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Your Most Essential Guide Towards Picking Best Aiff Converter

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 05, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Your Most Essential Guide Towards Picking Best Aiff Converter

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

"I need to convert some general audio files to AIFF, do you have any recommendations?"

We do, in fact, have some recommendations for you! The AIFF file format, while generally obscure, is accepted by most general audio converters! So, we didn't have any problem finding some that you can use to AIFF converter!

Part 1 What's So Good About AIFF?

But okay, what's the deal with AIFF? Is it really all that good? And, if it is, why? For the first part of this article, we've prepared a short overview on the AIFF file format You can skip ahead though if you'd prefer to see the tutorial on AIFF Converters or our list of recommendations.

01What's AIFF?

AIFF, also called the Audio Interchange File Format, is an audio file format that was popularized in 1988. It was based on the Electronic Arts Interchange File Format and is probably most familiar for Mac users. It's accepted by most media players, including Apple Music and the Apple QuickTime Player.

02Why Is It So Popular?

Why? Well, it all has to do with the loss of quality. AIFF files are notable because they are uncompressed — leading to an inarguably better sound. That makes it popular with content creators, who want to provide the best possible listening experience to their audience. The caveat to this, of course, is that its uncompressed state means that it takes up a lot more space on one's disk drive. But, many people would be willing to give that up in exchange for the enhanced sound.

Part 2 How to Convert M4A to AIFF Free and Easily

For this next section, we'll be teaching you how to convert M4A to AIFF with an online AIFF converter. The benefit of using an online converter like the one we'll be showing you how to use is that it is usually FREE and very efficient. This makes it a perfect solution for those who are just looking to convert to or from AIFF occasionally and thus has no need for a more permanent solution.

01Step 1: Launch Online AIFF Converter & Upload Files

The first thing that you have to do is open up the online AIFF Converter that you want to use. For our example, we've chosen FreeConvert, but there are plenty of other ones out there for you to choose from

Once you're on-site, make use of the upload options to prepare your file to be converted. In this case, we uploaded an MP3 file, but it will work for M4A to AIFF just as well (along with other file formats.)

Open Online AIFF Converter and Upload File

02Step 2: Convert to 'AIFF'

Once the file that you want to convert has finished uploading, confirm that the output file format has been set to "AIFF".

Set Output Format to AIFF

03Step 3: Play with Advanced Settings

This is optional, but if you want, you can adjust certain audio parameters by taking advantage of the 'Advanced Settings' option

Advanced Settings Option

04Step 4: Convert M4A to AIFF

Now it's time to finally convert In this case, that is as easy as selecting the 'Convert to AIFF' button.

Start M4A to AIFF Conversion

05Step 5: Download AIFF

When the conversion has been completed, click the 'Download AIFF' to finish up and save the converted AIFF file to your computer.

Download AIFF Option

Part 3 What Makes AIFF Converter the Best Free Online Tool for Mac Users?

For this next part, we'll be demonstrating an AIFF Converter that can be downloaded and used by Mac users. And then we'll be following it up with a long list of all the best AIFF Converters available online and for both Windows and Mac users

01How to Use Free Audio AIFF Converter on Win/Mac?

As promised, this first part is a demonstration on how you can convert M4A to AIFF with a converter that will work for both Windows and Mac. This free audio converter is called 'MediaHuman Audio Converter.' It's a really simple converter and is a great option for those who see themselves requiring an audio converter often but still don't feel it necessary to cough up extra money for premium software when they can get a free one

Step 1: Add File(s) for Conversion

First things first, upload the file that you want to convert With MediaHuman, you can do this in one of three ways:

Drop media onto the specified area

Click the "+" file option in order to manually add file

Click the "+ folder" option in order to manually add files

MediaHuman Audio Converter

Step 2: Select Format

Once your file has been uploaded, select the "Format" button in the middle of the toolbar This will cause a pop-up to appear where you can choose your desired output format Of course, in our case, we chose "AIFF"

Format Profile - AIFF

Step 3: Start Conversion

Next, click 'Start Conversion' This will initiate the conversion. After which, you'll be able to save your converted AIFF file and store it for use.

Start Conversion with MediaHuman

0210 Best AIFF Converter for Lossless Conversion

Now for our list of the best AIFF Converters available right now We've made sure to pick a good variety of them that you can choose from. Some of which are online tools, like we introduced in Part 1, while the others will be downloaded software that you can have at the ready at all times, like what we introduced in Part 2, Section 1

Keywords: aiff converter, m4a to aiff, convert m4a to aiff

1. Zamzar

For the first AIFF Converter on this list, we have ZAMZAR ZAMZAR is an online file conversion tool that is capable of converting in a variety of file formats. Of course, the one that we'll be looking at today is Zamzar's AIFF Converter — which is almost 100% FREE to use (there's a max upload file size that can only be unlocked if you pay the premium fee).

● FREEmium Online AIFF Converter
● Wide variety of input and output file formats to choose from
● No loss of quality and efficient conversion speed
● Not 100% FREE, must pay to unlock certain functions
● There is a max upload size for the FREE version (50MB)
● Internet is required in order for use
AIFF Converter

2. ConvertOnMac

Our next recommended tool is Convert on Mac This is another online tool that can be used to convert a variety of files (i.e., audio, video, image, document, etc). The one that we'll be focusing on though is Convert on Mac's AIFF Converter

● Supports a variety of file input and output formats
● Special AIFF Converter available for easy conversion
● File upload can be done both manually or through a URL
● Available online only
● Most compatible for Mac users (as is evident from the name)
● Not the best for bulk conversions
Convert On Mac Online Converter

3. Online Converter

The next one up is Online Converter This one is more like ZAMZAR than Convert on Mac. If only because it also comes with a max file size that is locked. It's more limited though — in that it doesn't support as many input and output formats. And, as you can no doubt guess from the interface, quite old-school as well.

● Specialized AIFF Converter
● Functions as a converter for other file types as well
● Large max file size
● Available online only
● Max upload file size is 200MB
● Slower, less efficient conversion speed
Online Converter

4. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

For this next AIFF Converter, we make a complete departure from your general converters by introducing a completely different beast altogether Specifically, in the form of a Video Editor called Filmora. Filmora is an incredibly advanced video editing tool. And, because of this, it's capable of most things related to video and audio editing. Including, in this case, AIFF conversion

● Advanced video and audio functions for adjusting audio output parameters
● Supports dozens of audio and video file formats
● Produces high-quality end product
● FREEmium product, certain functions are locked in the FREE version
● Download and installation is required
● Not the most beginner-friendly
Wondershare Filmora

5. EaseUS Video Converter

With 'EaseUS Video Converter' we continue on our trend of AIFF conversion software This one, despite its name suggesting otherwise, functions as a solid Audio Converter So far, it's closest to Filmora Pro when compared to all the others on this list. It's a one-trick kind of pony though. Seeing as, unlike with Filmora, you can really only use this to convert files.

● High-quality video and audio conversion
● Supports dozens of input and output formats
● FREE trial available
● Limited FREE Trial
● Supports Windows OS only
● Download and installation is required for use
EaseUS Video Converter

6. Wondershare UniConverter

This next software, the 'Wondershare UniConverter' is a bit of a mix between Filmora and EaseUS Video Converter. As is evident from the UI (shown-off in the screenshot provided), it has the makings of a straightforward converter but with extra tools (i.e., video editor, video compressor, merger, screen recorder, etc.) that you can take advantage of while working on your conversions.

● Extra features for editing input and output files
● Supports up to 1000 formats
● High-speed Conversion rates
● FREEmium program
● Certain functions are locked in the FREE version of the program
● Download and installation is required for use
Wondershare UniConverter

7. VSDC Free Audio Converter

Next up, we have VSDC VSDC is a FREE Audio Converter. It's pretty old-school (as is perhaps evident from the UI example) but it supports a variety of audio formats, including AIFF, which earned it a spot on this list of ours

● Supports all the key formats for both input and output
● Built-in editor for trimming audio
● High-conversion quality
● Open-source, and thus not update as often
● The conversion speed is slow
● Old-school interface
VSDC Free Audio Converter

8. Switch Audio File Converter

Switch Audio File Converter is a Mac AIFF Converter. You can find it on the Mac APP Store, or purchase it directly on the NCH Software website. For the FREE app version, you have access to certain functions, with the rest being locked under in-app purchases.

● Supports over 40+ audio file formats
● Batch conversion functionalities available
● Convert from video to audio easily
● Convert from video to audio easily
● Faulty AIFF to OGG conversion
● Comes with lots of bugs
Switch Audio File Converter

9. iTunes - Apple

This is a hidden feature that not many people know about, but iTunes actually works as a pretty serviceable AIFF Converter. It's not the most efficient, but with iTunes' AIFF Encoder, conversion to AIFF is possible (converting from AIFF to MP3, and WAV is also possible because iTunes provides Encoders for those as well).

● FREE software, pre-installed on Mac computers
● Quality settings to ensure good sound quality
● AIFF-specific converter
● No bulk-conversions available
● Inefficient AIFF conversion
● It will need to be downloaded and installed manually for Windows

10. Convertio

Last, but not least, is Convertio We circle back with this fourth and last online converter It's actually quite advanced. Although, just like many of the other FREEmium online converters we've listed, it's not 100% FREE and comes with a lot of limitations.

● Supports all the general audio files
● Various ways to upload
● High-quality conversions
● FREEmium online converter
● 100MB upload limit for the FREE version
● Slow conversion

Key Takeaways from This Episode

The AIFF file format is notable because it results in higher-quality sound. This is because AIFF, unlike the more general, MP3 file format, is not a compressed format.

There are various ways that you can convert from and to the AIFF file format. The first method that we introduced was an online tool that would be available for use no matter what computer or device you're using The second was chosen specifically because it was FREE and available for both Windows and Mac

If you're interested in looking through other options, the ten other converters we introduced should provide a healthy lot for you to choose from — with various levels of usefulness depending on what you need an AIFF Converter.

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