpenShot. It will appear in the Projects section. Now drag the saved lower third to the timeline, above the clip, and it is done. You can also add different transitions and effects to your lower thirds.

add the lower third to the timeline

Part 3. OpenShot VS. Filmora

In the editing world, both OpenShot and Wondershare Filmora have their fan base and their distinct importance. Both the editing software offer whole different editing worlds and take your editing to another level. The following section of this article will talk about the different features of both the editing software and will share the difference between them.


The interface of Wondershare Filmora is divided into a three-panel layout. One shows the video preview, source content, and then lastly, one for the timeline across the bottom. The software lets you switch between the black and light grey window borders. Filmora has a very clean, simple, and expressive interface. You can also full screen the preview video panel.

filmora interface

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Whereas, if we talk about the OpenShot interface, it is very basic as compared to Filmora. OpenShot lets its users drag and drop the media files from the file manager directly. The software is easy to understand.

openshot interface

Text and Titles

Filmora is the King of all editing software when it comes to text and title templates. Wondershare Filmora has the biggest asset library with over 200 text and title templates. All the templates are well-designed. In addition to that, these templates also have cool animations. You can customize the preset template by visiting the 'Advanced Text Edit' dialog.

filmora text and titles

If we talk about OpenShot here, it does have text and title templates, but it doesn't have the variety that Filmora offers. OpenShot neither has many texts and title templates nor are they cool and classy like Filmora. OpenShot only offers 40 title templates which are very less as compare to Filmora.

openshot text and titles

Supported Operating System

Wondershare Filmora, the stunning video editing software, could be used easily on Windows 10, XP, 8. Not only that, but Mac users can also use Filmora.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Whereas OpenShot, the free video editing software, could easily be downloaded and used on Windows, macOS, and a version of it is also available for Linux.

Transitions and Effects

Wondershare Filmora, the ultimate asset boss, offers over 100 outstanding transitions. Filmora has 10 different categories for transitions that include 3D, Basic, Ripple, Speed Blur, etc. You can also access filmstock through Filmora to explore more transitions and effects.

filmora transitions

OpenShot also offers a wide variety of 400 transitions and effects that could be used to improve the quality of your content. You can do advanced editing with 3D animation, overlays, etc.

openshot transitions

Bottom Line

As promised in the beginning, the article discussed in great detail about OpenShot text feature. Multiple ways have been discussed through which the Title and Text feature can be used. All its easy steps have been explained for beginners to learn.

Any person with any doubts regarding the OpenShot Video editor add text feature will be satisfied after reading this helpful guide.

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