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Ways To Make Sure Your Facebook Video Cover Size Is Perfect

Ways To Make Sure Your Facebook Video Cover Size Is Perfect

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Facebook has become much more than a social networking site. Presently with everything taking the social media route, branding and marketing is no exception.

Facebook Cover Video Guide

To create an impact on the user, the Facebook video cover size must be right without any borders or trimmed parts.

Part 1 Key Facebook Cover Video Specifications

A Facebook cover video works like a mini-advertisement that is played on a loop continuously. To keep the visitors engaged and interested in the video, the video needs to look neat, clean, bright and in the right size and the aspect ratio to fit perfectly in the given space. Key specifications for the cover video are enlisted below.

Video cover Facebook size: As such, there are no specific size guidelines issues but it is recommended to keep the size of the video less than 1.75GB. The small size will ensure that users having slower browsing speed can also watch the video in a hassle-free manner.

Dimensions of the video: A video to be used as a cover should be at least 820 X 312 pixels and to get the optimum results it is suggested to keep it around 820 X 462 pixels. If you will watch the video on a desktop, it will be cropped from the sides, or the top or bottom. Thus, to ensure that the video looks perfect on a phone as well as desktop keep the aspect ratio at 16:9 and place the important text or other content at the center.

File type of the video: Videos in MP4 or MOV format are suggested to be used as the cover video and their resolution should be a maximum of 1080p.

Duration of the video: A Facebook cover video can be between 20 seconds to 90 seconds and you can also choose to play it on a loop.

Facebook Cover Video Specifications

Part 2 Useful Tips for a Wonderful Cover Video

To make sure that your cover video is interesting, engaging, and uploaded in a hassle-free manner, below listed are some useful tips

Optimizing the video for the mobile phone users: Several times your video may run smoothly on your system but may have issues while playing on a mobile phone. So, keep your texts and important content within the specified size so that even if the video is cropped it does not look awkward.

Go for prompt action: It is always better to get the CTA opportunities whenever available. When something specific is required from a video like increasing traffic, adding more clients, and similar others, let the video prompt to do that and avoid adding too much text.

Audio is not very critical: Though audio can be added to the cover video, it does not have much relevance to the content you wish to showcase to the viewer. By default, the videos on Facebook are muted and also around 85% of the videos are watched without the sound.

Keep the focus on one visual: A Facebook page is already too crowded and thus avoids loading the cover video with too much content. Focus on a single visual which can be text, image, CTA, or other depending on your purpose.

Keep a natural loop: The video will be played on a loop continuously and thus to make it look appealing the starting and the ending should be smooth.

Keeping the right size: Keeping the recommended Facebook cover page video size is important to make the video appear without any distortion, borders, or cropping.

Part 3 Popular Facebook Cover Video Examples and Templates

A wide range of readymade templates to create cover videos are available. Using one of these templates, an impressive video can be created in no time. Some of the popular ones can be checked as below.

Marketing cover video: To grab the attention of the clients, the marketing videos have to be bright and polished. So, if you too want to create one for your brand or business this template can be used.

Cover video for new business: If you are launching a new business offering some products or services, this template will let you create an interesting video. Using this template, an introduction to your business can be given.

Cover videos showreels: If you are into real-estate or fashion-related brands, a showreel video is a good option to be used as a cover video. The showreel of an event, behind-the-stage clips, tours, and similar others can be created.

Event Promotion cover video:Promotion of an event through a cover video is a good option and this can be used for different purposes like fashion shows, open house tours, online sessions, webinars, and more. You can also create your event cover video using this template.

Cover video to narrate a story: Narrating a story through a cover video is also a good way for promoting your business and especially if it is related to home décor, makeovers, travel, adventure, and similar others. You can also create your own inspiring, motivating, and interesting story using this template.

Facebook Cover Video Templates

Part 4 How to Make Your Facebook Cover Video: The Definitive Guide

For a Facebook cover video to grab the attention and keep the viewers engaged it needs to be interesting, bright, and fit in size as recommended. Thus, to meet all these requirements and customize the videos a good editing tool is required. Here we recommend Wondershare Filmora Video Editor as the best choice. This professional software can be downloaded quickly on your Windows and Mac systems after which it is all set to customize your videos for the Facebook Cover video in no time.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Key features

Choose the aspect ratio of the video as 16:9 using the software.

Edit the video and remove unwanted portions to make it between 20 seconds to 90 seconds. You can also merge multiple small clips to create one desired video.

Compress the video to keep it within the size limit.

Convert your videos to MP4 or MOV format as recommended to be used as Facebook Conver.

Customize your videos by adding the text and titles, overlays, filters, transitions & elements, and using other editing functions.

Advanced editing features include video stabilization, 3D lut, split-screen, color tuning, green screen, and more.

Allows uploading your videos to social media sites including Facebook.

Wondershare Filmora

Key Takeaways from This Episode

A Facebook cover video has become the latest trend for promoting business and brands,

A cover video should be in the recommended Facebook page video cover size, dimension, duration, and length.

Using the tips and tricks an engaging and interesting cover video can be created.

Editing software like Wondershare Filmora can be used for creating a great cover video as needed.

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