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Doable Ways to Make Transparent Background in Procreate

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Doable Ways to Make Transparent Background in Procreate

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Figuring out the crucial steps to make the canvas excellent is one of the loveliest things users are performing for exporting the closing Procreate-projects. Once after getting expert with things trick you can be able to position the canvas surprisingly on great back for a memorable moment. You can make the most of it for your procreate mission that you have created.

Out of many essentials tools you have ever used for experiencing the benefits of equipment & skills, the Procreate is a kind of solution that comes with one of the most trustworthy as well as brilliant capability to erase the undesired background from the pictures. It is more than a general tool and there are some specified approaches to do so, but in today possible scenario, you can easily focus around choice of right selections to erase a background at ease. People can explore the chances of creating various attractive methods to work in the PNG structure after removing the desired background.

Part 1 How to Delete a White Background with Procreate for the IPad?

How to Delete a White Background with Procreate for the IPad

In case you are facing discoloration problem too then it is always a better idea to cast image with desired background and remove the objects.

Now turning your background with a lovely image or your own is just a matter of few clicks. With great transparent background procreate, you will be heading towards the satisfaction of obtaining transparent background. With few crucial steps you can stay from the other competitors or it will make your posts viral. With stepwise guidelines on removing the background as well as replacing it with a transparent one in Procreate is what you need the most today.

When it comes to deleting the white-background with a Procreate, then with great selection of tools you can easily create amazing performance for your post. If you are still in a dilemma to make use of the white coloured Background. After tapping on the top-left corner of the screen, you can open-up brilliant level of opportunities to make the most out of it. Are you ready to begin? Next you will learn about how to turn the background into a desired canvas for all your Instagram stories.

The following steps will provide you a quick walkthrough of entire process, stepwise:-

Step 1: First you are required to open the picture with Procreate. Get your desired image for the edit or open your picture & turn-off the overall visibility of background layer by layers-icon, tap it, it is presented on the top-right corner. Here, you will see layer labelled as the background, you need to uncheck the layer’s box for turning-off overall visibility at the bottom of Layers menu.

It is an important step to perform as if you want to deleting any white background from the image otherwise background will be treated as transparent with white-background showing through, thus you will experience no changes to the document. You are not required to remove background from image procreate if your image is not having a background layer.

Step 2: Create the selection at around white area of an image & delete background

For you to perform the step of procreate remove white background, you are required to make selection around white area. For this, open-up the selection-menu and it is placed in the form round icon named ‘S’ at the top-left-corner of the screen. At this menu, choose auto & Add. To create such level of perfection in selection, just hold & tap over any area of white-background at this screen. You can also increase threshold of your selection by moving the fingers/stylus at the right. For the opposite process, you can move the same to the left.You need to adjust the desired threshold until selection-area on your screen lines-up in accordance with an edges of the subject. You are now heading towards the process of make background transparent procreatefor your desired image quickly.

With your current selection still in active state, just tap on wrench-icon it the top-left area of your screen, then navigate to Add-menu, and here tap on the Cut option. Congrats, you have effectively deleted the background from an image.

Step 3:Just release the selection in the form of tapping on Selection-menu icon and repeat the process again for negative space-areas & at last clean-up stray-pixels with through an Eraser. You can repeat the process further from the step-2 in case any stray pixels still remains there as it is a normal situation to face while removing the pixels background with ‘remove background on procreate’ option.You can also take the Eraser & then manually erase those stray-pixels in there is any.

Step 4: Export your final work as PNG-file to preserve the transparency

After finishing the task of deleting background from the picture you can easily export your work to a desirable file format. The image you want to export can be in the form of PNG to retain the transparency. Other useful formats you can choose is JPEG but this doesn’tsupport transparency. So, be wise & be careful while choose your file formats.You are now having procreate export transparent backgroundand can also place the same to any sort of backdrop like an app, website, or any other workspace.

Part 2 How to Make Transparent Background with Procreate for iPhone?

How to Make Transparent Background with Procreate for iPhone

Let’s dive-in quickly into the process of making the background transparent with procreate, if you are an iPhone User.

GO Into an option of Canvas

It is up-to you whether you want to create a new canvas or want to work-upon already saved canvas. In your device through procreate app, you can do the same without any worries.

Tap onto the option of Layers Panel

This option is located at the top-right corner of your toolbar. This option looks similar to the two-squares on the top of one another.

Replace dull looking background with transparent background

You can quickly go down to the layers-panel placed at the bottom to choose the background color.Transparent background in procreateis always a good option to consider.

Put uncheck before the box

At the right of toolbar you can be able to see words ‘Background color’ and if it is checked then you need to uncheck it. Now your goal to make the background completely transparent with procreate make background transparent tool, will be achieved. Now your background is completely transparent and ready to use.

Part 3 How to Create Popping Thumbnails or Profile Photos

How to Create Popping Thumbnails or Profile Photos

There are various tools available in the market to make a popping thumbnail for your YouTube or Instagram pages. Thumbnail maker like Filmora can be an interesting option to choose as it is quick and effective. You can also customized as well as download the thumbnails at no cost with the same. However, they comes with certain limitations like overall size of the image to be downloaded. For better versions you can use premium tools. With better creativity and great imagination you can make the thumbnail as crisp as possible.

Upload your desired photo to Filmora’s thumbnail maker templates.

You can easily create your video thumbnail, but you need some inspiration and for that you can make use of amazing tool like Filmora. With access to more than 50 free templates you can achieve your goal of making popping thumbnails.

Adding text, clipart, or perfect quality of background can give it a boost

After picking your template, one can make use of thumbnail to stand out different in terms of adding text, clipart or background. For adding custom background to your thumbnail you can make use of procreate that can remove the background with procreateremove white backgroundfeatures and give you better featured image with nice background. Also to clarify the objectives of your thumbnail you can add titles, and also consider placing the same on the top of any dark color background if your thumbnail is light in color. For making the background darker just choose remove white background procreateas discussed above.

Just Download your finished product to your device

After polishing the thumbnails with creative stuff, you can download the same to your device or export it to your smartphone.

Voila, you just have create your own custom popping thumbnail. With remove background on procreate, you can never feel disappointed.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor App to Remove Unwanted Background Easily

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In case you are searching for any professional tool to remove het background and replace the one with any of your favorite picture then there is a tool for you to consider. With greater different functionalities, you can make any Instagram post or story interesting through the help of Fillmora App. This has set of brilliant solutions to provide with most brilliant picture and video editing features. It is interesting, fun-loving as well as attractive enough to turn any moments extraordinary.

Handy features to enjoy:-

You can make use of this tool to create custom thumbnails for your YouTube or Instagram page.

Great varieties of templates for making popping thumbnails

Greater capability to beautifully construct picture editing animations

Varieties of Effects for every age group

Attractive filters, GIFs packs and images to turn any dull looking background into an amazing moment.

Delete white background quickly

Right selection of tools to make the editing effective

Flawless features to crop, cut-up, cut, trim & mix operations.

Single click operation to turn the images into a beauty mode

Options to save your creations into your device or virtual space

Share your creations to your community, to your friends via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter quickly.

It is a greater idea to try this app for making use of its image editing features for deleting the white background in an easy manner.

Ending Thoughts

With great varieties of features it is now very easy for you to create some automated selections in just single tap.

Deleting the white background through a pro-tool like Procreate is smart, quick & seamless process.

You are not going to get confused, even if you are using it for the very first time.

It is the trend that every Instagram user is following for posting better images with nice background options.

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