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How To Simply Edit Videos On Apple QuickTime Player

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Jun 24, 2021• Proven solutions

"Why should I edit video with QuickTime since I have iMovie built-in my Mac? "

Even with iMovie's easy-to-use navigation features, it isn't the best video editing software for macOS users. However, with your iCloud logged to your Mac, you can integrate movie clips directly from the Cloud storage into QuickTime. Editing with QuickTime also enables macOS users to work on their video files from iTunes. Only a very few players can access iTunes files because of its over-the-chart DRM encryption. How then does the video editing process on Apple QuickTime player works? Let's help you get started.

3 Practical Ways To Edit Videos On QuickTime Player 

Apple users are already familiar with the features of playing videos and recording their screens with QuickTime. One feature most users miss out on is the opportunity to edit or cut out their videos and movies. While QuickTime probably isn't filled with professional video-editing features, you can get your hands on the basics. Let's look through the few steps

1. Rotate Or Flip The Movie On QuickTime

Our videos, especially the ones taking with a smartphone sometimes require editing when played on QuickTime. During recording, we sometimes take the footage upside-down, not being cautious of how it'd look when playing on your Apple device. These videos would surely require flips or rotation. Since you'd rather not watch your video turning the screen of your computer the other way round.

Interestingly, rotating and flipping a movie or video clip using the QuickTime player is one of the easiest things to do on Apple devices. Locate the video you wish to edit (rotate or flip) and preview the clip to get the exact angle of rotation needed. Open the video on QuickTime this time around. Click on the edit icon. The option to either rotate left or right pops on the screen. It is time to rotate your video considering the exact angle of rotation you confirmed earlier.

Flipping your video, on the other hand, requires that you use the flip tool. Unlike the rotation process, the flip tool allows you to make a rotation at precise angle intervals. For example, the flip tool enables you to make the rotation at 90°, 180°, or 360°. To flip your video clip, you'd have to locate the edit icon once again. However, this time, click on the flip to access the horizontal and vertical flip options. With these steps, you should rotate and flip your movies perfectly.

2. Trimming Media On Apple QuickTime

You'd agree that recording a video isn't as easy or straightforward as it may seem. Most times, we get to capture a few irrelevant moments at the beginning or end of the footage. Trimming or cutting out the beginning and end of the footage used to be done with only professional video-editing software. But now, Apple users can trim their movies or video clips using the trimming feature on QuickTime.

To get started, once again, click the edit icon to locate the 'Trim' select option.

Having reviewed the video and decided which part needs to be trimmed, a simple click and drag are all that's needed for this process. Direct your mouse or fingertip to the end or beginning of the video and 'size in' till you've successfully taken out the trimmed section. Once this is completed on either or both sides, the main section of the movie would stay yellow.

Outside the yellow demarcation, the extensions on both ends would be taken off the clip. The demarcation is a highlighting feature that helps you to double-check if you're truly fine with the section to be trimmed. After confirming or moving the trim tool to your satisfaction, click on 'Trim' now to cut out those parts.

3. Splitting Media On QuickTime Player

Once again, splitting and arranging any part of your movie or video clips wasn't a feature attributed to media players. Video-editing software did the job perfectly well while everyone used media players for previewing these clips. But today, you can go as far as splitting and arranging any section of your video on your Apple device. Let's start by splitting the clips.

To split your movie into clips, get the video started with the play button to locate the parts that need to be split into clips. Since you'd have to take it one clip at a time, pause the video when you locate the beginning of the first clip. Click the Edit menu once again and punch or click the 'Split' option. Finally, spot the 'Playhead', the red line that indicates the split. To get or extend the final point of the split, drag that line to your desired frame. Do these repeatedly to get multiple clips.

Now that we have a few split clips from our raw video file, let's get them arranged. Select one of the clips, which immediately becomes highlighted in yellow. Click and drag the selected clip to your desired section of the video. Do these repeatedly for all trimmed clips and arrange following the sequence you envisaged.

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Feel QuickTime's Great? Try Filmora!

Ever felt QuickTime was the best video-editing player for Apple devices? Then you haven't heard or tried FILMORA! Unlike QuickTime, editing your movie clips with Filmora gives your footage a 4K resolution editing finish. The GIF support and noise-removal features also make Filmora the editing software choice of millions of users worldwide.

With Filmora, you get the perfect audiovisual mix using the audio mixer feature. Why wouldn't everyone go for Filmora? When it's one of the very few editing software for macOS with an advanced text editor and color tuning? Filmora allows you to edit your movie clips with most of the features from QuickTime and more. Let's compare both video-editing tools to get a view of what each of them can and cannot do.

Feature Edit Videos on Filmora Edit Videos on Quicktime
Trim Video Yes Yes
Resize Video Yes Yes
Compress Video Yes No
Change The Video Format Yes No
Subtitles To The Video Yes Yes
Noise-removal Feature Yes No
4k Video Resolution Finish Yes No
GIF Support Yes No
Audio Mixer Feature Yes No

In comparing both video-editing tools, it's clear that Filmora has more to offer you. Its advanced and up-to-date editing features allow you to rotate, flip, trim, arrange and join two or more videos together. To ensure your video output gets the latest and perfect editing finish, get Filmora today!

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