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How to Create YouTube Channel in Mobile with Ease [Personal & Business]

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 31, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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The relevance of YouTube and the need to have a channel are visible with the rise in viewership. Having launched on February 14th, 2005, YouTube has become the 2nd most visited social media website according to Google statistics having a whopping over 2 billion users on the platform monthly.

As an entrepreneur or a company, one of the easiest and fastest ways of selling your brand or skill is via the YouTube platform. Thus, you must know how to make a YouTube channel on iPhone and how to make a YouTube channel on Android. Having overwhelming subscribers becomes an added advantage as not only will you and your business be known or recognized, YouTube has a way of appreciating and paying some of their influencers as well.

At this point, I know how hungry you are to kick-start your YouTube. This article will help guide you through creating a YouTube channel on your mobile, whether for personal or business purposes. Rather than scanning through, you should peruse through attentively.

Part 1: How to Make a Personal YouTube Channel on Mobile

Creating a YouTube channel on mobile is not a cumbersome one. It is as easy as ABC, and within split seconds you’ve created your own YouTube channel. The guideline entails the following steps:

  1. The first step to setting up your personal YouTube channel starts with creating a Google account for those who don’t have any yet.
  2. Whether you open your YouTube app or via the web browser of your phone, open the YouTube website.
  3. On the top right-hand side of your mobile, tap on your profile image

create YT channel on mobile profile image


  1. A drop-down menu will pop up. Click on your channel icon.
  2. An option to create a new channel comes up. (For those who have a channel already, an alternative to manage your channel or video will show.)

create channel name on mobile

  1. An option to input your name pops up on the screen. Carefully insert your desired name and tap on Create.
  2. If you would love to halt and resume later in the setting up, you can scroll down to click on the ‘set up later.’

Part 2: How to Create a Business YouTube on Mobile

how to create youtube channel for business

The clarity on the relevance of YouTube in this dispensation when it comes to branding or business-boosting is immense. Many savvy entrepreneurs and business companies have come to the known for their beautiful advantages. With over 2 billion people trooping into the site monthly, making your brand come to the limelight in this social media implies reaching one-tenth of the users,i.e., if you play by the rules of strategically planning your business growth, the top. However, this article may not reveal the different strategies to adopt so you can become an influencer in your line of business; instead, it will start from scratch on how to get your YouTube business page started. How then can one create his own business YouTube account?

1. Signing into a Google account

To successfully start using the YouTube app, there is a need to sign officially into Google. If you've it in mind to have a separate Google account for your business account, you kick-start it at this stage.

However, you can still use your name to open a Google account and create a business YouTube account for subsequent use. The truth is that YouTube gives room for you still to make a business account with a business name thus, eliminating the need to use a business name in creating your Google account.

2. Creating a business name

Once you create a Google account, the next step is to make your business a YouTube account. This you do by either signing into your YouTube app or via the YouTube website in your mobile browser. Once logged in to the app interface, you will see the profile photo you used in creating your Google account or the initial letter of the first name you used on the top right-hand side of your mobile. Tap on it, and a drop-down menu will come up, tap on the 'create a channel' icon, which will lead you to another interface where you have the option to select 'Get started' or 'No thanks.' A tap on the get started will reveal an option to either create your channel using the name and image of your Google account or use a customized name.

create the business name


Selecting the custom name gives you the autonomy to use the brand or business name of your choice, after which you tap on the create option.

3. Customize your business page

At this point, you can design the layout by utilizing the appealing icon and banner of your choice, just as provided by the likes of Facebook or Twitter. The customized templates in Canva are there for you to design your page to your state.

I know you would be wondering how to go about this; YouTube can directly upload your artwork with a preview option available. You can crop your artwork to fit your page, making it look more professional.

To be emphatic, creating a business account is still simple but with professionalism. Remember you are selling yourself and your brand, and it is expedient to give your best on your page. Do well to describe your page as excellent as you can, let your activity in terms of photo and video uploads be of the best. This way, subscribers will not hesitate to hit the like and subscribe button. Good luck as you kick-start your business page.

Part 3: Five Tips to Start a YouTube channel

Carefully observe how YouTube channels function and possibly how entrepreneurs and business owners make waves in the YouTube industry. Then, sit down and watch either your mobile phone or computer and think about making a YouTube Channel on iPhone or understand how to create a YouTube Channel on mobile and earn money, especially to beginners. This way, you can make it envy to all becomes a significant challenge—however, the crucial tips in starting your own YT channel.

Identify Goal of Channel

What are you trying to achieve? Customer education, testimonials or do you want people to subscribe? Be clear on what you want your YouTube channel to do for your brand and how it fits into your overall marketing strategy.

Gather Content Ideas

Gather content, even before you make a YouTube channel on mobile. You can start with a series of videos talking about your company, products, or industry and then launch the channel once they are all done. If you can't think of any content on your own, try searching around online to see if others have already created videos of this sort and have posted them online. Then, use those videos as examples when you make your content.

Logo and Thumbnail Design

How to make a logo for YouTube on mobile?

Once you are up with content creation, you will have to create a thumbnail for your video. Attractive and catchy thumbnails that persuade searchers to click on your video are critical. Here we will see how to create a logo for a YouTube video on mobile. For this purpose, can create attractive thumbnails and a Catchy logo. Using this tool, you can create, edit and customize graphics for your YouTube videos.

Quality of Video is Important

Don't just put up videos willy-nilly. Think about what content would work for your brand and audience. The content needs to be engaging, relevant, and inspiring so people will keep coming back for more videos. You don't have to have the latest video equipment either – think about the type of content that would work best.

Choose Video Editing Software

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmora box

Lastly, you must use high-quality producing software. So we recommend Filmora Video Editor that offers a wide range of effects, themes, and titles. It lets you create professional-looking videos with various presets for quick editing. It incorporates support for most common video formats. If you're looking for a straightforward but potent video editor, Filmora is your best option.


I firmly believe that at this point, understanding how to create a YouTube channel in mobile will be an easy one. We discussed ways of not just developing your YT channel but also how to give your page the best of professional work. This article is truly an eye-opener and contains from scratch the step-wise order of growing and learning how to make a logo for YouTube Channel in mobile and creating personal and business accounts to earn some money.

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