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End This Problem! Make Transparent Background Video Today!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
End This Problem! Make Transparent Background Video Today!

An easy yet powerful editor

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How to export transparent video premiere? Making video transparent background online. Steps to remove white background from video.

How to export transparent video premiere

Have you ever wondered why most shooting of videos are done in white or transparent background? The reasons are that they are simple and easy to shoot. There are various options to add some effects to the videos by removing the white background. New and attractive background can be added with some effects at less cost and time. So, there are various applications which facilitate making video background transparent as well as video without background. So, let’s see some of them along with the steps.

Part 1 How to Export Transparent Background Videos in After Effects?

How to Export Transparent Background Videos in After Effects

Working with transparent background is easy and the reason is the flexibility of using a white background and exporting it to other videos. So, let’s learn how to export transparent background videos in After Effects step by step:

Before exporting the video with transparent background, chose composition. It can be timeline or project panel.

After this selection, go to application window. Click at composition menu and elect Add to Render Queue.

You can see that Render Queue window will open with composition in the queue.

Go to settings and select as required

Take the cursor on the left side of window and go to the drop down menu. You will find the Output Module settings window.

Go to format and select QuickTime, the industry standard.

Staying at Output Module settings window, under Video Output, click Channels

Select RGB + Alpha

Click OK

This way you can also export transparent background after effects in After effects. You can easily export your video after effects file with variable alpha layers. With layering you can add variations in the videos through various layering effects. It can used to design a project with better results.

Part 2 How to Export Transparent Background Videos in Premiere Pro?

Sometimes a Transparent Background Video needs some cool effects for some projects. This can be done by exporting a video file in Premiere Pro. The steps to be followed for exporting a transparent background video are as follows:

Load your video in Premiere Pro with transparent background. Do all the necessary editing so that the overlay is obtained for production.

When the video is ready, move to the setting part. Here go to file menu and open export setting. Click on media.

After this, there is need to configure the export setting particularly for transparent background. Just few setting more are required to ensure that the transparent background video or projects are exported well. 

In order to ensure that a video format supports transparency, do the required settings. Go to export format at the right of the window. Set it to Quick time. It is always good to export by using Quick time. However if you don’t need to export using Quick time and need MOV format, you can still do that. You can use the software Adobe Premiere Pro to import the other type of files also.

Get alpha channel enabled. When the video format is all done, get to same column and you will find ‘Effects’, Video and audio tab. You can get some unique setting through this to export the videos of Premiere Pro.

Go to "Video Codec" settings and elect the "None" options. This gives the best result outcome for transparent backgrounds. Particularly for transparent video overlay free and animations. For example YouTube subscribe button video animation.

To enable alpha channel, go to the "Basic Video Settings" options. Get to the "depth" option. Here you can enable the alpha channel in the export settings. After doing that the alpha channel will permit to export transparent video backgrounds.

Clicking on the button with the" + alpha" option inside the "Depth" setting. This will enable the alpha setting.

Also check "Render at Maximum Depth". This will help in obtaining a max depth which will give transparent video smoother and better results. They are good for higher quality videos.

When all configurations is done, Proceed to export the video. The file from Adobe Premiere Pro gave you can be used. The process can be followed to export the other files also.

Part 3 How to Export Transparent Background Videos in Vsdc

No background video is very difficult to handle as people face trouble to export them due to their formats. Some formats do not support transparency. MOV and Gifs formats are good for transparent background. Vsdc can be used to make video background transparent as well as remove white background video. Following steps should be followed to export transparent background video in Vsdc:

Open VSDC and go to start screen and click the Import content button. Select the green screen video from PC.

Go to Project’s settings window and search for Opacity and kept it zero and click Finish.

Then go to Video effects menu. Move to Transparency and then Background remover. Click Ok.

The green light borders can be changed through Properties window 

When all things are ready open the Export project tab. From "Media devices" select PC.

From "Output video formats", choose MOV.

Go to preview window and look for "Edit profile" button. Click and change the codec of the video.

Go to Video settings menu, opt for Video codec >> PNG lossless.

Lastly click on Apply profile

This way you can have a video after effects export with transparent background. This is just simple to export a video with a transparent background. It can be further used in various applications to create great effects.

Part 4 Best 5 Tool to Make Video Transparent Background Online

Various software offer number of fantastic tools for making video background transparent online. It can export a video by making series of pictures or videos more attractive and memorable.

Some of the tools or the makers to make Transparent Background Video are as under:


The online version of canva can be used to edit images and videos. This is one of the widest tools chosen by the users in making and editing videos and images. The best thing is that it can be easily installed at PC and phones. It just needs Javascript in your browser. Transparent background option can be chosen to change the background of the image and make it visually attractive. It has convenient controls that change the background into transparent one easily.

02Online PNG Tools

If you are looking for a tool that can make your video background transparent in just few clicks, then Online PNG tools is the best option. You can upload many files and it allows you to turn them into transparent backgrounds. It is good when a user desire to turn a background easily and the level of perfection required is not much high. It is fast, free and easy to use which makes it an affordable tool.


It is a free online picture and video editing tool that can effortlessly help in importing, adding effects and customization. Its edit option allows the users to upload the picture and perform the task to turn a background of picture or video transparent. In just few simple steps the required changes can be made. The best thing with this tool is that the output result does not affect the quality. One can also personalize the pictures which has high standards.

04Microsoft Paint

This is from Microsoft and the most widely used tool for pictures and video creation, editing and adding effects. Its drawing and editing tools make it first preference for every beginner and a professional. One can easily turn a picture background transparent through following few steps through ‘Select’ option. Go to ‘Transparent Selection’ from the list and turn an image background transparent. It can also go smooth with other applications to have transparent video format.


When you are looking for a tool that can work with Windows, Android and iOS for adding transparent background online, then Photoshop shall be a good option. It can add some great effects in flawless manner in very less time. It works excellently on various elements such as brightness, transparent background and customization of pictures. This is a good platform to add visualization to images. One can add transparent background by going to background option.

These are some of the tools that can be used to make transparent background. If you need something like Pro, then you can try Filmora from Wondershare.

Filmora can be defined in number of ways. It is software, an application and a platform that provides an opportunity to a person to expand his creativity with some good picture and video editing tools. The green screen feature makes any background transparent. Variety of sound, text, video effects and animations help the users to make their projects better and presentable.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a free tool that works on Artificial Intelligence. It detects the background and does editing on the same. It can remove the backgrounds from different kinds of images, videos, and presentations. This tool is great for those who need to bring some fantastic changes on the background of the images with no more hassle. It has advantage over the other tools as it works precisely on backgrounds and make sure that no details are disturbed from the original subject.

Try It Free

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Ending Thoughts

The background on any image or video plays an important role in creating a visual impact. A background should be such that it may not be difficult to a creator to utilize the original picture, video or subject for its other projects. Hence in order to use them in other themes, exporting of transparent background should be easy. This can be done through various software or applications.

Various platforms can be used to know the steps of exporting transparent background of images or videos. The selection shall be based on the degree of perfection, affordability, ease of use and volume of work. The various applications that offer exporting transparent background videos are After Effects; Premiere Pro, Vsdc and many more.

The various tools for making transparent backgrounds are Online PNG Tools, Canva, Photoshop, MS paint, LunaPic and Filmora. Filmora is one of the most popular platforms that have different image and video editing tools. One can easily create, edit and export transparent backgrounds of images and videos through Filmora.

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