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YouTube Monetization: CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) YouTube Income

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 30, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

If you have been following the who’s who of YouTube, then Ajey Nagar, also popularly known as CarryMinati is definitely not a new name for you and you must also be well aware of CarryMinati YouTube income. And, if you have not heard of this name before, then it is high time to know about this YouTube influencer who is an Asian and Indian sensation.

Getting excited, we too!!! So, in this article, we will learn all about who is Ajey Nagar, what is CarryMinati, what makes this man so popular, what is his CarryMinati monthly income, his personal life, and much more.

In this article
  1. Who is CarryMinati?
  2. CarryMinati YouTube earning and stats
  3. Why is Carry Minati trending on YouTube?
  4. Bonus Tip: How to be a YouTuber and Make Videos like Carryminati
  5. Hot FAQs on CarryMinati

Part 1: Who is CarryMinati?

You may wonder who this simple-looking, young boy is, right?

ajay nagar aka carryminati

Yes, he is one of the India’s biggest YouTuber- Ajey Nagar. He shared a shoulder with Tom Cruise while promoting Mission Impossible 6 in Paris.

In this part of the topic, we are going to get deep knowledge about the personal, professional and financial information related to Carryminati.

Nickname CarryMinati
Real Name Ajey Nagar
Net Worth (2022) 31 Crores ($4 Million)
Monthly Income Rs. 16+ Lakh
Yearly Income Rs. 3+ Crore
Date of Birth 12th June 1999
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Height 165 cm
Profession YouTube
YouTube Channel CarryMinati and CarryisLive
Awards and Recognition Listed in TIME’s 10 next-generation leaders in the year 2019
Listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2020

So, by now we know that CarryMinati aka Ajay Nagar is quite popular on YouTube. But, what does this popularity gets him in terms of money? Yes, this is an interesting question and the answer for this, you can check out in the next part of the topic.

Part 2: CarryMinati YouTube earning and stats

Let’s now deep digger into the financial aspects and other related stats related to CarryMinati. So, if you are eager to know how much CarryMinati earn from YouTube, we will give you to the nearest exact figures. Who does not like numbers, they are interesting facts, isn’tead.

A major part of Ajay Nagar’s income comes from YouTube videos and in addition to this, his popularity makes him earn from YouTube sponsors, collaborations, tie-up videos, brand endorsements, and advertising. 

Estimated Monthly Earnings in USD/Indian Rupees Rs. 16+ Lakhs
Estimated yearly Earnings in USD/Indian Rupees $ 4 Million/ Rs. 3+ Crores
Videos About Roasting, Comedy, Sketches, Satire, and Gaming
Total Video Uploads Over 176
Subscribers CarryMinati- 36.6million
CarryisLive- 11.3 million
Video Views CarryMinati- 2.9 billion+
CarryisLive- 1.3 billion+
Last 30 Days Views 35 M+

The statistics related to the views and income about CarryMinati are quite interesting and this makes everyone curious about what makes the channel and this person so popular on YouTube. If you too have been curious about the same, head to our next section.

Part 3: Why is Carry Minati trending on YouTube?

Just like the statistics, the facts related to CarryMinati’s popularity are equally interesting. Every YouTube channel or an influencer who is popular and trending have their own uniqueness and when it comes to CarrayMinati aka Ajay Nagar, there are several factors that makes him a sensation. Shortlisted some of them are as below.

Exclusive personality of Ajay Naga

Ajay Nagar has an exclusive personality that acts like a magnet that attracts viewers. His way of speaking and interacting with the audience has earned him a fan base across the globe.

Engaging and interactive video

The videos of CarryMinati are engaging and interactive which keeps the audience interested throughout.

Rib-tickling humour

The way the humour is added to the videos is simply amazing and definitely makes the viewers laugh a lot.

Relatable and authentic video content

Viewers of different ages and genres can easily relate to the videos created by CarryMinati and also found them to be authentic and different from the other channels.

Checkout his video on Social Media Culture that how interestingly he engages people with the relatable topics, and you will know what makes this man different from the others.

Most popular videos of CarryMinati

Though almost all videos by CarryMinati gain popularity, listed below are the top ones to date.

YouTube Vs Tik TOK

The End (The video was uploaded on 8th May 2020 and had over 65 million views with 8 lacs comments and over 10 million likes.) This was a roasting video by CarryMinati that gained immense popularity, but was later pulled down by YouTube stating it to be against the harassment policy of YouTube and for violating the guidelines of the community.

youtube vs tiktok the end

Film the Flare

This video is about the Indian Film Industry and the awards given to the stars. Carryinati has interesting roasted the stars and receiving awards.

PUBG India: Life Battle Royale

It is an interesting video of around 17 minutes where Ajay Nagar has acted along with other people to create a fun plot based of PUBG game.

Bonus Tip: How to be a YouTuber and Make Videos like Carryminati

We have learned that CarryMinati has become the name it is, all because of the excellent videos it creates. Though it may sound simple, video creation requires a lot of skills, patience, and the help of expert tools.

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Key features of the software

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Wondershare Filmora supports a wide range of video editing features including basic editing, advanced editing, AI-based tools, and much more. The complete features can be checked in the Wondershare Filmora Video Editing Guide.

AI-based features are the highlight of this software and for your reference, listed below are the steps for the AI Portrait function. Using this feature, the background of a video can be removed easily without using the green screen or the chroma key.

Steps to use AI Portrait in Wondershare Filmora

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Step1 Launch the installed software on your system and add the media file to the software timeline.

wondershare filmora ai portrait 1

Step2 Next, go to Effects > Ai Portrait, and the options of the features can be checked here. Click on the thumbnail and the feature can be viewed in the preview window.

wondershare filmora ai portrait 2

Step3 Drag the selected Portrait to the timeline and from the pop-up window choose to Purchase the additional module. You can check the result by playing the video. If needed multiple AI Portraits can be added to the video.

wondershare filmora ai portrait 3

Step4 If further customization is needed, you can even adjust the AI Portrait settings.

wondershare filmora ai portrait 4

Step5 When finally, all the settings are done, click on the Export button to save the file.

wondershare filmora ai portrait 5

Hot FAQs on CarryMinati

Below we have answered some hot frequently asked questions about CarryMinati.

1. Is Carry Minati married?

No, till date, CarryMinati aka Ajay Nagar is not married.

2. How much CarryMinati earn from 1 video?

Calculating the income from a YouTube video can be a complicated task that depends on several factors like views, likes, ads in the video, and more.

3. Which actors has Carry Minati interviewed?

Carry Minati has interviewed popular actors like Tom Cruise, Tessa Thompson, Henry Cavil, and others celebrities.

carryminati with tom cruise

Final Words

Gone are the days when only high posts at big-shot companies can bring in money and proving this right is CarryMinati who is not only earning big but has also earned worldwide fans and has created a name for himself. With his comic skits and engaging videos, this popular YouTube influencer is growing and stretching his wings.

If you too have got inspired and looking forward to starting with some interesting videos, we suggest downloading Wondershare Filmora which will let you create a professional video with ease.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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