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Want to Immediately Obtain Twitter Video Aspect Ratio Data?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Want to Immediately Obtain Twitter Video Aspect Ratio Data?

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Twitter is popular application used by number of users. As its popularity the way its technical requirements are. Here is all you need to know about the aspect ratio of Twitter videos and images.

Part 1 What Ratio Are Twitter Videos?

aspect ratios accepted on twitter

01What dimensions is a Twitter video?

When you talk about the dimensions of Twitter videos then they remain to be at best having the resolution and dimension of 1280 by 720px. Many dimensions are accepted for Twitter videos like 720 by 720px, 720 by 1280px, etc.

Dimensions for twitter in feed video

02Can you post 16x9 on Twitter?

Yes, videos having aspect ratio of 16:9 can easily be posted on Twitter as this is considered to be the best dimension and aspect ratio to get the best quality of your videos.

03What size are Twitter posts & images?

When you are posting images on Twitter then it is a matter of fact to consider several things for getting them uploaded. Here the most important thing to consider is how many images you are posting and what the aspect ratio of those images is. However 1024 by 512px is the most recommended size for posting images on Twitter.

Part 2 What Are the Different Ways to Share Videos on Twitter?

There are three different ways in which you can upload your videos on twitter. Here mentioned are those ways:

Record your videos: On twitter app, you can get the feature of editing and recording videos directly from the application.

Go live: Here you can make live interactions with your audience or interested guests using the amazing features.

Import your videos: On twitter you also get the option of importing videos from your device to upload it there.

Part 3 What Types of Twitter Videos Get the Most Views?

01What is the best video format for Twitter?

According to the recommendations of Twitter, the most suitable video format to post videos on Twitter is to post them in the MP4 format of file. Both these codec provide you with the best quality. Twitter also allows MOV file format to upload the videos. Users mostly opt for MP4 format as it can be used for nay social media platform. It is also suitable to save your energy and time.

02What is the best aspect ratio for Twitter videos?

As far as the Twitter Video Aspect Ratiois concerned, it must range between 1:2.39 and 2.39:1. It is also worth considering the higher aspect ratio you will use the better your video will be. It is so because your video will take more space and it can also get better engagement of audience. Higher aspect ratio can also boost the visibility of your video. Twitter also recommends that if your video is in the portrait or landscape mode then it must be in the aspect ratio of 16:9 and if you are creating the videos in square mode then it should be in 1:1 aspect ratio. By using these video aspect ratios you can boost the experience while watching the videos.

Twitter video aspect ratios

03Twitter video upload requirements

There are several other factors to consider before making and uploading the Twitter videos. Here mentioned are some of the major ones:

File size of the Twitter video - You can upload videos of maximum file size of 512 MB. You can even post videos of higher file size but it must be trimmed into 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Resolution of Twitter video - If you are uploading videos on Twitter web then it must have the minimum resolution of 32 by 32 and the maximum resolution should be 1280 by 1024. This also depends on the orientation of your videos. Besides these resolutions, Twitter also allows some other resolutions. If you are creating videos in landscape mode then the resolution must be 1280 by 720p. For portrait videos this becomes 720 by 1080p and for square videos are 720 by 720p.

Frame rate - The term frame rate for any video means that the speed at which images are going to run in a video. For Twitter, it is good to use the maximum frame rate of 60 FPS and the minimum frame rate of 30 FPS.

Time duration of the Twitter Video - You can upload video of maximum 2 minutes and 20 seconds that is approx. 140 seconds on Twitter. The least time duration of video post is 0.5 seconds. In case you want to upload videos of longer duration then you will need to seek permission from the media studio of Twitter.

04Twitter Video Ad Specifications and Video Formats

There are different types of twitter video ads that require different specifications. Mentioned here are the types and their video ad specifications:

Promoted Video ads

By using these ad videos you can directly promote your brand making them appear on the user’s timeline.

The file size must not be more than 1 GB but it is recommended to keep the size under 30 MB.

The video length should also not exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds and the minimum length can be less than 15 seconds.

The recommended frame rate is 30 fps and the file type must be MP4 and MOV.

Video aspect ratios that are recommended are 1:1 and 16:9.

Promoted video ads on Twitter

Trend takeover ads

These video ads work like mass-awareness and campaigns that promote your business and brands. Under these campaigns your ads are the first ads that a person sees as soon he opens the Twitter for first time at any random day.

The length of these ads must not exceed 6 seconds and must be in Gif format.

Whether you are uploading image or Gif the aspect ratio must be 16:9.

The file sizes for images and Gifs are 5 and 15 MB respectively.

Trend takeover ads on twitter

Amplify pre-roll video ads

These ads are appeared on the content that is a user already watching. These are the best source to boost branding and promotion of your brand and product.

The videos must not be more than 1 GB in size.

The maximum and minimum lengths for the videos are 140 seconds and less than 15 seconds respectively.

These videos also contain a skip option after 6 seconds so that the user can skip the video ad if he wants to.

The recommended aspect ratio for these video ads is 1:1.

File type can be MOV or MP4 and the frame rate is recommended to be 30 fps but higher is also accepted.

Pre-roll ad videos

Part 1 Best 5 Practices to Increase Engagement for Twitter Videos

As Twitter videos are gaining a larger audience and it has become a great source to promote your brand, it is essential to focus a bit more on making them more engaging. Here are some of the best practices that you can opt for increasing the engagement for your Twitter videos:

Use of hash tags - On the social media platforms, it is common to use the hash tags to make a better reach for your videos. You may see people sometimes use a lot of hash tags but in the case of Twitter, less hash tags can do the most effective work. The only thing to keep in mind is that they should be completely relevant to the topic and content.

Simple and short - In today’s world, as all the people are so busy in their works and daily schedules they can easily get distracted by the things. If this is the case so it is not a good idea to make longer videos. This means that if your videos will be short and simple then they can easily get more audience and will also get shared widely. You should keep the first few moments of your video so engaging and interesting so that the viewer can stick back till the end. This is very important to leave a positive impact of your brand on your audience and targeted users.

Captions - Adding captions is another amazing way to increase the reach and boost engagement on your videos. You must be aware of the fact that nowadays the users prefer to use these apps through mobile phones and there they can even turn the sound off. So you will need to have a strategy so that you can keep the viewer engaged. This is the reason why captions are necessary. Also the captions that you are adding on your video must be of high quality and must catch the attention of your audience.

Add the logo: Twitter also suggests its users to add their logo in the frame of their videos. By logo, people can easily recognize your brand and they will also know about you via that logo. They will also be able to contact you further. The only worth considering thing is that the logo which you are adding must be engaging and eye-catching.

Use the correct tools - Using the correct tools cannot be neglected. If the tools that you are using will not be appropriate then they can lessen the quality of your videos. Many tools are available to the editing and video creation. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is one of the most high quality tools for your work. Also it is worth considering that Filmora pro is the updated and latest version of the Filmora tool. In this tool, you can make the use of 100 media layers, different formats, and a lot more. Also here you get the features of self and automatic editing. Also you will get a proper storage for your videos. You can create your videos in the highest resolutions and they can easily give you the best quality possible.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Social media platforms have gained an immense popularity amongst the people over the recent years. Twitter has also gained the same popularity and became the first choice of some users to promote themselves.

However, if your videos will not up to the mark or if they will not meet the technical requirements then it is possible that you cannot get the desired audience. Keep in mind about the resolutions, dimensions, file size, formats, aspect ratios, etc. before you post the videos on Twitter.

Also it is essential to work on your videos properly so that they can perform well. For this you can make the use of many latest tools like Filmora and Filmora Pro. These tools are laced with all the extraordinary features to make your video more engaging and impressive.

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