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How to See YouTube Liked Comments

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 14, 22, updated Dec 06, 22

People nowadays can express their feelings and opinions online through social media platforms. One of these is the second most visited website worldwide, which is YouTube. With this, people can communicate with each other and share thoughts by commenting and reacting to someone's content or posts. In this composition, you will learn how to see YouTube liked comments. But first, let us define what YouTube is.

People can watch, like, share, comment on, and upload videos using the YouTube service. You can access this video service on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

In this article
  1. What Are YouTube's Primary Purposes?
  2. Why Use YouTube?
  3. How to See Liked Comments on YouTube?
  4. How to Respond to Comments
  5. Did you know what a Highlighted comment is?

What Are YouTube's Primary Purposes?

  • Users can look up and view videos.
  • Make your own YouTube channel.
  • movie clips to your channel
  • Share, like, and comment on other YouTube videos
  • Users can follow or subscribe to other YouTube channels.
  • To arrange videos and combine them together, make playlists.

Why Use YouTube?

YouTube is the second-largest web browser after Google. Every minute, YouTube receives more than 100 hours of video. Whether you're disseminating information to students or marketing activities, it's among the most significant ways to reach a large audience. Some of the benefits of YouTube are listed below.

Your SEO may use some improvement

One of the most widely used content types is video, frequently shared on social media. Sharing videos on YouTube with quality titles, descriptions, and tags is a terrific strategy to raise your search engine rating because Google and other search engines favor video content.

Strong Branding

Your brand messaging can be quickly and effectively communicated through video. Video is a beautiful medium for expressing the feeling and physical characteristics of your marketing because people respond positively to visual cues.

Don't Tell, Show

Concepts that are difficult to express in word form can be effectively demonstrated through video: use screen capture recordings, live demonstrations, or even whiteboard drawings to present to your pupils.

Reach a Greater Audience with Your Message

YouTube is the world's most widely used video site, and its videos are very shareable. Think about how frequently videos appear on your Twitter feed or Facebook Timeline. How often do you get emails with videos? Video may be easily and quickly shared widely.

You don't require a huge budget

While hiring pros to make various sorts of videos has significant advantages, not all videos require a six-figure budget. With only a few pieces of essential video equipment, you may quickly and easily produce influential movies of lectures, demonstrations, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Video

Given how many students have smartphones, video is an excellent medium for connecting with them. Most students already use YouTube, which is particularly adapted for mobile devices.

How to See Liked Comments on YouTube?

YouTube is a service that is available for free, and it may be a terrific place for teenagers to find interest. Many young people use YouTube to watch comedy shows, how-to videos, recipes, hacks, and music videos. Teenagers also use the video-sharing platform to subscribe to other YouTubers and famous personalities and to follow their favorite vloggers (video bloggers).

If you create your own personal YouTube channel and upload your videos, people can like, share, and comment on your videos. You can also comment and like others' comments on your video. Unfortunately, you can't see who's liked or disliked your comments on YouTube, but you can see reactions to your posts.

If you are still wondering why you can't see who liked or disliked a Youtube comment, you should know these things:

  • Neither you nor anyone else on YouTube can see who liked or disliked your comment.
  • YouTube hides users' likes and dislikes of comments for their protection and security. Still, it's probably safe to assume that everyone who made a favorable comment on your comment loved it.
  • You cannot see who viewed a particular video favorably or unfavorably, but you can see how many individuals did so.

But, if you want to retrace the videos you commented on and the videos/comments you liked or disliked, you should follow these steps:

Step1 Click on your Google Account icon and find Your data in YouTube.

find your data in youtube

Step2 Scroll down a little bit and click the More button.

your youtube dashboard more

Step3 Click the Comments section.

click comments your youtube dashboard

Now you will see your comment history, including the date when you commented on a certain video and also the exact comment you posted.

your youtube comments date

To see videos/comments you liked or disliked, please follow these steps as continuation:

Step4 In the Google My Activity tab, click Other activity.

other activity youtube comments

Step5 Scroll down and find Comment Likes and Dislikes on YouTube section. Click View Comment Likes and Dislikes.

your comment likes and dislikes

Now you will see the videos you liked or disliked and also the comments you liked or disliked, including the date when you liked or disliked the video/comment.

date likes videos youtube

This article tells you that you can't see who liked or disliked a comment, but you can see how many likes or dislikes a comment got. Then go to any video you want, scroll down to the comment section, and see how many likes or dislikes a comment received.

likes comment received

In this image, the following comments only got likes and no dislikes. That is why there are just written numbers on the like button and on the dislike button there are none.

How to Respond to Comments

Don't ignore someone who has questioned you or written you a heartfelt note. Keep the conversation (and engagement) going by responding to comments.

Go to your YouTube Studio page and select Comments from the left-hand menu on YouTube. You can check comments you've set up to publish automatically without moderation by going to the Published tab.

They will be lingering on the Held for Review tab if comments need to be approved. (If you don't agree or delete them within 60 days, comments will be deleted without your intervention.)

If you're dealing with a chatty audience, the filter bar at the top of any tab's tab enables you to filter by specific text, comments with questions, unanswered comments, and more.

Currently, there is no way to check the liked comments.

The "like" and "dislike" buttons are both anonymous. This implies that, even if it does, YouTube does not publicly divulge the user's identity who likes or dislikes a comment, not even the channel owner.

The concept of neutrality serves as the foundation for anonymous voting. To prevent voting from being analyzed or abused, everyone who loves or dislikes a comment remains anonymous.

Therefore, you can do the instructions above to see your liked remarks.

The 1.7 billion monthly unique users of YouTube can express what they love, detest, or must troll in the comments section. It's like the internet's very own Thunderdome, yet despite the potential for hate, YouTube comments may also present a significant chance for participation and community development.

So! Effectively managing your comments (including moderation, answers, and analysis) is essential if you want to maximize your presence on YouTube as part of your social media strategy.

Engaging with comments has the additional benefit of elevating you in the YouTube algorithm and demonstrating to your fans and followers that you care about what they have to say. Videos that receive a lot of likes, comments, and moderation typically rank higher in search results.

After all, this composition wants you to know how to see the YouTube liked comments. If you're going to work in this field, I hope this information helps and motivates you. This article will end by giving you tips and additional information that can help you, especially when pursuing the YouTube industry.

Remember that you can only leave comments on videos that are public (or unlisted ones). Additionally, once you leave a comment, it becomes public and is linked to your YouTube account. Make sure your message is in the appropriate tone if you're representing your company, such as this example from a meditation center playing chillhop music.

Because understanding how to comment is only one aspect of the issue; very important is knowing how to comment well. A brand's YouTube remark should provide value beyond simply attempting to sell something.

Try making a joke, pointing out something amusing, providing helpful information, or expressing sympathy or concern for a fan. Additionally, a simple thumbs-up or heart can go a long way to demonstrate that you are paying attention even if you aren't feeling very friendly (we all have bad days, it's OK!).

Did you know what a Highlighted comment is?

A highlighted comment on YouTube aims to draw the content creator's attention with an automated feature.

When you click over to the comments area after receiving a notification about a new comment or a reply to one of your comments, that particular comment will be highlighted for quick access.

To put it another way, YouTube flags notable comments for you to ensure that new messages or significant replies aren't lost in the noise. Once you have read or replied to the comment, the highlight will go.

Additionally, video creators can manually highlight commenters to mark them for later responses. To do this, click on the comment's timestamp (found next to the commenter's username). Ta-da!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 06, 22
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