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YouTube Monetization: Sourav Joshi Income on YouTube 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

YouTubers don’t only create fun vlogs, but they generate serious income from it, too. One such YouTuber is Sourav Joshi - quite popular in his niche.

If you’re curious about Sourav Joshi vlog income, this blog is the right place to get this secret information. From biography to monthly income to popular videos, you’re going to learn almost everything about Sourav and his YouTube channel.

And if you’re into producing content for YouTube, read on to find bonus tips.

In this article
  1. Who is Sourav Joshi?
  2. Sourav Joshi YouTube Earnings and Stats
    1. Exclusive Personality
    2. Engaging and Interactive Content
    3. Most Viewed Vlogs/Videos
  3. Pro Tips: How to be a YouTuber and Make Videos Like Sourav Joshi

Part 1: Who is Sourav Joshi?

sourav joshi image

An Indian YouTuber, Sourav started his first channel “Sourav Joshi Arts” on the Platform in September, 2015. You can find drawings of famous people, including Abraham Lincoln on his arts channel.

Later in February, 2019, Sourav started his vlogging channel “Sourav Joshi Vlogs.” And no doubt, he has been successful in his journey and has established himself as a popular YouTuber.

Sourav Joshi Biography

Name Sourav Joshi
Real Name Sourav Joshi
Net Worth (2022) $1 Million
Monthly Income & Salary $30,000 - 45,000
Yearly Income Rs. 2.5 - 3 Crore
Age 22 years
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Height 5 feet 7 inche
Profession YouTuber, Content Creator
YouTube Channel Sourav Joshi Arts
Sourav Joshi Vlogs
Awards & Recognition Silver & Gold Play Button

Being creative and unique can help you go big on YouTube. With his art videos and fun vlogs, Saurav has proved it, too. Let’s explore how much Saurav Joshi earn from YouTube.

Part 2: Sourav Joshi YouTube Earnings and Stats

Now that you know who Sourav Joshi is and what he does to earn dollars from YouTube, see how YouTube calculates income.

Sourav Joshi YouTube Income

As an established YouTuber, Sourav makes money from affiliate marketing, sponsorships, paid partnerships, and Google AdSense.

Want to know Sourav Joshi's income from YouTube? He’s known to earn $30,000 to $45,000 monthly, and has a current net worth, $1 million.

Sourav receives 320-350 million views monthly on his two YouTube videos that helped him elevate his net worth.

Sourav Joshi YouTube Stats

Monthly Earnings Rs. 35-50 lakh, $30,000 to $45,000
Yearly Earnings Rs. 2.5 - 3 Crore
Total Video Uploads Sourav Joshi Vlogs - 1K Videos
Sourav Joshi Arts - 676 Videos
Subscribers Sourav Joshi Vlogs - 17.2M
Sourav Joshi Arts - 3.75M
Video Views Sourav Joshi Vlogs - 6,378,282,781
Sourav Joshi Arts - 177,342,864
Last 30-Day Views Sourav Joshi Vlogs - 316.365M

How Famous Sourav Joshi is?

The views on his videos show him as a popular Indian YouTuber. Not only this, he has made a record of 100 days 100 trending videos on the platform.

Sourav’s channel was the fastest growing one during the Covid-19 lockdown. Even his Instagram bio says “Most subscribed vlogger of India.”

The vlogger enjoys 3.7M followers on Instagram.

Part 3: Why is Sourav Joshi Trending on YouTube?

With two successful channels, net worth in million, luxury cars, and collaboration with music albums, Sourav is a well-known YouTuber among kids and adults.

The reasons for his success and popularity are:

Exclusive Personality

sourav joshi image

It’s no secret that with dedication and hard work Sourav has managed to create himself a successful YouTuber.

He also gives off humble vibes. Looking at his content, you’ll see and feel adoration he has for his brother and cousin brother. He seems like a genuine and fun guy, too.

Engaging and Interactive Content

sourav joshi image

Since he’s got two channels, both are great in terms of content. On his art channel, he’s drawn images of known people, such as Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, Indian Cricketer MS Dhoni, and many more.

More so, on his vlog channel, he created daily-life vlogs which most people can relate to. From travel videos to surprises for family, you can see enjoyable content on Sourav’s vlog channel.

Most Viewed Vlogs/Videos

As an artist, Sourav has created some stunning portraits of popular people. But one video where he drew hair got the most views.

how to draw hair

His “How I Draw Hairs | Step by Step” got around 13,353, 361 views.

How I Draw Hairs | Step by step

In this 8-minute video clip, you can see him draw hair with absolute perfection, making the final product look 100% realistic.

golgappa challenge

During the lockdown, Sourav vlogs got massive popularity. One such vlog was “Golgappa CHALLENGE WITH PIYUSH.”


This 13-minute vlog was fun, and viewers can see Sourav enjoying with his younger brother, too.

highway vlog

People love watching vlogs, especially when they’re relatable to their personal lives. Many viewers can relate to “Highway Pe Faas Gye” vlog while enjoying it.

Highway Pe Faas Gye 馃槄 Popat Hi Popat

This is one of the most-viewed vlogs by Sourav with 23,431,594 views.

Pro Tips: How to be a YouTuber and Make Videos Like Sourav Joshi

A fun 11-minute video requires a lot of efforts, including top-tier video editing. If you’re impressed with the work of Sourav, try Filmora to edit your next video.

Wondershare Filmora is an intuitive software that offers a series of features and templates, so you can edit and make your videos impressive, following only a few simple steps which can help you do the right job.

Step1 Import your Footage
import footage

The first step is to click on “import” to access the folder where you can browse the video clips you need to edit.

Step2 Drag your Footage to Timeline
drag video to timeline

Drag and drop your files from the media library to be used as the background in the first round. Then, drag and drop another video to be used on the top of that background in the second round.

Step3 Work on Speed and Duration Settings
speed and duration setting

In the duration settings, you can adjust the video duration. If there’s need for adding more video clips together, repeat the same process on several tracks, sharing the same frame.

Step4 Fix Size and Positioning of your Video
fix size and positioning

For this step, you can use editing interface, so you can work on your video’s position. Drag the sliders to the interface and change the size, position, and direction of your footage.

Step5 See Advance Editing Option

When it comes to making a video 10x impressive, use Filmora’s advance editing sounds like a great move.

Simply access the editing panel by double-clicking the video. After this, you can perform the following:

Motion effects

motion effects

Adjustment of video tone

adjust video tone

Color correction of the video

color correction

Options for audio

options for audio

Apply masks to your video, they feature different shape and positions, so adjust them accordingly.

video mask
Step6 Use More Features from Library

The software comes with a vast library packed with stunning effects, elements, transitions, and stock video. Don’t hesitate to use them and make your video more visually interesting.



Find “effects” on the top menu, click, and choose from the list.

Stock Video

stock media

“Stock video” button is also located on the top menu. Click on it to find more eye-pleasing content for your footage.



Go to the top menu and find “elements.” You can add these elements to ensure your video appear interesting and engaging.



Using various video clips in a single video? Use transitions, located on the top menu, to smooth out everything.

Step7 Save and Export your Footage
save and export

Once you’re satisfied with the end result, it’s time to save and export the video for actual usage.

Wrap Up

Becoming a content creator and earning in dollars seems like a dream job. But not everyone understands that it needs a lot of effort and patience to reach this level of success on YouTube.

Although the journey is unpredictable, it doesn’t hurt to try. See Sourav Joshi for an example. His art or creativity paved a way for him and made him a successful YouTuber in such a young age.

You can try creating a video for YouTube. And use Filmora to make your videos impressive and aesthetically pleasing.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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