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Guide to Synchronizing Your Audio And Videos Properly?

Julia Becker
Julia Becker Originally published Jul 14, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Video quality and engagement are prone to impact badly if your audio is not synchronized with the video. This can happen because of technical issues or frame rate mismatches. In case you somehow get unsynchronized audio in the video, you need to use a reliable video editor to cater to this issue. To help you with this issue, this article will provide the best-in-class video editor named Wondershare Filmora.

The key features and the smooth and sleek interface show that you will have optimized audio synchronization with videos. Along with the auto beat sync feature, we will also discuss some online alternatives that will assist you in syncing audio while online.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Why Should You Synchronize Your Audio And Videos in Video Editing?
  2. Part 2: [Offline Solution] Wondershare Filmora: A Great Video Editor With Audio Editing Qualities
  3. Part 3: Some Online Solutions For Auto-Beat Sync Easily
    2. Canva

Part 1: Why Should You Synchronize Your Audio And Videos in Video Editing?

Audio and video synchronization is important for presenting a good quality viewing experience. Here are the main reasons you shouldn’t neglect this in your audio and video.

Lip Sync and Narrative Flow

Synchronizing audio and video is crucial to maintaining the film's narrative flow. Well-synchronized audio and video offer a very smooth experience to the viewers. If the lips and dialogue flow are not well maintained, it can cause distraction in the storytelling. As a result, the real message won't be conveyed to the viewers.

Viewer Engagement

Do you wish to ensure that your viewers pay full attention to your video and that your message is well conveyed? Your video quality and sound matter the most for the best experience. When the audio and video are well-synced, the viewers pay attention to the content. They are not distracted due to the bad quality of the video.

Value of Quality Production

A high-quality video with perfect sound quality and proper syncing builds a good perception. If the video quality is bad or does not have proper sync, it can leave a bad impression. Therefore, to enhance the impact of these emotional and dramatic effects, it is imperative to focus on these core things.

Professionalism and Quality

To make your viewer experience outstanding, focus on paying attention to details. A good quality video represents your professionalism and the standards of your production. When it is synchronized, the viewer will always see this as a high-quality creation.

Automatically Synchroize Audio to Video

Simply and efficiently sync audio to video with Filmora Video Editor! Experience the magic of cool to make great video.

Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 2: [Offline Solution] Wondershare Filmora: A Great Video Editor With Audio Editing Qualities

Wondershare Filmora is the video editor through which you can fix audio issues in no time. It integrates the reliable features of Auto Beat Sync, through which you can match the audio with the length of your video. It never compromises the quality of audio or adds distortion to it. With this particular feature, you can sync the music with videos without making manual adjustments.

Edit Audio for Free
Edit Audio for Free

There are several audio features in Filmora that never fail to amaze users with their higher functionality. One such example is the Silence Detection feature in this video editing platform. It can help you in detecting the unrequired silent intervals and remove them from videos. It also supports Audio Ducking, Text to Speech, Audio Visualizer, and other audio optimization features.

What Is The Procedure for Auto Syncing Audio with Filmora

The procedure of syncing the audio with video is not as tricky as you think. You can follow the below-listed steps to learn how to sync audio and video perfectly using this tool:

Auto Syncing Audio
Auto Syncing Audio
Step 1Launch Filmora and Import Video

Initially, launch Wondershare Filmora on your device and select the "Auto Beat Sync" tab from the home interface. Next, select the "Import Media" button from the right panel and add the video that needs audio synchronization.

import video to audio beat sync
Step 2Auto Synchronize the Video With Audio

As you import the video to the platform, continue to define the "Whole Length" in the available section. Once you are done, look to select the background music that you want to auto-synchronize with the video. Set the “BGM Start Time” in the available section and define the "Beat Cut" and "Video Effects" from the right panel.

set synchronization parameters
Step 3Export the Edited Video to Timeline

Once you are done editing the video, you can use the "Analyze" button to look into how well the process has been executed. Proceed to select the "Export to Timeline" button to import the video to the timeline.

analyze and export final video

Part 3: Some Online Solutions For Auto-Beat Sync Easily

Although Filmora provides the best services of Auto-Beat Sync to its users, there are other options that users can go by. Online services provide an excellent system for synchronizing the audio with the video. The main reason to go with such services is to resolve the case quickly. For this case, we have highlighted some top online solutions that can be used to match the beat.

1. is a great online video editor with a dedicated system for synchronizing audio beats with video. With no need to download the software, the system makes the process easy and effective. By keeping the entire process to a single click, get to know how to fix audio and video out of sync using

Step 1: Open the dedicated service of on the browser and click “Sync video to audio” to continue to the next screen.

open veed io feature

Step 2: When led to the video editing panel, import your respective video in the provided space. Click the "Upload a File" option or drag and drop the video directly.

upload video with sync issues

Step 3: Once the video is uploaded successfully, you can observe the sound waves in the timeline. This can be done with the "Show sound wave on timeline" button on the right panel. Tap on the video on the timeline, continue to the left panel, and scroll down to find the "Audio" section. You can use the "Clean Audio" and "Remove Silences" button to manage and synchronize the audio.

remove sync problems in veed

2. Canva

Canva is another great option with a dedicated service for synchronizing the beats of the video. While the accessibility is simple, Canva provides proper results for its users. You can easily groove to the coolest beats with the help of this online auto-beat sync video editor. To know how to fix the problem of audio synchronization with Canva, look at the steps below:

Step 1: After opening the browser page of Canva, continue to click the “Sync audio and video” button.

open canva feature

Step 2: As this leads you to a new webpage, add in your video having the audio. After you upload it, navigate to the “Beat Sync” button on the top.

navigate to beat sync feature

Step 3: This opens a new set of options on the left panel, where you have to turn on the "Sync now" toggle. After completing these processes, lead to the "Share" button on the top-right. Select the "Download" option and download the fixed video successfully on your computer.

apply beat sync feature


In a nutshell, this article has discussed Wondershare Filmora, which is one of the most premium standard video editors. While you've been explained the importance of synchronization, the Auto Beat Sync was the major highlight. You have been guided into how it can be executed through the right tools in the market. Eventually, you can auto-sync your video to the music beat.

Auto Sync Your Video
Auto Sync Your Video
Julia Becker
Julia Becker Mar 27, 24
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