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How to Enable Monetization on YouTube for Mobile Devices: A 2024 Guide

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Oct 30, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

YouTube makes money easier and more accessible than ever in 2024. Create videos from the convenience of your mobile device and earn money from your passion. Your dreams can become a reality when you explore them. The goal of every YouTube creator is to monetize their channel. They can start side businesses, turn YouTube into a full-time job, or sell physical products. With today's technology, the possibilities are endless!

This article is here to guide you on making money from your YouTube channel in 2024. You'll discover steps and tips that can help boost your earnings. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, monetizing your content can work for you. Get ready to increase your YouTube income potential as your journey on the platform is set to get even better.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What you need to know about YouTube monetization
  2. Part 2. The Step-by-Step Guide for Monetizing Your YouTube Channel on Your Phone
  3. Part 3. Monetizing YouTube channels on mobile devices: Some Proven Ways
  4. Part 4. Wondershare Filmora's Power: Elevating YouTube Content for Monetization
  5. Conclusion
YouTube Monetization Editor
A cross-platform helps create attention-grabbing thumbnails and enhance your videos on YouTube easy!
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Part 1. What you need to know about YouTube Monetization

Rules and requirements for YouTube Monetization

YouTube Monetization means making money from YouTube content. For monetization, you need to join the YouTube Partner program and for this, you need to follow some requirements. In order to benefit from YPP fan funding, such as Super Chats and Super Thanks, here are the minimum requirements:

  • A subscriber base of 500
  • 90-day history of public uploads
  • Within the last 90 days, public YouTube Shorts have been viewed 3 million times.

Video advertisements can make you money if you meet the following requirements:

  • Subscribers of 1,000
  • Watches by the public of 4,000 hours or views of 10 million YouTube Shorts in 90 days.

Promote your channel and create quality content to increase these numbers.

rules for youtube monetization

Join the YouTube Partner Program

In order to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, you must apply (YPP). YouTube is the top platform for content creators, offering them the chance to monetize their work.

Applications are reviewed by YouTube for at least one month before a decision is made. Due to YouTube's actual specialists reviewing each application, it may take longer than a month.

To join the YPP, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 1,000 subscribers subscribe to your channel
  • In the last 12 months, you've logged at least 4,000 public watch hours
  • You live in an area that offers the YouTube Partner Program
  • In terms of YouTube channel monetization policies, you follow them all
  • Your YouTube channel must be secured with 2-Step Verification via your Google Account.
  • Your YouTube channel is associated with an AdSense account
  • The Community Guidelines strike on your channel is not active
join the ypp

Part 2. The Step-by-Step Guide for Monetizing Your YouTube Channel on Your Phone

YouTube Monetization Steps for Mobile

Following YPP's requirements, you should follow these steps. Several steps must be followed in order to enable YouTube monetization using a mobile device:

Step - 1 . Create an account on YouTube

Simply open YouTube on your mobile device, and sign in with your Google account right there on your device.

Step - 2 . Get YouTube Studio access

To access the YouTube Studio dashboard, click the icon of your channel or profile picture.

youtube studio

Step - 3 . Monetize your site with Google Adsense

To view YouTube Studio's monetization options, click on the "Monetization" tab. The "Enable" option will appear if you meet the eligibility criteria.  To receive your earnings, follow the instructions onscreen to set up Google AdSense.

goggle adsense

Step - 4 . Accept YouTube's terms and conditions

Read and accept YouTube's terms and conditions for the Partner Program.

Step - 5 . Creating ad formats

In your videos, you can choose whether you want skippable or non-skippable advertisements.

Step - 6 . Monetizing videos

To enable or disable monetization on specific videos, select "Videos" from the YouTube Studio menu.

Step - 7 . Content Promotion

Continue producing high-quality content that engages viewers. It is crucial to create engaging content in order to increase ad revenue.

Step - 8 . Analyze the results

YouTube Studio lets you monitor channel performance, identify improvements, and monitor ad revenue.

track analytics

Step - 9 . Ensure compliance

Keep in mind YouTube's content policies if you want to maintain your monetization status.

Your YouTube channel may need some time to be approved for monetization. Engagement with your audience is the key to increasing viewership and revenue for your videos.

Part 3. Monetizing YouTube channels on mobile devices: Some Proven Ways

It is beneficial for creators to use YouTube AdSense, although it is not a reliable source of income. The advertising rates fluctuate, so making the same amount of money every year is hard. At last, here are some methods for monetizing YouTube:

ways for youtube monetization

Ads on YouTube

Monetizing a website has many methods, but this is the most basic and straightforward one. Various YouTube ad formats provide control over ad placement before or during a video.

Sponsorships that are paid

Sponsorship involves paying a content creator to use, demonstrate, or test a brand's product in a video. It benefits both the sponsors and the viewers when brands sponsor creators.


Using affiliate programs is another way of monetizing your YouTube videos. With affiliate marketing, your audience is directed to a brand's landing page or product by clicking an affiliate link. A commission is earned when the user purchases successfully. It is possible to earn extra income through affiliate programs. Offer discounts to your followers when you become an affiliate for a product you already use.

The merchandise

A similar tactic has already been discussed. Your fans can buy branded goods from a wide range of merchant platforms available today.

Premium YouTube subscriptions

Using YouTube Premium, users can watch videos ad-free and download videos. Fortunately, you can still earn money by uploading videos to this service. Video creators receive subscription revenue payments in the same manner as ad revenues. You earn money based on the number of times Premium members watch your videos.

Crowdfunding on YouTube

Creators can unlock this feature once they reach 500 subscribers and watch 3000 hours. Through three main avenues, they can directly monetize their audience:

  • Fans can earn exclusive loyalty badges and watch private streams with channel memberships. Offering YouTube monetization options that can be customized.
  • Live streams on YouTube can also be monetized through Super Chats. Viewers send creators "donations" or "tips" between $1 and $500 during live streams.
  • The Super Thanks feature on YouTube lets viewers show appreciation for your content by buying digital goods.

Part 4. Wondershare Filmora's Power: Elevating YouTube Content for Monetization

Keeping YouTube revenue high in 2024 means ensuring high-quality content. Introducing Wondershare Filmora, a tool that allows you to edit videos on your mobile device. You can use it to make your YouTube content stand out.

Creating attention-grabbing thumbnails and enhancing your videos is easy with Filmora. A package for trimming, adding music, overlaying text, and applying captivating effects to videos.

For your channel to succeed, you need to create eye-catching thumbnails. With Filmora, you can create thumbnails that pique interest and boost click-through rates.

You can elevate your content with Filmora whether you're experienced or starting out. You can maximise your YouTube earnings in 2024 if your videos connect with your audience.

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Free Download

Features for Editing Videos or Images for YouTube

1. AI Copywriting

Using the ChatGPT API, Filmora's AI Copywriting feature generates scripts based on AI. Assists in the generation of text during the editing of videos. Automates YouTube title and description creation and simplifies the process.

2. Keyframing

The keyframing capabilities of Filmora enhance the quality and energy of your videos. Adding smooth animated effects to capture your audience's attention.

3. AI Image

With Text to Image, you can use images directly in your video project in three resolutions. And explore limitless image styles, enhancing the visual appeal of your content.

4. Video Templates for All Your Needs

Start with Filmora's built-in video templates, creating creative videos with ease. You can also save templates on the cloud. Streamline your video production process by sharing them with fellow creators.


You have now learned how to enable monetization on YouTube in mobile in 2024. From your mobile device, you can turn your passion into income. The possibilities are endless once you achieve monetization. No matter if you're starting a side gig, launching a business, or going full-time on YouTube.

We have covered key steps for meeting YouTube's requirements and monetizing videos. Following these steps and using the available strategies will assist you in achieving your goals. Making monetization easy with quality content is easy with Filmora's above mentioned features. The road to success is open. Maximize your YouTube revenue potential today to make your YouTube journey truly rewarding.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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