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Best youtube video meme maker

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The memes in videos have become a common practice now. Majority of YouTube videos you come across today have certain memes in them that audiences can relate to and get entertained. If you are a video creator, you can embed the trending memes in your video to enhance your video content as well as add variety to your video. You can create YouTube meme video with animated memes as well as meme images.

If you do not want to take the pain of creating YouTube meme video from scratch, you should use a YouTube video meme maker. This is because a meme maker comes with video meme templates which you can use to make any desired meme video instantly in a few steps. Besides, you can add stock meme images and GIFs as well as meme titles to your video. Here are the steps to create funny YouTube videos from YouTube meme template.

In this article
  1. Create YouTube Meme Video on Computer
  2. How to Make Meme video for YouTube Online

Part 1. Create YouTube Meme Video on Computer

If you are using your computer to create meme videos for YouTube, you will need a professional YouTube video meme maker. We recommend Wondershare Filmora which is available for both Windows and Mac users. Filmora is an extremely popular video editor among YouTubers thanks to its super intuitive user interface and wide range of video effects.

There are many video templates and stock memes available that you can embed into your video as well as edit them instantly. Therefore, you can save yourself from the burden of collecting popular meme clips and images from the internet and adding them to your video. You can create YouTube shorts and regular video meme in a few steps like a professional without prior experience. Here are the steps to create a meme video for YouTube.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and install Filmora on your computer as per your operating system. Launch the application and click on New Project button on the welcome screen. Alternatively, you can go to File> New Project option to get started.

download and install filmora

Step2 You can import your video from File> Import Media> Import Media files. Thereafter, drop the video clips on Timeline and add funny elements, trending memes and animated texts.

import video

Alternatively, you can start from scratch and select a video template from Stock Media> Pexels> Videos. You can also check out video templates from Pixabay. There are also background photos available to create YouTube shorts meme videos.

pexels video filmora

Step3 If you want to include trending animated memes in your video, you need to go to Stock Media> GIPHY. Drag and drop your selected GIFs on the Timeline and arrange them properly. If the meme duration is short, you can copy and paste it multiple times on the Timeline for the meme to play for a longer duration.

stock media giphy filmora

Step4 If you want to add funny titles to your meme video, head over to Titles> Social Media and select any desired title template and drop it on the Timeline above the video clips. These title templates come with a background which you can select and delete from the Viewer so that the background video shows up.

choose title templates filmora

Step5 Move around the text to place them in the perfect place on the video From the Viewer. Double-click on the Title template located on the Timeline and edit the title as per your meme text. You can select different styles, animations, WordArt and much more. Click on Ok button when you are done. Adjust the duration of the title as long as you want it to appear in the video.

add meme template filmora

You can also check out Elements, Effects, and Audio options located at the top to add them to your video wherever appropriate.

Step6 Once you have completed creating YouTube meme video, click on Export button and save the video in your desired file format.

Part 2. How to Make Meme video for YouTube Online

If you do not want to download a premium meme maker for your YouTube videos, you can use an online meme maker where you can get to edit YouTube meme template. is a popular online video editor where you can create YouTube video meme from its video templates instantly. In fact, you can edit your video and add meme videos and images wherever you feel like.

You get stock meme templates from GIPHY, and you can make use of the animated stickers to create creative YouTube video memes. There are also featured elements available that can go along with your meme video perfectly. Moreover, you can make meme video from any YouTube video by pasting its URL and cutting out clips to make memes. Here are the steps to create YouTube meme videos using

Step1 Open your web browser and visit “”. Click on Choose Video button to get started.

veed io meme maker

Step2 You can drop your video and add meme content in between by click on Upload a Video option. You can paste YouTube video URL by clicking on YouTube button. You can also select a stock video to get started. If you want to make YouTube meme video from scratch, you can click on Blank Canvas.

upload new file veed io meme maker

If you want to start creating meme video by selecting a video template and editing it as per your requirements, go to Use Template option from the left panel. Check out different video templates and select as per your preference.

use templates veedio meme maker

Step3 If you have selected a video template, click on Start Editing button on the next screen.

start editing meme veedio

Thereafter, you can edit every element of the video template by double-clicking on them in the Viewer.

edit elements veedio template

Step4 Go to Elements from the left panel and check out GIFs by GIPHY, Animated Stickers and Featured Stickers. You can add any element to your video template to make the meme stand out easily. Drag and drop the element on the video template in the Viewer.

add elements veedio meme maker

You can even edit the element you bring into your video template as per your requirements so that it fits perfectly in the overall video content seamlessly.

edit stickers veedio meme maker

Step5 If you are satisfied with YouTube meme video you have created, click on Export button in the top-right corner and save it on your storage device.


Making YouTube meme videos and going viral is no more a game of the professionals. If you prefer an online video editor, meme maker has video templates as well as option to import YouTube video to edit and include funny elements to make creative meme videos. If you want more templates and elements for meme videos, we recommend Wondershare Filmora where you can create professional YouTube meme videos in a few minutes with a few simple steps.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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