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6 Best Movie Editor for Windows in 2024

Let us increase your knowledge by sharing movie editors for Windows. 6 leading editors will be discussed to help you select your new favorite movie editor.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 06, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Whenever a film or video is created, it always needs editing. Even pictures after a photoshoot are edited and finalized before any further action is taken. The same is the case with movies. Movie clips are filmed firstly. Then they are edited and finalized before compiling everything. There are various movie editors for Windows in the market.

This article will talk about 6 different and best movie makers for Windows. Although the market is flooded with editing tools, only a few are worth trying. We will be sharing the editors that will bring epic transformation to your movies.

Part 1. 6 Best Movie Editor for Windows in 2024

Who doesn't want their movie to stand out and shine among other movies? For such a unique and classic movie, the most important factor after the content and composition is the movie's editing. As mentioned earlier that not all movie editors are worth the try. Only a few movie editors can do the magical editing to your content.

In this section of the article, we will talk about the best Win movie maker 2024. The following movie editing software for Windows has proved to be the best and topmost movie editor for the year 2024. Let’s discuss the editors without any further delay.

1. Wondershare Filmora 

wondershare filmora video editor

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When we talk about movie editing, the first classic editor that comes to mind is Wondershare Filmora. No movie editor can compete for its editing level. The software has a whole new and different editing world to offer its users.

With Filmora, you can do stunning editing to your ordinary movie. Wondershare Filmora is a Mac as well as a Windows movie editor. It offers a lot of editing features. Using Filmora, you can trim your movie, split the screen, rotate the content.

The most brilliant thing with Filmora is to create freeze frames and do motion tracking. You can also join various movie clips together using Wondershare Filmora. Filmora has its own media library, which can be accessed and used.

The stock media library of Filmora has a wide range of editing effects, transitions, and whatnot. You can create a high-quality movie by adding text and titles from Filmora. Using Wondershare Filmora, you can create an amazing movie that will stun everyone.

2. Lightworks 

lightworks editor

After Filmora comes Lightworks. The movie editing software for Windows is free to download and great to work with. Lightworks is the best option for someone who wants to make stunning movies without spending a penny on it.

Lightworks promises to deliver the final product while maintaining its quality. It never compromises on the footage quality as it matters the most. You can also upgrade the version of Lightworks, and with its upgraded version, you can export the project in different formats. You can also create 3D movies.

Lightworks is a non-linear movie editor. The movie editor offers a variety of features that expensive editors mostly offer. A few of its features are.

  • Lightworks supports multitrack movie editing.

  • Along with Windows, the movie editor is also available for Linux and macOS.

  • You can drag numerous editing windows and create as many layout variations as you want to.

  • With Lightworks, you can import and also render footage in the background.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements 

adobe premiere elements

The next best movie maker for Windows is Adobe Premier Elements. This software is great for beginners and experts to edit their movies at a professional level. The amazing thing about Adobe Premiere Elements that most software lacks is the ease of usability. This movie editing software is very easy to understand and simple to use.

Although Premiere Elements is a simplified version of Premier Pro, the software has some classic high-end features that make it worth using. Adobe Premiere Elements is relatively cheap, and you can learn it very easily. The software is very capable and strong when it comes to movie editing.

Adobe Premiere Elements contains a variety of soundtracks and audio effects. The software has a wide range of movie editing effects that include various transitions, opacity, and chroma-key. You can also motion tracking along with smart toning. Some more fascinating features of Adobe Premiere Elements are shared below.

  • The craziest feature that Adobe Premiere Elements offers is that it lets you select one subject from the movie, and then it will focus on the subject throughout the movie.

  • With Adobe Premiere Elements, you can also view animated GIFs within the interface.

  • A classical feature offered by this software is Face Detection.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements is available for both Mac and Windows.

5. Adobe After Effects

adobe after effects interface

The next movie editing software that should be discussed is Adobe After Effects. The platform is well known for its simple and easy-to-understand interface. Adobe After Effects is known to be used by professionals to add class and uniqueness to your classical videos.

The movie making software is non-linear with a multimedia transcoder. With Adobe After Effects, you can improve graphics quality throughout your video, thereby making it attractive and interesting. A few of its features are mentioned below.

  • Adobe After Effects supports the quick conversion of movies.

  • The biggest feature of Adobe After Effects is its integration with other Adobe products.

  • With this movie editing software, you can create animations, visual effects, etc.

  • Adobe After Effects allows you to create and combine 2D layers into 3D space.

6.  Studio 

pinnacle studio editor

The last editor in the list of best Win movie makers 2024 is Studio. The movie editor is one of its types. No one but Studio has a 30-day money-back policy. The editing software is available for Windows.

The best thing about is that it offers more than 1500 effects, various text and title templates, etc., at a very reasonable price. By using Studio, you can do HD editing of your movie. Some other attractive features of this editor are mentioned below.

  • With Studio, you can do smart object tracking.

  • The editor also supports 8K import and keyframe groups.

  • If we talk about Studio's interface, it has a very simple, user-friendly, and understandable interface.

  • Studio offers you color correction as well as time remapping, and a lot more.

Final Words

As promised in the beginning, the article is a complete pack of information about the best movie maker for Windows. If you have been wandering around and looking for suitable movie editors, then this article is all you need. We have discussed the 6 finest and leading movie maker software for Windows in detail.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

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