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How to Calculate & Change Video Aspect Ratio Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 11, 22, updated Jul 23, 24
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While watching movies, you might have noticed specific clips have black lines at the sides of the screen. It is because the original video's aspect ratio is different from that of the screen on which you see it.

Nowadays, people are using multiple devices with different aspect ratios. Videos are an effective marketing tool that most marketers are using to expand their business. Therefore, the video aspect ratio has become vital.

Some people feel technical aspects such as video aspect ratio or using aspect ratio editor are a bit intimidating. But they are easy and simple to understand. So, let us know more about them.

 Part 1 How to Calculate Video Aspect Ratio Online?

Do you want to make changes to the video? If yes, then it is important to understand the basic concepts of video aspect ratios. Moreover, you can determine the specifications using an aspect ratio editor online.

Every photo, canvas, responsive design, digital video, or frame is rectangular with precise proportions. Outline the aspect ratios to create shapes according to different mediums like computers, TV, movies, or camera screens.

With the help of aspect ratio calculators, you can calculate the image's value and new size. You can also use it to convert the image size and keep the objects in shape to make them look natural.

The formula to find an aspect ratio is: Width / Height

Aspect Ratio Calculation Process

Calculating the aspect resolution is pretty straightforward. The steps mentioned below will help you to get the correct height for the edited image:

  • Take the original height-for example, 2400 units.

  • Take the actual width- for example, 3200 units.

  • Then, divide the height by width- for example, 2400/3200=0.75.

  • Multiply the result (quotient) by new expected width- for instance, 0.75*600=450.

  • The resulting figure is a new height.

 Part 2 Websites to Change Video Aspect Ratio Online

If you want to change the video aspect ratio, you can easily crop the size of the video online with the help of different websites. These websites offer other aspect ratio options. So, let us learn more about them:

Free Convert

Free Convert is a free editing website that allows you to edit video aspect ratio online. Usually, it is a cloud-based editor that converts a variety of files. So, you can use it to change the video aspect ratio of your clip.

You can see various options such as aspect ratio, codec, screen resolution, or more during video file conversion. For example, you can opt for an aspect ratio as per your requirements there.

Then, this converter will fix the clip automatically in the resolution selected by you. This website can process multiple files up to 1GB at once.


  • No Pop-ups occur while converting

  • It did not affect the download speed

  • Easy to convert the files


  • You have a limit of 25 minutes to convert files. After that, you need to upgrade to pro by making monthly payments.


Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is a file conversion service supporting around 200 file formats online for free. You can adjust the aspect ratio of videos on this website easily.

You have to upload a video clip and select its output format as per your original file. Then go to output video configuration to change the aspect ratio there. Choose the aspect ratio from the options given.


  • Several conversion options for high-quality files

  • Supports cloud services

  • Platform independent

  • User-friendly

  • Supports batch conversion

  • It offers a powerful API


  • Get 25 minutes a day to convert the files



It is a free online aspect ratio editor to create content online. This tool has several features and a collection of online material. For example, through this aspect ratio editor, you can crop the size of video online.

You can select or resize video aspect ratio according to different social media platforms. But you can export only 720 p quality through this website for free after that; you have to create an account.


  • Merge multiple videos or images collectively in any order and add audio.

  • Reduce the video size of any format with a single click.

  • Add video subtitles

  • Resize or crop videos for all social media posts.

  • Cut out multiple sections of a video.


  • 250MB file upload limit

  • Export only in 720p quality

  • Export video clips for 7 minutes

  • Edit or store content till two days



Try the iMovie iPhone aspect ratio editor if you want to drag or drop the interface for editing videos simply. It has primitive tools to edit videos or images, and you can also import content from local drives or cloud storage with it.

It offers various visual effects like picture-in-picture, split-screen, or green screen effects. You can also enable viewers to zoom in or pass the scenes. Imovie set aspect ratio gives videos a cinematic feel using its 13 different video filters.


  • It has a simple interface.

  • Its 4K resolution support allows you to give a cinematic feel to videos.

  • iMovie has great speed controls that enable you for optimal pace-setting of scenes.


  • It does not have many output controls options.

  • It only works on Mac systems.

Wondershare Filmora

If you permanently want to change the aspect ratio online, you must opt for a video converter or editor. Wondershare Filmora is the most remarkable aspect ratio editor that allows you to easily create videos of 4:3, 9:16, 16:9, and 1:1 aspect ratios.

Moreover, it is a convenient tool to edit videos on YouTube, Apple TV, Vimeo, or mobile devices. So, many YouTubers or bloggers are using it.

It is a reliable and cost-effective tool that offers drop and drag effects, audio, templates, soundtracks, filters, and other options. In addition, you can access features like split-screen, green screen, motion tracking, etc.

Its keyframing feature allows you to include custom animations, while motion tracking helps you track objects. Then, the color matching feature enables you to copy the color settings of one video and apply them to another clip.

You can even assign hotkeys shortcuts for various tools to save your time. Moreover, you can use different transitions, motion elements, filters, clips, titles, audios, and many other things with a simple drag and drop option.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


With its green screen feature, you can remove or change the video background. Then, you have an audio ducking feature to lower down the background volume or fade the audio track to another.

Here are various methods to change the aspect ratio in Wondershare Filmora:

Method 1: Change Aspect Ratio at the Starting Interface

Wondershare Filmora allows you to resize video aspect ratio when you launch the editor program. First, go to the drop-down menu button. Then, click on it to see various aspect ratios such as 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 9:16, or 21:9.

Choose the aspect ratio that you want by simply clicking on it.

Starting Interface

Method 2: Change Aspect Ratio under Project Settings

You can change the aspect ratio by clicking on the "Project Settings." You can decide the target aspect ratio based on the aspect ratio of the media source.

For instance, if the aspect ratio of media source files is 4:3, select the standard aspect ratio of 4:3. Then, media files with other aspect ratios will show black bars.

In case of any discordance or if you want to change the aspect ratio, choose the proper ratio from project settings.

 Project Settings

Method 3: Change Aspect Ratio during Editing

Even after importing the videos or images into Filmora’s timeline, you can easily change the ratio from the Crop and Zoom tool.

- Go to timeline and right-click on the video clip. Then, select "Crop and Zoom." You will see the pop-up window.

- Click on 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, or 9:16 manually at the bottom if you like to change the video aspect ratio.

- You can also manually enter the video aspect ratio. Next, click on the “Ok” button.

Crop and Zoom Tool

After changing the aspect ratio, add background blur effects if you notice a black bar. It will enhance the video. You can also intensify your video by using filters, visual effects, overlays, or titles.

Video Enhancing

Method 4: Change the Aspect Ratio with Auto-Reframe

If you use Filmora’s latest versions, you will notice Auto Reframe helps to change the aspect ratio. Other than cropping, it will find the object in clips and crop it automatically if needed.

The following are steps to change the aspect ratio using the Auto-Reframe option:

Step1 Once you upload the video clips to the media library, right-click on it and choose the Auto-Reframe option.

Choose Auto-Reframe option

Step2 You will see the Auto Reframe window appear on the screen. Replace the existing video with a new clip. Then, change the video aspect ratio and video motion speed. Make sure to change the aspect ratio that fits most with different social media platforms.

Select the Aspect Ratio

Step3 Once you choose the aspect ratio, click on the "Analyze" button. Filmora will Auto-Reframe the video itself. Once the process completes, you can see results in the preview window.

Drag box to adjust the frame or to keep the object in it. It will automatically remove the content outside the box.

Drag Box

Step4 After completing adjustment or reframing, click on the "Export" button to save your video.

Change the name of the video and select the location where you want to save the video. Now, click on the "Export" again to save.

Click Export Button

Method 5: Change Aspect Ratio at Exporting

You can save the clip to your system or smartphones, depending on your requirements. Then, upload them directly to Youtube or burn them into DVD by clicking on the "Export button." In this way, you can watch on widescreen or standard TV whenever you want.

Upload or Burn by Clicking on Export Button

● Change Aspect Ratio for the Local Computer

First, you will see the "Local" tab. There you can save the clip in a particular aspect ratio to your system.

You can see all resolutions with various aspect ratios after selecting the format. The output video depends on the media click resolution.

● Change Aspect Ratio for a Device

Change the "Device" tab to save the video in formats compatible with popular devices, including iPod, iPhone, PSP, iPad, etc. Once you choose the device, you will see all resolutions. Choose your favorite or the best resolution.

The video quality will continue improving with higher resolutions. But it will also increase the size of the file.

● Change Aspect Ratio for YouTube

Go to the "YouTube" tab and fill in the information. Then, click the "Export" button. Selecting the aspect ratio again is not necessary. It will directly upload your videos to YouTube.

● Change Aspect Ratio for DVD TV

When you go to the "DVD" tab, you will notice various aspect ratio options. Switching the aspect ratio for TV from 4:3 to 16:9 is pretty straightforward. To do so, select what you think is right.


From the article above, you have learned about different online converters. Now you know how to change the video aspect ratio online and use the video aspect ratio editor. Also, understand how to calculate aspect ratios.

So, you can decide for yourself that Wondershare Filmora video editor is one of the best tools. Using its different methods you can change the aspect ratio easily.

Furthermore, you can use it to make changes on both social media platforms and your devices because it is an effective and reliable tool.

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