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Best ASMR Microphones

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Nov 13, 2023• Proven solutions

ASMR can be triggered by visual, audio, and tactile stimuli, which is the reason why most YouTubers who produce this type of content dedicate a lot of attention to the image and sound quality.

Furthermore, the vast majority of ASMR videos you can find on YouTube utilizes audio triggers to spark the autonomous sensory meridian response in one form or the other. Consequently, the quality of the audio recording determines whether or not your videos will be able to trigger ASMR. That’s why we selected some of the ASMR microphones novice and seasoned YouTubers can use to record the audio for their ASMR YouTube videos.  

Part 1: Which Features Should an ASMR Microphone Have?

Thinking that you can use any microphone you can lay your hands on to record sound for you ASMR videos is a mistake, because the quality of the recording may not be at a satisfactory level if your microphone is producing a lot of self-noise or if it is not able to pick up soft noises.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and ASMR microphone should have.

1. The mic’s source of power

A microphone can draw power from two sources, as you can either connect it to a computer via a USB cable or you can use an XLR cable to connect the device to an external power source.

The so-called Phantom Power can be any type of adapter or audio recorder that supplies a microphone with power. All professional condenser microphones are connected to a power source through an XLR connection although some mics can have a built-in phantom power source that requires only an AA battery to function normally.  

2. The microphone’s recording direction

Although there are a number of direction categories of microphones, ASMR content produces commonly use Omnidirectional and Binaural mics.

As its name suggests, an omnidirectional microphone can pick up sounds from all sides, which makes it a good option if you want to record ambient sounds like brushing or tapping. However, you should also keep in mind that this type of microphone can capture background noises which may impact the overall quality of the recording.

The binaural mics are composed of two microphones are used to record the left and right channel separately. You don’t necessarily have to get a binaural microphone in order to create a binaural audio recording since you can just use two different microphones to record the left and right channels individually.

3. The level of self-noise a microphone makes

Recording low sounds can be challenging if your microphone is creating humming or crackling noises automatically. The so-called self-noise level a microphone makes is quantified in A-weighted decibels, and ideally, you should get a mic that makes around 15dBA in order to keep sounds a microphone produces automatically at the very minimum.

Besides the self-noise, you should also look into S/N (Signal to Noise Ratio) that depicts the ratio of signal power to noise power. A mic that has approximately 80dBA or more should enable you to record low voices without having to worry about the unwanted noises.   

Part 2: What Are The Best Budget ASMR Microphones for Beginners?

If you are thinking about starting an ASMR YouTube channel, you don’t have to get a professional microphone right away, because there lots of affordable mics that will enable you to create crystal-clear audio recordings.

We’ve shortlisted a few of the best budget ASMR microphones for beginners on the market with the aim to help you narrow down your choices. Here’s what they have to offer.

1. Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Recorder

Price: $89.99

This versatile digital recorder can be used for different purposes that range from capturing audio for podcasts to recording your personal notes. The Tascam DR-05X is equipped with a pair of dual condenser microphones that enable you to record low or high sounds with the same level of efficiency.

The device is powered by two AA batteries and it can record for almost 18 hours continually before you have to change the batteries. The Tascam DR-05X’s interface is intuitive which allows you to adjust audio levels, delete a take you didn’t like, or add markers to a recording effortlessly.

What’s more, this handheld digital recorder has a USB port which enables you to connect it to a computer and use it to record audio during live streams or while creating a new ASMR video for your YouTube channel. Nonetheless, this omnidirectional digital recorder doesn’t have an XLR jack and you can’t use it to capture sound from professional microphones.

2. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Price: $129.99

Arguably the most popular microphone within YouTube’s ASMR community Blue Yeti USB microphone is a versatile mic you can use to record ambient sounds and vocals. The microphone has three condenser capsules which enables you to record audio with it in a broad range of different contexts.

In addition, you can switch between stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional pattern modes and choose the direction from which the microphone is going to pick up sounds. Blue Yeti has the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and it features the mute and gain buttons so that you can quickly adjust this value even if you are still recording.

The mic’s signal to noise ratio is 100dBA which means that it produces a minimum amount of noises while you’re recording low sounds. You can use this mic on Windows XP and all other later versions of the OS as well as macOS X or higher.

3. Zoom H4N Pro

Price: $218.99

Yet another digital recorder that is frequently used to capture the audio for ASMR videos. Zoom H4N Pro is equipped with x/Y stereo microphones capable of recording audio at 140dBA SPA and it offers the possibility to record sound on four channels.

What’s more, this device enables you to create 24-bit audio files that can have up to 96kHz, while its output level is set to -10dBu. Zoom H4N Pro has two XLR/TRS jacks that are equipped with locking connectors as well as a 400 W monaural speaker.  

Besides connecting XLR microphones to this digital recorder, you can also connect the device to your computer or a Smartphone through its USB port. The device supports SD cards that have up to 32GB of storage space, which means that you can record hours of audio without having to worry about the size of these files.

4. Blue Microphones Baby Bottle SL Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Price: $399.99

Music industry professionals have been using microphones manufactured by Blue Microphones for decades, which is why it is hardly surprising that their Baby Bottle mic is one of the best ASMR microphones on the market.

This is a cardioid microphone that utilizes the pressure gradient to pick up sounds from all directions. In addition, the device has a large-diaphragm capsule that enables it to produce sounds that are clear and rich in detail.

Moreover, this model has a high pass filter and -20dBA pad that ensures you can record high and soft sounds with the same level of quality. The noise level of this USB microphone is 87dbA which means that it doesn’t create humming sounds while it is recording low sounds. In addition, the microphone’s vintage design makes it a trendy option for all ASMR video content creators in search of a powerful and esthetically pleasing microphone. 

Part 3: Which High-End ASMR Mics You Should Try?

As your ASMR YouTube channel grows, the quality of the audio recordings you create is becoming increasingly important, because it impacts the overall quality of the content you’re sharing with your followers.

In case you’re looking for a microphone that is going to improve the quality of your audio recordings you should check out the mics below.

1. Rode NT1-A Stereo Vocal Condenser Microphone

Price: $439.00

Rode is probably the most famous microphone manufacturer in the world, as the company produced some of the best mics ever created. Their NT1-A Stereo Vocal Condenser Microphone features a 1’’ capsule that contains a gold plated diaphragm. The mic has a cardioid polar pattern and its maximum SPL capability cannot exceed 137dBSPL.

Moreover, you can pair two of the NT1-A microphones if you want to create a stereo or binaural recordings. This Rode’s model has a noise level of just 5dB, which makes it one of the best studio microphones on the market.

This mic requires one A battery to function, and it only has an XRL jack, which means that you cannot connect it to a computer via a USB cable. Although its price may seem a bit steep, the audio quality this microphone can produce more than justifies the high cost.   

2. 3Dio FS Pro II

Price: $2, 057.88

In case you want to record your ASMR videos with a microphone that meets the highest industry standards, then 3Dio FS Pro II is one of the best choices you have at your disposal. The microphone has the shape of human ears and like all omnidirectional microphones, it can pick up sounds from all directions.

This model has two XLR jacks and a 3.5mm stereo output jack so that you can connect it to a 16-channel mixer or different types of audio recording devices. 3Dio FS Pro II needs 48 V to run normally and it uses 1.9 V batteries that can provide you with up 300 hours of recording time.

The microphone is designed to imitate the way human beings hear by preserving the direction from which the sound came. This means that the listeners of your ASMR recordings are going to be able to detect the direction from which the sounds are coming from.

We’ve summarized the key features of the mics mentioned above for helping you making a quick decision.

Product name Polar Pattern Self-noise / S/N ratio Power Source type Best for Price
Tascam DR-05X Stereo, omnidirectional 92dB USB Whispers and low sounds $89.99
Blue Yeti Bidirectional, omnidirectional, cardioid, stereo 100dB USB Low and high sounds $129.99
Zoom H4N Pro Stereo, omnidirectional 140dB USB Whispers and ambient sounds $218.99
Blue Microphones Baby Bottle SL Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Cardioid 87dB Phantom power Whispers and ambient sounds $399.99
Rode NT1-A Stereo Cardioid or binaural 5dB Phantom power Ambient sounds and voice recordings $439.00
3Dio FS Pro II Binaural, omnidirectional 14dB Phantom power Ambient sounds and voice recordings $2, 057.88

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions About ASMR Microphones

1. Should I use a USB or XLR microphone for ASMR recordings?

Although both USB and XLR microphones are frequently used to capture ASMR recordings, and XLR microphone produces a much better sound quality. So, if you want to prioritize the audio quality you should record all your ASMR videos with an XLR microphone.

However, there are quite a few affordable USB mics on the market that will enable you to capture sound in decent quality at a relatively low price.

2. Which type of microphone should be used to record ASMR sounds?

Condenser microphones are a much better option than the dynamic mics because they pick up soft sounds easily. Also, getting an XLR mic is usually a better choice than opting for a USB mic.

3. Is an omnidirectional microphone better for ASMR than the binaural mic?

The answer to this question depends on the type of ASMR video you want to create. If it is important for you to capture tapping or scratching sounds from all sides then you should choose an omnidirectional microphone.

A binaural mic will enable you to create a more immersive audio recording, but they are also more expensive.


In the world of video production, the quality of your equipment often determines how good the final product is going to be. That’s why a good microphone is one of the essential items for an ASMR artist.

Finding a good microphone you can use to record ASMR sounds shouldn’t be too difficult, because you can get a high-quality option in different price tiers. If you are on a budget, then a microphone like Blue Yeti may be a great choice, because it lets you choose between different polar patterns and it produces a great quality of sound.

On the other hand, 3Dio FS Pro II or Rode NT1-A Stereo microphones are worth investing in because they will enable you to record sound at a professional level.

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