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How To Stream Google Meet to YouTube [Step-by-Step Guide]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 01, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Google Meet helps people to connect virtually with each other in a well-protected environment. If you have physical restrictions, Google Meet can provide an enhanced ecosystem to collaborate with your team members. With high video and audio quality, it can prevent you from any sort of disturbance. If you want to connect with a larger audience during your Google Meet sessions, you can go for live streaming.

This article will address how to conduct Google Meet live stream through the platform of YouTube. To learn more, continue reading this guide.

In this article
    1. Available Google Workspace Edition
    2. Approval of YouTube Channel for Live
    3. Connect your YouTube Channel to Google Meet
  1. How to Live Stream from Google Meet to YouTube
  2. Bonus Tip: Easily Record your Google Meet Live Stream

Part 1: Three Things to Check Before Starting Your Live

Before increasing your audience from Google Meet live stream on YouTube, make sure to check the below prerequisites.

1. Available Google Workspace Edition

For Google Meet YouTube live, there are some requirements. The reason is that not every ordinary user of Google Meet can go for YouTube live streaming. To do so, you should buy any of the following pricing plans:

Google Workspace Pricing Plan Price
Enterprise Starter Approx. $10/User/Month
Enterprise Standard Approx. $20/User/Month
Enterprise Plus Approx. $30/User/Month
Education Plus Approx. $5/Student/Month
Teaching and Learning Upgrade Approx. $4/License/Month
Workspace Individual Subscriber Approx. $9.9/Month
Google One Subscribers with 2 TB or More Storage Space Approx. $10/Month
Note: To know the exact pricing plans of Google Workspace, you have to contact Google Support.

2. Approval of YouTube Channel for Live

To conduct live streaming, you must receive approval from the YouTube channel. For this, you must access your channel's YouTube Studio to perform the account verification. Now to activate and enable live streaming on your YouTube account, check the following steps:

Step1 Open your YouTube account and click on the "Profile" icon given at the top-right corner. After opening the Profile menu, click on the "YouTube Studio" option.

choose the youtube studio option

Step2 A new window will be displayed on your screen. From the left panel, select "Content" among other options. Under the section called "Live," locate the "Get Started" option. Afterward, tap on the "Request" option and perform the verification steps for enabling live streaming. After 24 hours, you would get approval for live streaming on YouTube. Hence, you would be able to live stream Google Meet meetings through your YouTube channel.

tap on get ting started option

3. Connect your YouTube Channel to Google Meet

Once you get approval for live streaming, you can connect the YouTube channel to your Google Meet account. If the Host Management option is disabled, anyone within the Google Meet session can start live streaming. Conversely, only hosts or co-hosts can begin live streaming if this option is activated. Moreover, the individual who is starting the live stream from Google Meet will get connected to his YouTube channel.

Furthermore, you should use the same email address to enter the Google Meet that is connected to your YouTube account. By using the same email address, you can ensure smooth live streaming of Google Meet sessions to your YouTube channel. Also, you can only use laptops or desktops for initiating live streaming. The reason is that the Google Meet live stream on YouTube is not currently available on mobile devices.

Part 2: How to Live Stream from Google Meet to YouTube

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you can start a live stream from Google Meet to YouTube. Check the following steps to execute the process:

Step1 To allow Google Meet sessions to live stream on YouTube, the Google Workspace admin must adjust some settings. To begin, log in to the “Admin Console” on the Workspace administrator account. Now go to "Apps" and access the "Google Workspace" option.

Step2 Afterward, click "Google Meet" and tap on the "Stream" option. Once done, click on the “Pencil” icon to open the Settings menu. Now enable the options "Let People Steam Their Meetings" and "Let People Use YouTube to Stream Meetings." Once done with the changes, click on the “Save” button.

Step3 Make sure that the Google account attached to your YouTube channel is capable of live streaming. Once done, go to your YouTube channel and tap on the “Create” button. Afterward, hit the “Live” button.

Step4 Now enter your Google Meet session and click on the “Activities” option. From the Activities menu, select "Live Streaming." Now a small menu will open for live-streaming settings. You can create a new event and add an event title. Make sure to choose the privacy options and desired language. Afterward, click on the “Start Streaming” option.

Step5 A small pop-up will appear that will tell you to remind your participants about live streaming. After reminding, click on the "Start" button. You can see the red "Live" button that will indicate to you the ongoing live-streaming session. Once you have concluded the live streaming by clicking on the "Stop Streaming" button, you can check the video analytics by visiting your YouTube channel.

Bonus Tip: Easily Record your Google Meet Live Stream

Do you want to save your Google Meet live-stream session? The best tool through which you can save your essential live-streaming sessions is Wondershare Filmora Screen Recorder. By using this efficient screen recorder, you can access your saved live streaming session and revise the important points discussed in it.

The screen recorder of Filmora is capable of capturing webcam and screen recording simultaneously. You can select a customized recording area through this tool. For example, you can choose a full screen, a specific window, or a customized area. Furthermore, this screen recording tool can also capture your microphone and system’s sounds in high quality. At the same time, as a powerful video editor, you can edit your videos with various advanced features of Filmora to bring them to the next level. Click the video below to learn more about Filmora's new features.

Steps to Record Live Streaming Using Filmora Screen Recorder

Are you ready to capture your live-streaming session on Google Meet? Here are the simple and accurate steps to begin the process:

Step1 Open the Screen Recorder.

Download Wondershare Filmora and open its interface. Click the “Screen Recorder” option given on the main homepage. By doing so, a screen recorder window will open. Here, you can select screen recording modes such as full-screen, target window, or custom. Also, make sure to choose your system’s audio and microphone to proceed.

select the screen recorder
Step2 Adjust Settings and Start Recording.

From Settings, you can also select the quality, frame rate, and color of mouse clicks. Once you have adjusted all the settings properly, hit the “REC” button.

adjust the screen recording settings
Step3 End the Recording.

After the countdown, the screen recording will begin. To stop the recording, you can press the F9 button from your keyboard. After the recording ends, the file will be dropped into the media library of Filmora.

screen recording completed


Google Meet is a reliable environment to connect and collaborate with people. To increase your reach and target audience, you can conduct Google Meet live streaming on YouTube. This article has discussed a detailed way through which you can live stream your Google Meet session on your YouTube channel.

To save and access your live streaming sessions later, you can try the screen recorder of Wondershare Filmora. This screen recorder can capture screen and respective audio in high quality.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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